Time of the Enterprises

A story where Q is sent to the Original Enterprise in 2265. Exiled, really. In a timeline that does not require any Prime Directives from the Q. Who says there isn't reasons why a Q should get the taste of their own medicine? This takes place shortly after the events of 'Mirror,Mirror'. This is told in Q's perspective.


14. Round one; passed


...USS Enterprise...5:40 AM....

"Good morning,father!" Came Trelane's voice.

When the hell did I fall asleep?

I rolled right out of bed landing on the floor. I glared up toward Trelane then turn myself up against the bed. Trelane seemed to be rather energetic. Am I that energetic when I am a Q? I really haven't noticed that until now. Trelane made a chair pop out of no where and he sat on it. Trelane made a random cigar appear.

"You won the first round," Trelane said, taking the cigar out of his mouth. He puffed smoke out into the open air. The dark smoke lingered in the room. "For that I have made time rewinded to the day before the day you were sent to the future 101 years ago."

I stared at Trelane.

"You are strangely chipper, today," I said.

Trelane had a smile, with the cigar in between his two fingers.

"It is my move now," Trelane said. "And I want you to be grateful for what I did!"

I frowned.

"Nearly eliminating the Enterprise is no great feat," I said. "It is quite useless."

Trelane sighed.

"I know how much you hate me for what I have done, father," Trelane said. "That is why I have given you a gift."

I raised my brow.

"What gift?" I asked.

"You'll see," Trelane said. "No one on this ship remembers the events of the great Klingon attack with Enterprise B, except you and some other person." His lips twisted up into a smile. The cigar vanished in between his two fingers. "You have one guess!" He held up his index finger.  "For now, to everyone, the name of this out-of-timeline person is Lewis Jerkey Pocirld!" He backed off from me. "I have quite nestled his life into this timeline as a security officer."

Trelane vanished in a streak of light.

"But Picard does not belong to this timeline," I said to thin air.

I manage to prop myself up into the wheelchair.


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