A new life

Justin choose to step out of his life with fame and fans. Forever. He wants to be normal, but it's not that easy. Until he meets Scarlett, who works at a local bar in Miami... As a stripper. He wants to get to know her. He wants to get into her life.


2. Chapter 2


I sat down and got comfortable in the VIP lounge. How come no one had shown me this place any sooner? With a vodka juice drink in my hand I suddenly felt the need of a cigarette. I usually don't smoke, but I guess it didn't matter this night.

I walked outside and my eyes caught this girl freezing and smoking. "a smoke for me and I'll rent you my jacket?" I smiled at her. She gave me a cigarette and walked away. The first girl to ever do that. She didn't seem to be a fan. Lucky me, I guess most of my fans wouldn't visit this place. I notices a sharp light.. A paparazzi. Drake came to save me and we walked in just like two normal people would of done.

We got inside and saw two girls sitting in the VIP lounge. "hey girls" I said and smiled at them. These seemed more friendly than the girl I saw outside.
"hey, I'm Anastasia and this is my friend and colleuage Scarlett. We work here and just wanted to give you guys some company", Her friend smiled at me and Anastasia got up and kissed Scarlett on the cheek and then whispered something in her ear and left.
"she had to get back to work but I still have some time left to keep you company?"
I looked at her and nodded. I made her a drink and handed it to her. "Cheers", she said. I just smiled at her. I couldn't help it. Not only because of her sweet smile and her personality but also because she don't recognize me at all.
She had to go back to work, she didn't hug me or kissed me on the cheek like her friend did but I saw a note laying on the table besides my drink. I looked at it.

"Meet me outside when I'm off work around 2am"

I checked my phone. The clock showed 1.45am. I walked out to the wardrobe and grabbed my jacket and got outside to get some fresh air. She already stood out here. Dressed differently and she looked so damn gorgeous.
We walked down the streets, not saying a word until we stood infront of a 24 hour open store.
"I have to get some cigs, I'll be right back. Stay here okay?", she didn't go in until I nodded.
I called Drake and told him I had to leave the club but we could meet up tomorrow.

When she got out of the store, I had gotten my driver to pick us up. I looked at her, "we can go to my place?"

"I'm up for it", she smiled. I opened the door for her and she got into the car.

Theres was absolutely no silence in the car on our way home.


I'm sooooo sorry for the late update :( I have been busy with school but I'll try to update faster! I hope you like chapter two :)







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