Time of the Enterprises

A story where Q is sent to the Original Enterprise in 2265. Exiled, really. In a timeline that does not require any Prime Directives from the Q. Who says there isn't reasons why a Q should get the taste of their own medicine? This takes place shortly after the events of 'Mirror,Mirror'. This is told in Q's perspective.


116. Round five begins

. . . Splinter Universe . . .

. . 2393 . . .

I passed the exam! YES, I DID IT! I passed the exam. Being a former Q comes with knowledge. Infinite knowledge. So I used it all on intelligence tests. The cruelest one was the psych test which put me between two decisions. One was of B-4 being stuck and the other was of Jean-Luc pinned under a large item. I picked Jean-Luc over B-4 because I wouldn't want to captain his ship! There were a few times I had to captain the ship under his unexpected absences.

I had the test on Relva VI.

I was beamed back aboard the Enterprise.

"How was the test, commander?" Transport Chief Betty Ryn asked.

"Splendid." I said.

I had also made it very clear by passing online glasses that I knew everything. Passed every single one of them except for that no-win game that Spock made one hundred some years ago. I tried to pass it but it was very impossible. I came to accepting the predicament laid right before me.

I walked off the transporter.

"Commander," Betty said. "Captain Picard will be back from his visit to Selisu in two hours."

"Selisu," I said. "Ah, good place to take a break. Thanks, Chief."

Which also meant I am currently captaining the ship until he gets back.

Goody, just my day.

I walked out of the Transport room when the unexpected came over my combadge.

"Bridge to Q." Came Clewis's voice.

"Quarty here," I said. "What is it?"

"We have Klingon vessels in our way and they are hailing us." Brookes said.

"On my way, Quarty out." I said.

It took me fifteen minutes to get to the bridge. I walked out of the turbo lift then around the curly shaped console where the Tactical Officer/security officer stood. I walked right into the dead center across from the captain's chair. I saw several Klingon vessels that seemed to be oddly colored and designed.

"On screen." I said.

On the screen appeared a very aged Klingon.

He was very surprised to see me.


"Commander Quarty of the USS Enterprise," I said. "Please get out of our way."

He squinted. 

"You are so young."

"I don't exactly age . . .And your name?"

He growled.

"It is Kurva," Kurva said. "And you are my enemy. The planet you call home will be attacked in exactly twenty-four hours!"

I stepped forward.

"I don't have a home planet." I said.

"Of course you do!" Kurva said. "You represent it!"

I frowned.

"Enlighten me, what is the name?" I asked.

"Colo," Kurva said. "A federation colonized planet." He smiled. "I have been waiting for years to do this to you. My revenge will be swift."

I frowned.

"Now hold on," I said. "May we talk about this man to man?"

"YOU ARE NO MAN TO ME!" Kurva shouted.

I flinched.

"Then what am I?" I asked.

"A fake god." Kurva said.

That pissed me off.

"Since when was I called a god?" I asked.

I only called myself god once when saving Jean-Luc's life.

"You know when." Kurva said.

"I don't know when," I said. "If anything, would you allow boarding my ship so we can share this meeting face to face?"

Kurva smiled.

"Fine," Kurva said. "I will board your ship in five minutes."

"We can share this meeting in the briefing room," I said. "Quarty out."

"Commander!" Clewis shouted. "There is no planet by the name 'Colo' in the Federation!"

I turned toward Clewis.

"I understand that quite well." I said.

"Commander, may I send some security officers to make sure Kurva does not make a commotion?"

"Permission granted." I said.

I had a black belt from Vulcan that had a lightsaber in one of the pockets. It was in the inactive mode. I had it around in case there was a time that I lost my phaser and the only weapon to defend myself was the unexpected. I created it myself, really, during one of those instances I gave an example of.

I went into the briefing room then sat down into a chair.

Ten minutes later Kurva came into the room.

"Quarty . . ." Kurva said. "After all these years . . . You found your way back to the Enterprise."

I stood up then approached the Klingon.

"I never lost my way," I said. "But I am pretty sure you lost your way."

"We are getting close to Colo." Kurva said.

I came to a stop merely one foot away.

"There is no such planet as Colo," I said. "I suggest you turn back before the T'clepid comes across you. You know how the Vulcans do not easily get along with your kind . . . right?"

"The Vulcans hate the Q continuum." Kurva said.

"No, not really," I said. "We have a understanding these days."

"What?" Kurva said, surprised.

"You heard me; we are rather good friends with them," I said. "I meant they are good friends with the continuum. The Q continuum is not my place to be."

"How long have you been a human?" Kurva asked.

"Thirteen years and counting," I said.

It was so sudden that I found a blade to my neck and a arm wrapped around it too. It almost took the air out of me! Never in my thirteen years had I been taken as a hostage this quickly in one minute.

"This will make my mission more easier," Kurva said. "I didn't understand it now. But I know now. You are preventing your death in the 2340 by transferring me to your favorite kind of future!"

"I . . . what?" I said, surprised.

"You die and now you know it, you can not prevent it." Kurva said.

His dagger was now inches from my chest.

By the Q continuum, he was a really strong grip around my throat.

"Yes," I said, clipping open the pocket to the belt. "I can!"

I took out the light saber then clicked it on and sliced off his arm. Kurva screamed staggering back. I had one hand behind my back on guard like the teaching style of sword fighting when it is more of a play thing for humans in white uniforms. Even with one hand, Kurva took out his own light saber. He tapped on a small rounded machine on his shoulder.

"Kurva to Ambassador Quartys hate army," Kurva said. "Drag the ENTERPRISE!"

"Oh come on," I said, then I moved forwards to which I hit the red saber cackling energy. "I do not know what you are on, but leave the Enterprise out of it!"

"My other solution would be bringing you to the world you very much cherish," Kurva said. "I will die with honor!"

He stepped forward so I took a step to the side dodging the strike.

"You will die as a fool!" I said, stepping forward.

Our sabers collided cackling off energy that sounds like two laser beams meeting each other.

I tapped on my combadge.

"Quarty to Clewis," I said. "Send a message to the captain regarding our problem."

"COMMANDER,WE'RE BEING DRAGGED!" Clewis shouted, panicked.

"My fault," I said, striking forwards toward the red light saber. "I take full responsibility. Quarty out."

Then Kurva stabbed through into my kidneys. I gasped feeling red hot pain circulating in my body but most importantly my kidneys. I could hear numerous sounds. Namely that of bootsteps coming into the room. The blade being taken out sharply from my newly created wound. I looked up clenching at my stomach dropping my blue light saber. I could see darkness starting to grow around my eyes. Then I saw and felt Kurva jab through my body three times.

I fell down to my side.

He tapped his badge and said, "Two to beam up."

"COMMANDER!" Clewis shouted, shortly after entering.

And my world became dark.


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