Vinc Heath doesn't know anything.
He doesn't know what he wants to be.
He doesn't know when talent will hit him like it did his best friend.
Vinc Heath also doesn't know why Amiliana Aki rejects everyone then cries in a corner.
Vinc Heath doesn't know much,
But he wants to know.

He wants to know Amiliana and unravel all her secrets
But she doesn't want him to know.
But he'll soon realize that people are more complicated then they appear.
Influence more then they realize.
Change fairly quickly.

By getting to know Amiliana will Vinc find himself too?

I didn’t know her, but I loved her.
I didn’t understand her pain, but I wanted her to smile.
I didn’t realize her obsession with death, but I begged her to live.
I loved her, but I hurt her all along.

Copyright © 2015 mywingedsaviour


3. t w o

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Once again I took a deep breath and this time I managed to step forward, I was going to move another when:

"Your feet are loud, I can here you."

My eyes widened at the sound of her voice. It was really quite, I don't think I would have heard it, if I hadn't been straining my ears, trying not to make a sound. (Clearly I failed but you know...)

I gulped and quickly stepped forward knowing there is no point in hovering around like a bee now.

She's didn't watch as I moved towards her, her face stayed tucked into her knees, covered by her curtain of hair. But she wasn't sobbing, she was quite. All I could hear was the soft sound of her breathing. It was a stage rhythm, not smoot and consistence. Like a drummer who thinks he's reading the music right, but really isn't.

"I-I'm sorry," I started taking a step forward, reaching my hand out to touch her hair (I know that's weird... but I was in something like a trance.), as I have wanted for a seriously long time. It looks so soft.

"You've been doing that for a while haven't you?" Still she didn't look at me, or anywhere actually. She didn't move either, but I stopped anyways after she spoke.

"What?" My voice came out strangles and high pitched, strange... my voice should get deeper, not higher. "Watching... uh yeah about that." Instantly I shut my eyes and I pinched the bridge of my nose, not knowing what to say. After much thinking I blurt out: "Sorry..." (Congratulations, you are the winner for the best explanation ever. Tell him what he wins!)

"I don't care... if you told anybody-"

"No!" I shouted, cutting hr off, "I haven't told anyone. Really." I promised, not watching her to think badly of me. Or any worse than she already did. What did she think of me anyways?

This time however she did look up, what astonished me the most was the small amused smile playing at her lips. "Don't worry, I don't think you did." Only then did I stop failing my arms and watched her.

I'd never seen her smile before. She was cuter when she smiles. I thought to myself.

"Thank you." Her smile grew wider, okay maybe I said that aloud. My face redden again and looked the wall in front of her. "You can sit, this isn't my hallways. I won't push you out."

I nodded, still a bit crimson. I sat down in front of her. We both stared at each other not saying anything. She had a pixyish face, small lips, small nose she was very pale though. (Not too sure whether or not that was healthy) Her dark eyes were huge and dark, beady like a bird. It was almost too hard to see her pupils. Her eyes took up much of the space on her face, like a more modern day anime girl. I don't mean those models that get plastic surgery and whatever to look like anime girls. That's a bit strange.

She looked like a little doll one would place on a shelf. Delicate and fragile, as though a single touch would break her, into a million pieces.

"I do need to ask one thing though." Her voice was soft and gentle.

"Yes?" Once again my voice went high, this is weird.

"Why do you watch me?" Her eyes were so innocent as she spoke, like she absolutely no idea. You have guys running after you like predators (For a game, but still) and you question me (a guy) why I'm watching you. Really?

Either way, my mouth opened up and closed like a fish. I felt like a fish, a fish out of water. I couldn't seem to get any air into my lung. I know I'm probably over exaggerating right now, but I could not breathe. I didn't know what to say.

"Well?" She probed, "Don't tell me you like watching crying girls, because that's a bit concerning. Usually guys are scared of crying...or that's what I read in books anyways" Ugh, I couldn't let her think that, I mean that was weird, what kind of guy liked that? A sadist...

"Ummm... I wanted to..." Hurry up Vinc think!


"To be your friend!" I swear I lost control of my mouth it was speaking by itself. Yeah, that's it. I wanted to be friends with you, but I didn't know how to approach you." I was going to beat myself up when I got home. I just friend zoned myself. Nice job you dumb butt.

"My friend..." She looked away. Her face got this lost, faraway look. "I don't know if I want that." Never mind, I was nothing to her... I don't know what's worse. Maybe I should leave before embarrass myself any further.

"Why would you not want a friend?" The words slipped my mouth before I could stop them. Should have left.

"I don't know. You grow to care for friends, right?" What sort of question was that?

"Well yes, I supposes so. I only have one." I rolled my eyes, and I'm pretty sure I sounded mean. I didn't mean too.

"Ian Hunt, the arts master?" Should looked back, her eyes light up mentioning his name. This better not turn into some stupid love triangle. I don't have time for that.

I forced a smile, pretty sure I looked like a loser, "Yes, that's him."

