Time of the Enterprises

A story where Q is sent to the Original Enterprise in 2265. Exiled, really. In a timeline that does not require any Prime Directives from the Q. Who says there isn't reasons why a Q should get the taste of their own medicine? This takes place shortly after the events of 'Mirror,Mirror'. This is told in Q's perspective.


109. farewell, away team

. . . Foresti planet . .

. . 2296 . . .

"Riker, I have one question." I said.

"Yes?" Riker said.

"Are you in or out of Star Fleet Federation space?" I asked. "In your future."

"We're in it." Riker said.

"I recieved a file regarding our return to Star Fleet and presented the file to everyone else five months after a man gave us instructions to make our journey ten years long." Data said.

I smiled.

"Five months . . ." I said. "We suceeded." I faced my head toward Data. "Didn't we."

"I am unsure of what you are referring to." Data said.

"Another Data, another time well spent." I said, as my fingers wrapped around John-Luc's.

John-Luc put his fingers onto the mobile made Transporter console.

"I envy your future, Mr Worf." John-Luc said.

"And I pity your past, Mr Pocirld." Worf said.

John-Luc slid up the bar.

The three melodied away.

"Where are going to go next, John-Luc?" I asked, looking up toward the Vulcan.

"Anywhere," John-Luc said. "Any-where where you don't have enemies who recognize you."

I smirked.

"There's a party going on the Degrion planet for the new year that hasn't ended for a year," I said. "It normally does not end until another year."

"Party?" John-Luc said.

"Yes, a party!" I said.

"What can possibly go wrong?" John-Luc said. "Why not!"

Why not, indeed.

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