Amnesia [Lashton] (BoyxBoy)

I was gonna get him to smile for me one way or the other, there was just something about him.




[Luke's POV:]

I was ready to sit with Ashton at lunch again, just a couple more minutes.

(Time skip)

I got to the cafeteria and chickened out of my decision to sit with Ashton again. My eyes filled with tears, did he miss me? And if he did I wasn't helping by not sitting with him. I'm such a bad person I mumbled under my breath.
To say I was shocked when a hand touched my back and when I looked up it was Ashton with a half smile on his face, was an understatement.

"L-Luke," I squinted to make sure I saw what I thought I saw, and to my horror there was a bruise on Ashton's cheek. I stood up and brushed my thumb over the bruise.

"Who done it? And don't lie to me Ash."

"N-no one," tears filled his eyes.

"Tell me, now, you don't deserve that."

"L-Luke, why d-do you c-care?"

"Because I like you," I covered my mouth and tears came to my eyes remembering what happened last time I said that.

"M-my dad," I pulled him in for a hug, a tight one.

"Oh my god Ashton, I'm so s-sorry," I kissed the top of his head and pulled away, blushing.

"I-it's fine, it had nothing to do with y-you."

"Ash, it's not okay that he does that to you, how often?"

"E-every day, b-but it's not a-always this violent, and h-he loves m-me."

"Ashton Irwin, I know that as much as what I'm about to say may hurt you and I don't want it to, but Ash that's not love." Tears streamed down the shorter boys face and he turned quickly spinning to walk away, I grabbed his wrist but regretted it when he cried out in pain and caused half the students to look in our direction. I let go of his wrist and pushed him out of the cafeteria and into a janitors closet and locked the door.

"L-Luke what a-are you doing?"

"Helping you," I then pulled his sleeves up and gasped, tears streamed down my face. "W-why Ashton?"

"I-I'm sorry!" He shouted and fell to the floor with a thud. He sat up and put his knees to his chest and started to sob.

"I-it's okay A-Ash I'm here for y-you," I sat in front of him and put him in my lap, pulling him into a tight cuddle, right there in the janitors closet. We stayed like that a while, and I asked him if he wanted to stay with me tonight.

"I-I'd love to L-Luke," I smiled but quickly frowned, "but I c-can't."


"I'm s-scared Luke."

"I'll protect you Ashton, you're mine and he's not gonna hurt you while I'm around and that's a promise."

"Yours?" Yay! He actually said his first sentence without stuttering.

"I-uh, didn't-sorry."

"I-it's okay." Spoke to soon.

Bang, bang, bang! "Hey! You two! Get outta there!" We jumped up startled and Ashton quickly covered his arms. We ran out of the closet and straight back to the lunch room, and sat down together and the only round table in there.

[Michael's POV:]

Calum Hood. I just saw Calum and I went up to talk to him. Now, I know who he is and what he looks like from Luke of course. "Excuse me?"

"Yes?" The boy was about an inch taller than me and had darkish hair and a touch of blonde, his biceps were huge and his jaw line was just plain sexy.

"Um, I'm Michael Clifford."

"You mean Michael Clifford that my best friend Luke knows?!"

"Yep, so you must be Calum," I said, even thought I knew who the boy was.

"Nice to meet you!"

"You too! So what brings you here?"

"Um I was supposed to go over to Luke's in about an hour. Glad I met you cause I would have been bored for and entire hour." Just then Calum's phone buzzed. "Excuse me... It's Luke."


"Hey Calum! Are you here yet?"

"Yes I'm here and I am with Michael at the moment."

"Really?! That's great, I'm glad you met him, and he can come over too but I called you for a reason."

"Luke says your coming over too. Now what did you call me for?"

"Well, Ashton will be staying with me tonight, so it's gonna be a full house." Calum's jaw dropped and he looked at me and smiled.

"Okay!... Sure... Bye Luke." Calum hung up the phone and slid it into his pocket.

"What was the smile about?"

"It's about Ashton," he told me what Luke had said, I was truly amazed.

[Luke's POV:]

We walked through my front door and went straight upstairs to my room.

"L-Luke, I'd hate to be a p-pest but do you have s-some cloths I could barrow to s-sleep in?" Ashton said, he looked so darn cute, so how could I say no? I handed him a pair of sweatpants and hoodie, I figured he'd want to hide his arms from the other two boys, who were late by the way. Not knowing when they would show up I started a conversation with Ashton.

"So um, Ashton, I wanna ask you something, it's could be personal but I really need to ask." I played with my lip ring with my tongue until he answered.