"His hair's cool." She muttered absentmindedly. At that I couldn't help the twinge at my chest, his hair was turning purple when we got him. Or white, he'd look ugly in white. Maybe he should laugh in front of her,

"I don't know, never noticed." One could hear the glare in my voice. Apparently she could because she giggled. (What a strange word.)

"You have nice hair too, and eyes." The blush rose to my cheeks and turned away, muttering a quick 'thanks.' You'd think I would have gotten used to people telling me eyes were nice, a shade of blue, I always thought was common but I guess not.

"Anyways if you care, what will you do when they leave?" She looked away from me into her hands, like they held some fascinating creature. She did a lot of staring, this one.

"If they are your friends, why would they leave?" This girl was strange. What kind of friend is someone like that?

"That's the thing." She took a shuddering breath, ahh the illiterate drummer. She stood up, shooting up like a beansprout. "I need to use the bathroom." Before I could say a word she ran off. I stayed there, watching her retreating figure. I got the feeling that, that would be where I stood often, continuously watching her leave, watching her run away. Run away for me. What the heck?

I had stayed there waiting for her for a while. There was still a half hour left when I went left and sat beside Ian. He was still on a date with his sketch book, and I swear he was munching on the same leg. But he looked up when I sat down.

"Did you talk to her?" He asked, grinning. Stupid boy.

"She said you had nice hair." The bitterness in my mouth was unnerving.

Ian stuck his tongue out like a five year old, and ran a hand through his copper died hair. Okay, okay, so his hair was nice. "Did she say anything about you?"

"My eyes." I still couldn't help the bush on my face. I really wanted to look at my eyes right now, I don't know. You know that feeling when some compliments your shirt and you have to look down and see what you're wearing... yeah like that.

"Your eyes?" He said skeptically, "What about them?"

"She said I had nice eyes."

"Ohhhh, don't worry your eyes are beautiful." He winked, then batted his eyelashes. His were long, longer than average.

"As is your hair." I winked back, and ruffled his hair laughing. (I forced myself not to pull out any strand.) Then stopped. "Anyways, I chickened out and asked to be my friend."

Ian's eyes widen, "Dude, why would you do that. Are you dumb?" He slapped the back of my head.

"It just came out okay, sorry." I rubbed the area he had slapped me, "And ow."

"Fine whatever, then what?" He looked away, back to his drawing. "A guy shouldn't be this pretty, really, you sure he's not a girl in disguise or something, I mean look at his lips." He complained. "The girl better pay me more than ten bucks."

I laughed, but the drawing really did look girly, "Mulan?" I shrugged, "She was a girl in disguise of a man."

Ian nodded, "Maybe." Then he continued shading the roses that surrounded the drawing.

"Did you not see a picture of him or something when she asked?"

"Na, just a name." He sighed and shook his head.

"What is it?" I pulled out my phone, ready to type.

"Ren... I don't know... some Asian guy." He said, putting his pencil and sketch book away. "Whatever just tell me about what she said after you acted stupid."

"Shut up and she got weird, and ran away. Asked me a weird question about how friends should care about each other."

"I'm your friend, but I don't care about you." He smiled sweetly at me, winking.

"Mutual my friend, mutual." I glared at him. "Anyways so, I said yeah, and then she said, what if they leave."

"What kind of friend is someone who leaves?"

"That's what I said, but she said 'That's the thing" then got up and left..." Sighing I ran a hand though my hair, in frustration. How stupid was this. I shouldn't have said anything. God, I should have left.

"Talk to her again." He said as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"That would be awkward." I replied, sighing and glared at the wall in front of us, wishing it was my past self.

"How about I confess to her and then when she rejects me, follow her and talk to her?" He looked at me, grinning like a crazy fool.

"That's stupid... so stupid it could work, okay I'm in. Tomorrow at lunch!" I grinned back and got up, then we did our handshake, a stupid little thing we invented when we were kids.

"Deal." He bent his head to tak another bit out of his chicken, "Why didn't you tell me that I'd been eating bone for the past ten minutes!" He glared at me, throwing it back into his container.

I shrugged, "You got anything else, to eat. All this talk about girls is tiring me out, I want food."

He shoved his hand in his bag and pulled out Hershey's Cookie n' Cream, "Want it?" Like a dog I drooled at the sight.

"Obviously," I reached my hands out for it. I swear I was acting like a five year right now.

"Promise me you won't ever let girls get in between our friendship." I was about to say that, that was stupid and girly to ask but the seriousness in his voice and the hardness in his eyes made me nod.

"Of course." A smile broke out on his features and he tossed me the chocolate bar. "Thanks."

The next day was bright and sunny, the perfect day to confess.


"I drew this picture for you, I hope you like it. Will you go on a date with me?"

"It's beautiful and...yes."

Like that, the bright and sunny turned to gloomy and rainy. No, legit it started raining. Talk about pathetic fallacy. While people screamed and ran into the building taking shelter. Or covering their head with books, I stood. I stood getting soaked watching my best friend, who also held the same flabbergasted look, get accepted by the girl I'd been crushing on for four years.




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