HEAR THIS (Original Song Lyrics)

Collection of song lyrics I will randomly come up with and make on occasions. Some are based on stories I've read, so I'll put that in the title or somewhere.


4. Somebody Help Me Out

Somebody help me out,

There's no escape for me,

Somebody help me out,

There's no hope for me,


I walk all day,

I rest all night,

I sing aside the moonlight,


I sing to you,

I pray to the stars above,

Maybe someone'll show me some love


All I ask is for you to help me out,

I need an escape from this demon inside,

I see no hope,

I see no light,

I see nothing left that seems right!



Please somebody help me out!

I can't last any longer!!!


No escape, No escape,

Somebody help, there's no escape.

No escape, Yeah, No escape.

Somebody help there's no escape...

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