Amnesia [Lashton] (BoyxBoy)

I was gonna get him to smile for me one way or the other, there was just something about him.


11. NINE


[Ashton's POV:]

There were two words that I hated now since me and Luke got together, school and just recently, work. I had gotten a job at a small coffee shop, it sits on a corner in a small town. But I needed the money. Right now I'm arguing with a customer about the tables never being clean, which was a lie because I cleaned them myself.

"I just cleaned the tables sir," he shook his head no angrily.

"No there's coffee all over the damn things!" Shouted the man.

"Get out, as of now you're banned from here," I said shakily.

"Whatever asshole," said the man walking out of the small shop.

"Next please," I hated this job, but needed money so that way Luke didn't have to by me everything.

It was my break so I sat at a table with my coffee and texted Luke.

<5:30pm> To: Lukey :)
Hey. ;)

<5:31> To: Ashey <3
Hey babe, how's work?

<5:31> To: Lukey :)
Bad. I miss you. :/

<5:32> To: Ashey <3
I miss you too, maybe I can pick you up when you get off. ;)

<5:33pm> To: Lukey :)
Yes please.

<5:33pm> To: Ashey <3
What time?

<5:35pm> To: Lukey :)
7. Thank you, <3. I gtg, xoxo

<5:35> To: Ashey <3
Welcome babe, c u soon. Xoxo <3.

I slid my phone in my pocket and went back behind the register. Only about an hour till I leave this dump.

[Luke's POV:]

I smiled as I put my phone down and headed downstairs to get my keys. After going back upstairs and grabbing my phone, I hopped in the car and started to drive towards Ashton's job. But I noticed I needed gas and sense I had time I also stopped and picked up some food for him.

I walked into the small coffee shop and smiled when Ashton walked up to me wearing a coat that was to big for him, but was cute. "Hey babe," I said after a long stare at the shorter boy.

"H-hey Lukey." He gave me a hug and we hopped into my car, I handed him his burger and fries and he ate them quickly, as if he hadn't eaten in forever.

"Was it good angel?"

"Mhm, so good L-Lukey."

(Time skip)

[Ashton's POV:]

"I have a surprise for you," Luke smiled, taking his eyes of the road to look at me. I smiled back and pointed at the road telling him to watch it instead of me. I pulled out my phone.

You didn't have to get me a surprise Luke.. You're spoiling me.

"Haha, well the surprise is for both of us, and as for the spoiling, you're darn right hot stuff," he laughed and I just glared.

Okay... Luke?


Kiss me.

"O-okay," he pulled to the side of the road, putting the car in park and climbed into my lap. "Ready angel?"

"Yes Lukey." He pulled me close and our breaths mixed, noses touching, he placed a kiss on my lips, then another, and another. His tongue brushed against mine and I moaned at the feeling. What was supposed to be a kiss turned into a make out session in the passenger seat of Luke's car. He started grinding on me and moaning when my hard-on touched his. I pulled away and he stared at me in confusion. "I want my surprise daddy," what the fuck? Where did that come from?


"S-sorry that was stupid."

"No, I like it, if anything it made more in love with you," I blushed.

"Drive daddy, I want my surprise," I whispered in his ear and I felt his body shiver. He climbed back into his seat and continued driving.


"L-Luke you didn't," I said shocked but amazed.

"I did, and it's both of ours," he smiled and pecked my lips as we walked up to the door.

"But how could have gotten us a h-house?"

"Well I had a couple thousand held back, then my mum put a little with it and tada!"

"This is a-amazing," I said, pulling Luke into a hug. "Thank you, but how are we gonna get all of our stuff in there, plus a TV and couch?!"

"Already got it moved, and about the TV and couch, we'll have to get it when you get paid, TV one week, couch the next." I smiled and pulled Luke's neck down and kissed him.


[Luke's POV:]

Ashton was in our new room asleep and I was downstairs with my Mum and she was helping me get the last minute things into place. "Oh Luke," I looked over at me mum and tears filled her eyes.

"Mum, what is it?"

"You're moving out, and you've got a boyfriend, and you've grown up so fast."

"Mum," I pulled her into a tight hug. "I'm nineteen years old, I think it's about time I moved out, and Ashton, he's amazing and has a job so that will help, and I'm going to get a job. It's not like you can't visit or vise versa."

"I-I know but my Lukey, you moved before your brothers," we both laughed and her tears disappeared. After a few hours of talking she left and I decided to start cooking some dinner for me and Ashton, he'd been asleep for a while and when he awoke, which could be any minute, he'd probably be hungry. But what to cook?

I looked in the freezer and smiled seeing ten Pizzas piled up in a stack, mum. I grabbed one and turned on the oven. I jumped when feeling a hand on my shoulder. "Jesus Ash, you scared the living hell out of me."

"M'sorry. I've been up a while, but I was lazy to actually get out of the bed." I smiled and ruffled his bed head, making it worse. "Daddy stop, or you get no kisses," he whispered in my ear.

"But-but I love kisses," I fake pouted.

"Daddy don't get kisses if he's bad," I blushed feeling a little turned on, did I really have a 'daddy' kink?

"Okay daddy be good," I pulled him close. "Real good," I kissed him deeply, hearing him moan. So passionate as our lips moved in sync. Ashton pulled away quickly. "Did daddy do something wrong angel?"

"N-no, the oven is done pre heating," I squinted my eyes at Ashton evilly.


"But daddy I'm hungry." How could I say no to that?


WOW HOLY FUCK! And to those of you who think that it's going to fast, hush up, I know what I'm doing, I have plans. XD JK NOT JK. AnyWAY U GUYS ARE SO AWESOME AND AMAZING, so yeah congrats to you. THANKS FoR rEaDiNg. - Nick ^~^

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