Out of My Limit

Aly had a rough life in California when life gets more rough after her mom got transferred to Sydney. But what turns from Not happy to Happiest person on earth After just a couple days. But the relationship gets rough and bumpy she may have some regrets


1. Chapter 1

Hi I'm Alyson. I'm in my second year of high school from California but my mom got sent to Sydney Australia for work. My dad and mom spilt up when I was 4. My dad left us and never came back. I start grade 12 tomorrow.

I got ready for bed. I set an alarm on my phone. I put it on my nightstand and went to sleep.


I woke up to my alarm going off. I curled my pink hair. I put on a white tank top and put a red flannel. I put on high waist black ripped skinny jeans and some black converse. I grabbed a beanie and put it in. I grabbed my bag and walked to school. I got to school and went to the office. They told me my locker number. I went to my locker and put my bag in it. I grabbed my books and looked at my schedule and walked to my first class. The bell rang and I sat down.


I got to the cafeteria and I looked around and saw a girl sitting alone I walked up to her "hi I'm Alyson" I said "hi I'm Emma" she said I sat down and she started telling me about the tables in the cafeteria since I was new. "And that seat over there is the 4 popular boys and one of there girlfriends" she said. I looked over at the place she was pointing at. They were all really cute. "The blonde is Luke, the colourful hair is Michael, the dark hair is Calum and the brown haired is Ashton" I looked back at Emma "where is room 114?" I asked "it's just upstairs and first class room to your left" "ok thanks" I got up and walked to my locker. I grabbed my science books and walked to the class. The bell rang and I walked up to the teacher and told him who I was. Everybody piled in and class started "everyone this is Alyson she's new" "hi" I quietly said "so where do you wanna sit?" The teacher asked "I'm not sure" I said "she can sit with me" Luke said putting his hand up "ok Luke" I walked over to the table. I sat beside him. "Hi I'm Luke" he said "hi I'm Alyson but you can call me Aly" I said. For the whole class me and Luke just ended up talking and not paying attention. The bell ran hand I got up "hey Aly do you wanna go to last period?" He asked "no not really" "ok I know the exact spot we can go" he dragged me through the busy hallways

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