Amnesia [Lashton] (BoyxBoy)

I was gonna get him to smile for me one way or the other, there was just something about him.



*I take no credit for the lyrics in this chapter.

[Luke's POV:]

"Ashy," I shook him lightly, it was almost one in the afternoon, I didn't even sleep that late. His eyes fluttered and he sat up rubbing his eyes. "Morning cutie." He gave me a small smile.

"M-morning Lukey," the curly-haired boy smiled in return.

"So, sense it's Saturday, I was thinking that we could do something together. I-I mean you d-don't have to." I felt myself blush and then I looked away from Ashton. Ashton chuckled and turned my head back toward him.

"I w-would love to L-Luke," Ashton then hugged me, which shocked me, but I hugged back.

"So where do you wanna go then?" Ashton pulled out a pen and a piece of paper from his bag. It doesn't matter Lukey, wherever you want. "Okay, well what's with you writing instead of talking?"

Sorry I forgot to tell you, most of the time I don't talk at all, I haven't talked in years until the day you came to school. So I guess in a way, you made me talk again, but I'm used to this way. Ashton passed me the paper and I read it. "Oh okay, well we should get dressed and have some breakfast, yeah?" Sounds good.

(Time skip)

I was now taking Ashton and myself to a place to hang out together. I didn't tell him were we were going because I wanted to surprise him. Halfway there Ash pulled out his phone and typed something showing it to me.

Please tell me where we are going! :/ I smiled and shook my head no and he turned to face the window. We pulled into the parking lot and Ashton looked at me and smiled. "Ice s-skating?"

"Yeah, erm, do you know how to skate?" I asked feeling like a dumb ass.

"Y-yes. T-thank you Lukey."

We walked in and I paid for our skates. After getting them on we made our way to the rink. I grabbed Ashton's hand and looked at him, he nodded saying it was okay. We got a few looks of disgust from people, but I didn't care. His hand felt right in mine. We were having a good time and then something happened as always. Two other guys came right at us, knocking us down on the ice, Ashton screamed in pain. "That's what you get fag!" One of the guys yelled. I ran over to Ashton, who was holding his head, and asked if he was okay.

"M-my head Lukey. It h-hurts," the way his voice sounded in the sentence made my chest have a sharp pang in it.

"Let me see," I pulled his hand from the spot he was holding, nothing was there but it was gonna be bruised. "You're fine, just bruised."

I helped him up and we decided to leave.

(Time skip)

"Boys! Dinner!" Yelled mum.  I walked out of the door but turned around when I noticed Ashton wasn't following me, he'd been here for almost two weeks now and got used to talking around everyone in the house.

"Ash, you coming?" He shook his head no. "Okay, well I'll be downstairs if you need me." He nodded.

"Where's Ashton?" My mum had the slightest bit of worry in her eyes.

"Upstairs, said he didn't want to eat," she closed her eyes for a second and then turned back to me.

"That's the third night in a row this week. He's barley eaten any breakfast or lunch all week as well. Is he sick?"

"No, I guess he's not used to eating because of his dad, I don't know."

After eating I headed back upstairs and smiled when I saw Ashton snuggled up with a pillow of mine asleep. Being it was late I decided to write a song.

I drove by all the places you used to hang out getting wasted, I thought about our last kiss, the way it felt, the way you tasted

I couldn't think of anymore lyrics to write after that, I didn't even know where that came from in the first place. But my song would have to wait because that's when I heard a familiar voice say my name. Ashton was sitting up crying, and my heart dropped. I rushed over pulling him into a tight hug.

"What's the matter angel?" Angel? What the hell? Oh well, maybe he liked it.

"I h-had a ni-night terror."

"Well, what happened?"

"L-Liz kicked m-me out and L-Lukey, you hated m-me." I turned his head towards me and looked him in the eyes, wiping the tears away with my thumb.

"I-I could never hate you angel," he then licked his lips and I couldn't help myself, I gently paced my lips to his and at first he didn't respond but after a few seconds kissed back. Our lips moved in sync and our hearts beating at the same rate. He was now basically in my lap with his arms loosely around my neck. After a few minutes I pulled away for air and he whined so I placed my lips back to his. But, then the door busted open and Ben and Jack's voices filled the room, stopping when they spotted Ashton sitting in my lap.

"W-were you two just?" Asked Jack.

"Erm," I looked at Ashton and he shrugged. "Y-yeah."

"O-okay well the reason we came up here was to ask you two something."

"What?" I asked, a little nervous because, well my brothers aren't, how do you say, nice?

"Well we're going to a party later and wanted to know if you two wanted to go, but I think you already have plans," Ashton blushed and I giggled.

"We'd love to," I replied.

"Okay then, get dressed, we leave in an hour." I nodded and the older boys left the room.

(Time skip, party)

We pulled up at a huge house, there had to be at least 400 people here already. Ashton tapped my shoulder and I turned to him. "Yeah?"

"I-I don't know if I c-can," he looked down to the floor.

"It's okay Ash I'm here, I won't leave your side." He hesitated but nodded. To think that we thought the outside was big, the inside was bigger!

"Luke?" Ashton said without stuttering!

"Uh, yeah angel?"

"I'm t-thirsty," he smiled because it sounded dirty. I smiled too because he was so freaking cute.

"Okay, sit right here, I'll get you something," I walked off to go find something for Ashton to drink. There was one problem, where on the name of Jesus was the kitchen? I spotted Ben and ran over to him, immediately the smell of alcohol hit me.

"Oh-hey little bro!" Is it just me or is he already drunk?

