Amnesia [Lashton] (BoyxBoy)

I was gonna get him to smile for me one way or the other, there was just something about him.


10. Character Answers

(Not edited cause t took me forever to write and I'm lazy af)

Hi! Okay so I've gotten Facebook comments and my sister has some questions also, so it's time to give you your answers!


Q: How does Ashton make you feel?

Luke: He makes me feel like I belong and I just love him so fucking much!

Q: How did you feel when Ashton said yes to being your boyfriend?

Luke: Honestly I was shocked. I mean he's so perfect and amazing, and I'm just me.

Ashton: *blushes*

Me: Awwww

Luke: Nick what are you doing these are my questions and answers!

Me: ...

Q: Do you like the fact that Ashton's older? Does it bother you?

Luke: Nope. Not at all, he's my perfect little angel.

Q: I love you!

Luke: That's not a question, but I love you too ig..

Q: Do you think Ashton will be put with a relative?

Luke: Yes. But I hope it's not anytime soon.

Me: Haha.. Okay...

Luke: *gives a confused look*

Me: *smiles* sorry. Moving on!

Q: Why did you kiss Michael at the beginning of the book?

Luke: I actually don't know, I'm a work of fiction so ask Nick.

Me: *looks around nervously* uh-uh what? It was just a kiss..

Luke: :/

Q: How long do you think your relationship will last with Ashton?

Luke: I don't know to be honest. I hope a long time. Again a work of fiction, ASK THE AUTHOR!


Q: How much do you like Luke?

Ashton: A lot actually. I don't know why, it's just something about him.

Q: Are you scared Luke will leave you or do something to hurt you?

Ashton: Wow. Um I think it's possible but I don't think he's like that.

Me: ... Hi Ash..

Ashton: Um.. Hi?

Q: What is one of your favorite times with Luke?

Ashton: *blushes* well I think you all know what that was, *wink*

Q: Why do you stutter so much?

Ashton: Well I'm not used to talking this much. So I guess I'm starting over with talking and it's hard.

Q: You're cute, can we get married?!

Ashton: I don't know you. So no to marrying you, plus I have Luke.

Q: Can we be friends?

Ashton: Sure!

Q: Do you love your dad?

Ashton: Of course! He may not treat me like his son, and I may not like it, but I love him and I hope he can get help while he's away.


Q: What color is your hair now?

Michael: Red, but I'm changing it soon!

Q: How is Malum?

Michael: What's Malum?...

Me: Your fucking kidding me!

Luke: Oh my god Michael.

Ashton: That's cold bro.

Michael: Malum?... Oh wait, Calum, Michael, MALUM, I get it now.

Me: *face-palms* about time now answer the question please.

Michael: Okay, well we're good, thanks for asking.

Q: This is for you and Nick. Mostly Nick. Why aren't you and Calum in the story a lot?

Michael: Well my guess is because the story is about Lashton.

Me: That and because I have plans and know what I'm doing!

Luke: Keep telling yourself that...

Me: Really? You know I have the power to do whatever I want to the story and the plot.

Luke: Sorry sir.. *walks out of the room nervously*


Q: How much do you love Michael?

Calum: I-I uh wouldn't say I love him just yet. But I do like him, like a lot.

Q: I thought you were straight, so how is Malum a thing?

Calum: Let's just say, I'm not the honest one in the group.

Q: How long have you known or thought about being gay?

Calum: Uh I would around a few months.

Q: Can you be my boyfriend?

Calum: Um, no. Sorry.

Q: How does Michael make you feel?

Calum: Amazing! Like khxkslhdjxkdjhjsjch. I feel like I can do anything as long as I'm with him.

Me: How cliché

Calum: Shush!

Q: Do you like Michaels hair?

Calum: Yes, a lot. It makes him unique and also makes him a weirdo.

Michael: But I'm your weirdo. *winks*

Calum: Yes. You. Are.... *wiggles eyebrows*

Ashton's dad:

Q: Why you so mean to Ashy?

AD: I don't know, the kid gets in my god damn nerves.

Q: You're a jerk.

AD: Why thank you, I try.

Q: Why are such a homophobe?

AD: Because it's disgusting.

Me: But as long as Ashton is happy, you should be too.

AD: Whatever.

Q: Do you even love Ashton or miss him?

AD: Yes I love him, and I miss him a lot everyday.

Luke's brothers:

Q: Ben, were you embarrassed when you woke up at the party?

Ben: Yes. I don't even know how the lamp shade even got on my head.

Q: Why do you both fight with Luke? He's your brother.

Ben: he's a brat. He's gets everything he wants. But I love him.

Jack: Mum always believes him too! She doesn't even listen to me and Ben!

Q: How do you feel about Luke and Ashton?

Ben: I'm completely fine with it, Ashtons been through a lot.

Jack: I don't care, but he better not hurt Luke.


Q: How do you feel about Luke being gay?

Liz: I'm just glad he's happy.

Q: Can you be my mom?

Liz: Honey, I'm everyone's mom


Sadly I had no questions but thanks for reason an ily all so much!

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