Out of My Limit

Aly had a rough life in California when life gets more rough after her mom got transferred to Sydney. But what turns from Not happy to Happiest person on earth After just a couple days. But the relationship gets rough and bumpy she may have some regrets


13. Chapter 13

Calum was taking so long, it been half an hour. 

Then somebody walked in. He ran over to us, "guys i know how to get Mr.William to enrol you again" he said "what is it?" luke asked

"Its not part of the plan" he said "So are we making another plan?" i asked 

"No, We're break the plans we had before, Let's be... Unpredictable"


A/N Short chapter, sorry,

i haven't been updating a lot recently because the app on my iPad won't let me publish, so i will have to get my mom's computer and write Online,

Hopefully your liking it, This is the most likes on a movella i've ever gotten, thanks for that.

Sequel is in a draft and i'll start writing it soon so its ready to be published when this one ends,

if your dying to know the name, its called Try Hard.

Also i need a Girlfriend for Calum, so if you want that part, i'll make you the same age as them in the story, and you need to tell me your first and last name, your hair colour, if you have any facial features (freckles an stuff), Your eye colour, and your height, it doesn't matter what size you are, in this your gonna be thin.

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