Time of the Enterprises

A story where Q is sent to the Original Enterprise in 2265. Exiled, really. In a timeline that does not require any Prime Directives from the Q. Who says there isn't reasons why a Q should get the taste of their own medicine? This takes place shortly after the events of 'Mirror,Mirror'. This is told in Q's perspective.


62. Home again

..2295...June 1st...

..Planet Colo...Four hours later...

How do you tell your own daughter that you lost your granddaughter? I had to figure that bit out. My shoulders were heavy with guilt. I should have had a hawks eye on her. I should have done exactly that and Jessie would still be alive. I shouldn't have taken her to the garden with the gate shaped weed. Jessie would still be alive if I hadn't made that mistake.

I arrived out of the Stargate.

I wheeled over a good distance away from the gate.

"Quarty, Jessie!" I heard Picard ever so happily. "You'll never believe what I just adop--" Picard stopped short when he saw who was behind me then his eyes went over to my sad pair. In his arms is a puppy like adorable (Apparently not lethal) Tech Puppy squirming in his arms about the size of a little dog. "Where is Jessie?"

I came over to Picard.

"Jessie is dead. . ." I said.

"Oh come on!" O'Neill said. "Seriously? How did you get Jean-Luc stranded here?"

Picard dropped the tech puppy to the grass.

"I need to see her body. . ." Picard started.

I took his hands.

"There is nothing left of her to bury, John-Luc." I said. "Except for this box."

"Why are you calling him John-Luc?" O'Neill asked.

Picard is trembling as he took the box out of my hands.

"Because this is a different Picard," Daniel said. "Look at his ears and those eyebrows."

"Oh, he is a Vulcan." O'Neill said. His jaw dropped. "A Vulcan. . .Seriously?"

"Who are these people?" Picard asked.

"We are SG-1," O'Neill said. "From Earth where all the wacky aliens want to conquer."

"SG-1." Picard repeated.

"Yes." O'Neill said.

"That SG-1?" Picard asked.

"Yes." O'Neill said.

"Quarty, where the hell did you go?" Picard asked. "I want the full story!"

I sighed.

"Not much of a story, if you'll ask me." I said.


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