A new life

Justin choose to step out of his life with fame and fans. Forever. He wants to be normal, but it's not that easy. Until he meets Scarlett, who works at a local bar in Miami... As a stripper. He wants to get to know her. He wants to get into her life.


1. A whole new Justin

Justin POV

I woke up hearing someone knock on the door. I had to get my lazy body out of the bed.
I pressed the home button on my phone to show the time. It said 8.19am. What a time to wake up people, I thought to myself.

I walked down the stairs in my underwear and could look out the window between the wall and the door. I saw Scooter and then I suddenly knew what I had forgot. I told him last night to come wake me up at 8am. I opened the door and smiled as much as I could this early.

Justin: "Hey man, sorry I totally forgot I called you last night"
Scooter: "You said it was important so I got worried when you didn't open the door", he laughed slighty.

Justin: "Yeah, well it is important. Take a seat"

So I began telling Scooter my new plan. I want my old life back. No fans, no paparazzis, no camera, no nothing.

Scooter: "Are you sure this is what you want Justin?"

Justin: "Yes, I'm 100% sure. And I actually wanna celebrate tonight"
Scooter: "It's not done in 1 hour Justin. People will still recognise you on the street. And what about money, how are you gonna pay your bills now?"

I looked down. "well, I thought about getting a job. A normal job, like at the Wallmart or something", I laughed.

After our talk, we decided to go to the studio and tell everybody that I want to stop my singing career. Everyone was ofcourse sad and shocked.


I got home later that day. The clock said 5.45pm. I started cooking some food when my phone suddenly started ringing. It said Big Sean on the screen. Ofcourse he didn't knew anything yet, but why would he call at this weird time of the day?

"it's Justin"
"hey man, what's up. Let's go to the strip club tonight. I ordered a table in the VIP lounge"

That did sound nice since I haven't been out in forever.

"sure, I'm down. Come on over I'm cooking. Just bring yourself, see ya"

"see you in 10 bro"

About 15 minutes later the door opened and Big Sean yelled. "JUSTIN! WE HERE!"

We? What the fuck. I walked out to the hallway and saw Big Sean and my whole crew.

"What a surprise man", I smiled.

We said our hello's and went in eating and then partying till around 11pm. I called my private driver and asked if he could come pick us up and drive us to the local strip bar.

When we arrived at the strip bar, no one came up to me and yelled for an autograph. It felt great and I knew this was the life I wanted back. Just me and maybe later on a wife and kids, you know.
I got up to the bar and ordered a drink for myself when Kanye came up to me and laughed.
"Seriously, I can see you haven't been in a place like this before. The chicks will bring you drinks when you're VIP, follow me"
He was right, I never went to places like this.

I guess this is a whole new Justin.


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And please let me know if you like it so far. More is definitely coming up :)

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