The perfect day: leondre devries and summer cromer

Leondre devries and the love of his life, summer Cromer, spend one blissful night together that connects them and makes them love each other for the rest of their lives xxxxxxx


1. summer and Leo's first time

Writers warning! (Contains graphic detail not suitable for young readers!)

"You have a new message!" : hey baby girl, I want kissies when u open the door! Xxx😂

Leo: oh and be prepared, sexy 😘😘❤️❤️❤️

Summer grinned at the text sent by Leo, wondering what the surprise could be...

As soon as summer comes through the bedroom door to greet leo he grabs her and starts snogging her. Summer is a little surprised at first, but then joined in as leo pinned her to the bed. Summer laughed as he did this as he had pure excitement In his face like a child on Christmas morning. Leo then began to nibble summers ear lobe and sucking and kissing her neck, getting lower and lower until he reached her chest. He released his kiss, as if to ask summer if it was ok, and she nodded looking deeply into his eyes. Leo grinned and ripped of summers loose tank top and skilfully unhooked her bra. He stared in amazement at summers beauty, and said "you're so beautiful summer, I love you so much". summer was about to disagree when leo began licking and sucking and nibbling the nib of her breasts. Summer moaned in pleasure, and said "more, more, Leo please. I need you and want you so bad!", Leo then bit his lip and grinned at summer whilst saying "if you want me to treat you like a princess, then I will. Or... If you want me to treat you naughty then,... I guess I can do that". Summer then straddled Leo onto his back and began thrusting harder and harder against his hips whilst Leo gasped and grunted in pure pleasure. "Summer... I... Oh summer do it harder, your amazing!😍" she then ripped off his top and when she saw his tattoos, from the little blue bird singing sweet notes at the crook of his neck, all the way down to initials S+L (meaning summer+Leo), she began kissing them all as Leo's breathing got more ragged. Summer then whispered in Leo's ear "now it's you're turn" and Leo mocked surprise, making summer laugh, and placed her on his lap and began sliding off her skinny jeans. He broke the kiss and when he got to her thong, black lace, his favourite that she'd worn especially, he laughed lightly and said "you're wet already! Has anyone ever done this to you before?". He began sliding his fingers in and out of her fanny, making her moan louder this time. "You like that baby?" Said Leo, "ye-yes... Please Leo, just free me!" . "Not just yet.." Said Leo, just before touching her most sensitive area, and began to get down on summer, his face brushing her area, rubbing and licking her wet cunt. Summer could feel her first orgasm approaching, and couldn't hold in her encased screams of pleasure any longer. But Leo wasn't done just yet... "I want to have sex with you baby" said summer, without even realising. "Are you sure?" Whispered Leo gently into summers face, staring into her olive green eyes as she stared back into his caramel brown ones. "Yessss..." Whispered summer. Leo then gestured her to pull off his black ripped jeans, and as she did, she could feel his hard dick under his Calvin kleins. She then slowly began kissing him, sliding off his boxers and began touching his dick. Leo then yelled "fuck!" Into the crook of summers neck, until he eventually slid his hard dick into her wet cunt, both of them gasping in pleasure almost at the same time. Summer then thrusted deeper into leo, making them both scream each other's name into the empty echo of Leo's parents' penthouse that they had left him with for the week. "Yes! Fucking hell yes! Do it fucking harder summer! I love you so fucking much baby!" Yelled Leo, thanking the Lord that the house was not semi-detached. "I love you too leo! I want to feel you in me!" . Leo moved his dick around the inside of summer, making her yell his name even louder and rasper, until Leo eventually whispered "let go, baby girl..." And he released inside her and they both screamed in the heat and pleasure of it all, neither of them ever experiencing this sort of thing before. They both collapsed onto the bed, shattered and exhausted, and eventually kissed which felt like for years, and summer fell asleep against Leo's now relaxed and no longer tensed muscles, both of their bodies intertwined with each other xxxx

The next day summer and Leo woke up next to each other. "Hey, baby girl. Did you have a good sleep?" Softly whispered leo. "Wonderful sleep after last night" replied summer, smiling into his eyes. Both of them giggled at the remembrance of last nights steamy events. "Was it your first time?" Asked Leo hesitantly, not wanting to offend his girlfriend. "Yeah.." Replied summer, going quite red in the face, until she was shocked with what leo said next "mine too... I love you so much summer. I never want anyone else but you for the rest of my life. And I know that sounds really stupid cos we're only 19 and we don't know shit about love yet, but I do know one thing summer Rose Cromer, I fucking love you and I want to be with you for the rest of my life." Summer didn't know what to say, and instead sealed his precious words with a lingering kiss, their first kiss that morning, and said "I love you too. And I feel exactly the same way about you baby. I don't give a shit what people say about us, cos we've only got each other, right?". "Right." Giggled Leo, and they kissed, got a shower together, feeling the warm heat against both their matching bodies, as they stood beside each other, kissing as summer thought that they fitted like the final missing puzzle piece she was looking for her whole 19 years on the planet. They then got dressed, had Nutella on toast (Leo's favourite😂😘) and breakfast and planned their day together, starting with a shopping spree, picnic in the park and the cinema to watch the latest horror and back home to snuggle. "The perfect day..." Thought summer. "The perfect day..." Thought leo.

Even if they didn't tell each other every minute of every day, they loved each other for the rest of their lives, just like they both promised xxxxxx

The end❤️❤️❤️❤️

Authors note

Sorry guys this is a little short and a bit undetailed it's just I got caught up in the moment and it's my first sort of dirty Movella and I wanted it to sound as imaginable as possible. Sorry I only wrote one chapter too, I just felt that this story couldn't be carried on as i had no idea what to write next😂 I'll be writing more though, so tell me what you think of it on my wall!

Thanks, S xxx

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