"Ben, where is the kitchen?"

"That way!" He pointed to a door.

"Okay, and Ben?"


"Keep it in your pants." He smiled and whispered 'no promises' as I walked off to the kitchen.

[Ashton's POV:]

Waiting. I find myself waiting a lot here lately. I wish Luke would hurry with that drink, honestly I think he may have gotten lost, but then I saw his hair from where I was sitting heading towards what looked like a kitchen. I got really nervous being by myself in a huge house, so I got up and made my way towards Luke. 

I made it to the kitchen a few minuets later and found Luke poring us some drinks, I tapped him on the shoulder and he jumped, relaxing when he saw it was me.

"Oh my god Ash, you scared the shit out of me! I told you to sit and wait for me over there."

"I got tired of waiting," wow a whole sentence without stuttering, I'm getting better.

"Or did you just miss me?" Luke said teasingly.

"Both," I laughed and Luke smiled. "What?"

"Your laugh, it's cute angel." I blushed and silently thanked him. "So here's your drink. What do you wanna do now?"

"I d-don't know. Anything y-you want Lukey." He scratched the back of his head and grabbed my hand pulling me away from the kitchen. "W-where we going?" He already had me outside.

"I thought we could sit in the grass and look at the stars." I smiled at how cliché that sounded but let him pull me to the ground.

"Lukey?" He hummed in response. "Why does s-someone like you, l-like me?" He sat up, and climbed to where he was sitting on top of me looking down into my eyes.

"Because you're beautiful," I pulled him into a kiss and he didn't respond, out of shock, at first but eventually moved his lips with mine. He pulled away. "I also... Like your lips." He kissed me again.

(Time skip)
WARNING: Smut ahead. If you don't like that kind of stuff then skip until you see another time skip.

We went inside the nearest room and Luke threw me on the bed and striped of everything except his boxers. (Btw they're both drunk af.) He then helped me out of everything except my boxers. I moaned as he made love bites on my neck. I rubbed my hands down his bare chest, loving the touch of his skin.

Luke made his way, with kisses, down my chest and to my v line, he bit the strap of my boxers pulling them teasingly. "T-take them o-off," I slurred. He did as he was told and my boxers were soon in the floor along with his.

Soon, my length was in his mouth and his head bobbed causing a moan to escape from my mouth. "Fuckfuckfuck...Luke!"

He kissed me again for a while, " beautiful." He said in between kisses. He then slid a condom on my hard and gave me the lube to rub in his entrance, I slid one finger in, two, three. He moaned loudly. He then aligned his entrance with my hard and sat slowly. "Mmmfuckme," I blurted out even though my length was inside him.

"Oh my god! Ashton, oh."

"M-move Lukey, please." He then lifted up, sliding back down when he reached halfway making a moan escape once again from my mouth.

(Time skip)

[Luke's POV:]

Everyone, at least once in their life, is gonna wake up naked with someone they either know or don't know with a hangover, and in this case a sore bum. It took me a minute to realize that I was laying on top of Ashton naked in an unknown room, my head throbbed with pain and I sat up pulling my boxers on and a little bit of my memory came back from last night. "I need a shower," I mumbled to no one in particular so I didn't expect to get a response.

"M-me too Lukey," I looked over and saw a smiling Ashton rubbing his eyes, pulling his boxers on as well.

"Well good morning angel," I kissed his lips quickly. "We better get dressed and find my brothers so we can go home and shower." He nodded pulling his shirt over his head.

After getting dressed we made our way downstairs to try and find my brothers sense I didn't drive us here, I didn't have my car or we would have left already. Then Ashton pointed and it was all I could do not to laugh, Ben was shirtless with a lamp shade on his head and someone had written 'sexy in bed' on his stomach. I could tell Ashton wanted to laugh as well. After waking Ben up and laughing for a solid ten minutes, we searched for Jack. When we found him I wished we had found him fully clothed and not sleeping with a slut, but oh well, wishes don't come true.

While Ben shook Jack awake, me and Ashton headed back to the car. It wasn't long before the older boys got in and drove us home in complete silence, because all of our heads were pounding.

"Mum we're home!" Yelled Jack as Ashton, Ben, and I ran upstairs to shower. In separate rooms of course.

"So, Ash do you wanna shower alone or erm together?" Should I have asked that?

"Uh-uh it doesn't matter."

"Okay," I ran and kissed him, picking him up bridal style and carrying him into the bathroom. Once we were in the shower I suggested we wash each other's hair because it was a couple thing to do.

"C-couple?" asked Ashton.

"Uh-uh, I mean friends." No I didn't.

"It's cool L-Lukey," I shook my head no, water splashing  all over Ashton.

"No I want to do it right," I smiled and got on one knee and grabbed his hand. He giggled when I wiggled my eyebrows because I was near 'little' Ashton. "Ashton Irwin, will you be my boyfriend?" He laughed and helped me up, pulling me into a hug.

"Y-yes, I'll be your b-boyfriend."

After our shower we cuddled on the couch and watched TFIOS. I promised myself I wouldn't fall asleep but hey, I'm only human. I woke up once for a split second and Ashton had fallen asleep too.

[A/N:] Wow. How was the smut? Idk but I hoped you enjoyed this chapter. I'm think about doing a character ask next update so yeah the next update I will have details. Anyway, this thing was 2269 words and counting! So it's Sunday, idk when you'll be reading this, but I had nothing to do so I decided to write this chapter. Thanks for reading! You guys are amazing! ^_^ 😜

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