Out of My Limit

Aly had a rough life in California when life gets more rough after her mom got transferred to Sydney. But what turns from Not happy to Happiest person on earth After just a couple days. But the relationship gets rough and bumpy she may have some regrets


15. Chapter 15

I was sitting at home, Luke was with the band doing some rehearsals downstairs and i didn't wanna bother them.

i heard a knock on the door, i was too lazy to get up, i got up anyways cause it was probably Michael's new girlfriend. i opened up the door and saw 2 girls "Hey i'm Jaimee, Michael's girlfriend" the one with brown hair and light brown highlights said. she had hazel eyes and was about 5"4 "and i'm Kylie, Ashton's girlfriend" the other girl said, she had brown hair, brown eyes and was about 5ft tall. "nice to meet you i'm Aly, Luke's Girlfriend. The boys are currently downstairs rehearsing for a gig they have in 2 days"  i said "come in" they walked in. "i'll go down stairs and see if the boys are ready" i said "ok" said i walked downstairs and saw them packing up "Michael your girlfriend is here" i said, he looked over at me and ran as fast as he could upstairs " Ashton your girlfriend is here too" i said, he walked up the stairs, unlike Michael "what about Angel?" calum asked i shook my head "she's not here yet, she did say she would be a little late" calum nodded. 



hey guys, so i finally updated and finally got Michael and Ashton's Girlfriend's done, i felt like it was gonna take forever to choose but it didn't.

sorry to the people that didn't get chosen, 

and i'll update more soon:)


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