"Ask away," his eyes locked with mine and I moved closer to the curly-headed, cute, nerdy boy. To my surprise he didn't try and move away.

"So... Erm, as you know, I like you. A lot. And I wanted to know if you um, I dunno... Liked me back?" It was silent for what seemed like forever.

"Erm, I-I," he glanced to the left, and bit his lip at the same time, and I could tell he was thinking about something. "I like you t-too Luke, a lot." I was shocked.

"You just made my day Ashy." His cheeks grew red. I leaned and he licked his lips, his very pink lips. Going, going, but of course as soon as our mouths were two freaking centimeters apart, my bedroom door burst open and laughter from Calum and Michael filled the room. Me and Ashton jumped up from the floor.

"Oh my god Mikey, that was hilarious man," Calum said out of breath.

"Hey guys," I gave a weak wave, "um Ash, this is Michael... And this is my best friend Calum." Ashton looked over at the two boys and mumbled 'hi'. "Michael, Calum, this is the wonderful Ashton Irwin"

"Hey," they both greeted in harmony. Calum, Michael and I talked and Ashton stayed quiet the whole time with only a nod of the head when asked a question.

"Boys! Supper! That means you too Ben and Jack!" Yelled my mum from the end of the stairs. We all got up and Michael and Calum walked out, holding hands. I thought Calum was straight, I'll deal with that later. Ashton still sat on the bed and stared at me.

"You hungry?" I asked. "We're having Pizza."

"I-I love Pizza b-but n-no thank you Lukey." I loved the new nickname.

"Okay babe, yell if you need me," Ashton nodded and blushed at the word babe. I shut the door and ran downstairs.

[Ashton's POV:]

After Luke left the room I decided to look around, but I stayed seated. I noticed posters of All Time Low all over the walls. Luke had three guitars, I also noticed a black notebook on the dresser. Me being me, reached over and grabbed it, opening it to the most recent entry.

Ashton, Ashton, Ashton. That boy drives me crazy, whenever I'm around him it's like we're the only two on Earth and everything else fades to grey. Although, I found out Ashy self-harms. :( this makes me sad, that he hates himself. I don't know why though, he's so fucking cute and adorable for anyone to hate and especially for him to think he's not worth it. Our little talk in the janitors closet was amazing, and I'll never forget it, and now he's sitting on my bed right now, so Ima talk to him. Later.

I closed the book and put it back on the dresser where it belonged with tears in my eyes. He hates that I hurt myself. It hurts him, I don't wanna do that to him. We can't be together, it'll get ruined because of me. That's right Ashton, go die for doing this to that poor boy downstairs. Shut up. It was then I immediately broke down. I needed Luke now. So I did as I was instructed by him and called his name. "L-Lukey!"

[Luke's POV:]

We sat down at the table and waited for my mum to hand us our plates. "So Calum," I whispered to where only Michael and him could hear.


"I thought you were straight!" Michael blushed, as did Calum.

"I-I dunno, maybe bi, or Mikey-sexual." We all giggled at the new word. Just then mum handed us our plates and we began to eat.

"What are you three laughing about?" Said Jack in a hateful tone.

"None of your concern 'buddy' We weren't talking to you so but out," I snapped back.

"Mum Luke's being a bitch!" My mum slammed the plate down that she was holding and turned to Jack.

"First of all, don't curse in my presence. Second of all you started it with Luke. Third of all, take your food upstairs and eat, not only for cursing, but also being rude to Luke and his guests." Me and my friends laughed as Jack disappeared upstairs.

"L-Lukey!" Screamed Ashy.

"I'm coming!" I jumped up and ran faster than ever, it sounded like he was hurt. "What?! What is it?! Are you okay?!"

"N-no just hold me p-please." I was a bit shocked.

"Why aren't you okay?"

"N-nothing, please h-hold me." So I did as I was told and snuggled with Ashton under the covers and we both shortly fell asleep. I did awake once and glanced down in the floor and Calum and Michael were snuggled close to each other and holding hands with one hand, which was laying in between the two, I smiled and drifted back off to sleep with Ashton snuggled close.

[A/N:] ^o^ wow, just wow. I really love Lashton, they go good together. I also decided to get Michael and Calum together because I thought it would be cool that Luke's friends were into each other like that. Btw there is a pic of the four guys at the side/bottom, it is a little funny if you read it, but I thought it would be nice to put that there sense they all came together in this chapter. Also if this is the only book you've checked out by me, when this is over please check out my other books. I suggest I Think I Love You because it's one of my fav stories that I've written, but it's not the best, and yes it has some typos in it but that's because I had no editor and was using a stupid phone for most of the book, thanks for reading! ;)

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