Vinc Heath doesn't know anything.
He doesn't know what he wants to be.
He doesn't know when talent will hit him like it did his best friend.
Vinc Heath also doesn't know why Amiliana Aki rejects everyone then cries in a corner.
Vinc Heath doesn't know much,
But he wants to know.

He wants to know Amiliana and unravel all her secrets
But she doesn't want him to know.
But he'll soon realize that people are more complicated then they appear.
Influence more then they realize.
Change fairly quickly.

By getting to know Amiliana will Vinc find himself too?

I didn’t know her, but I loved her.
I didn’t understand her pain, but I wanted her to smile.
I didn’t realize her obsession with death, but I begged her to live.
I loved her, but I hurt her all along.

Copyright © 2015 mywingedsaviour


2. o n e

Hey you, 


Thanks for checking out my story.. no one likes these so I'll just go to the story.



One year till I would have been free of those stupid chain holding me in the same place for ten God damn years. It was September 11, a couple days into the start of our last year. Last year of high School, after this we would be adults, we would leave this too small town and make something of ourselves.

"So, Vinc, how's Mrs. Burke?" Ian Hunt nudged me, caught off guard I nearly tripped. Resisting the urge to slap him, I turned.

"Snappy." I told him rolling my eyes. "Pregnant ladies are scary." I laughed, and waited for a reply from him, but he didn't say anything. He wasn't even looking at me, he was staring at something else. Someone else. I followed his gaze my I saw Amiliana Aki. Mouthful of a name...

She was against the red brick wall cornered by a guy who seemed to be getting closer and closer. We watched as he slammed his arms against the wall blocking her escape. She shrunk back, and the guy grew closer still, their noses might as well have been touching.

My blood boiled hot like eggs in water, as I watched the guy try something on her. "What the hell." I whispered, and began to walk towards the scene of the crime. Don't get me wrong it's not like I like her or anything, it's just that we are living in the twenty first centaury how long will it take until people realize that there is a thing call person space and harassment. The bloke's parents really should have taught him a thing or two, I mean really, would you like being cornered up, and be forced to watch your capturer laugh at your defeat while he planned your demise.

I don't have parents, but even I know that such a look on her face, in the way she was standing, so fragile, so glass like isn't something that should be seen. Such a terrified expression. As I stormed, pushing the yellow sleeves of my shirt up above my elbow, I heard a snicker from behind. Ian stood his place watching me, a smirk on his face. What?

"Hey, are you blind?" I yelled at the guy, and I neared him. Uh oh... he looked huge, but I couldn't falter now, not in front of her. "Can't you see she's scared? Move!" the big guy slowly turned around and faced me. Cavin Bicker. Ahhh so that's why Ian was grinning, jerk. Him and his stupid hawk eyes.

Of course. God forbid a girl ever reject this fool, his ego was as big as mount Olympus. "Look man." I tried reasoning, there was no way I was gonna start a fight with this one. Don't get me wrong, I'm not your stereotypical nerd who can't even lift a pillow, but I'm also not an Olympic athlete. But I'm pretty sure Cavin was, or he should. I wonder if he did steroids, or maybe he actually worked out? Whatever, I wasn't gonna start an Olympic battle because I didn't plan on getting beat up. "Class is starting, Maria Nicole, is looking for you." The stupid—but strong—bloke's girlfriend. She was pretty, but she could do better than him. His eyebrow raised and he left. Just like that, clean and simple, he took his arms away and ran like a giddy butterfly. That simile doesn't make sense, butterflies don't run, and they can't they be giddy. Do butterflies have feelings?

Either way, Cavin liked Maria for sure, mention her name and he would turn—like a butterfly. But if he liked her why was the idiot so intent on cheating.

Simple answer.

He was a fool.

Fools, everyone here. Everyone in the wretched town was useless. I couldn't wait. Wait until this year was over and I would be gone. Would never look back. That was the only good thing about being an orphan... you don't have to family to look back at and make sure you haven't forgotten them. I miss my parents, but I don't think about them too long. Missing isn't going to do anything.

Once he left, Amiliana looked down, there were heavy tears on her redding cheeks making their way down her fair complexion like little streams. "T-thank you." She whispered, and made her move towards the front of the school, her raven hair flowing behind her in the cool summer wind. I watched her leave. Knowing that she wanted to be in her corner right now, crying, but she couldn't do that because class was starting.

"That's the fifth I've seen." Ian said coming up behind me. Ah yes the idiot who didn't warn me that I might have become the size of an ant had I not noticed who the guy was. "What do they see in her?" He shook his head frowning. His limp black hair covered his face, like a curtain. I didn't stare at him a second longer as then my eye shifted, and watched her slip into the orange office doors.

"It's because she rejects anyone who asks her." They had started a game last year because of this. First person who asked her out and she said yes would get...I don't know what, I stopped listening after that.

"All of them? We've gone to school with her for four years." He closed his eyes and rubbed the back of his neck –he did this whenever he was thinking, "Your right I've never once seen her with a guy."

"Or a girl. I don't think she has friends." At that Ian laughed, and I had to hold back my urge to throw a rock at him. "You didn't have any friends till I came along, so you shouldn't be one to laugh, stupid."

"So, she a loner." He stated, completing ignore what I had just said.

"She reads all the time. Last time I saw her, she was smiling at some novel... what was..." I closed my eyes, and pinched the bridge of my nose, thinking. "Fangirl yeah, that's what it was."

Ian nodded, but I knew he didn't care. "Whatever, I don't see anything special about her. Wouldn't waste my time with her" He laughed a bit, "Do you"

My face redden at his comment and I shrugged. "She's cute." No point in telling him that I have be technically watching her for four years. Is that stalking? Am I stalking? I don't follow he home, I swear.

"There's plenty of cute girls, why don't you take one of em'"

They aren't like her, quite, shy, reserved, cute. This was a small town. "I don't know, they are all the same, I guess." I shrugged trying to act indifferent.

"You're not anything special either." He laughed, punching my arm. I flinched back groaning slightly, stupid arm was still sore after I fell off my bike, like three days ago.

"Shut up man, I'm the most handsomest person alive." Forgetting my arm, I puffed up my measly chest and sent him what I thought would be an attractive look, but I'm pretty sure I looked like a loser who gotten an eyelash in one eye and couldn't get it out.

"Then what am I?" He burst out laughing. Full on, teeth an everything. He kind of sounded like a hyena, but I'm sure some girl would find it attracting...I hope.

"You're the dirt beneath my feet."

"Why you little," He growled, letting the hyena die before tackling me.

We both end up on the ground in fits of laughter with people passing by staring at us weirdly. This happened often. Random little quarrels and we'd both be fighting in a matter of seconds. When we were younger the fights meant something, we'd rip the others hair out and snarl like beasts, but now they were just a reminder of our past together. A reminder that no matter what happened we'd be friends forever, cheesy and kiddish but whatever.

I've known Ian since I came to live in the orphanage, he was a weird kid who stayed away from the others, in a corner of the kitchen, drawing doodles in a book, or helping the kitchen lady cook. Woah, I just rhymed!

Anyways, he would fight anyone who got him even teensiest bit annoyed. He was a bother actually, but I was stuck with him whenever we had to do anything so we got into fights a lot. But if any one said anything to me, he was there and I likewise for him.

Either way, he was the best friend and only friend I've ever wanted.

"We'll be late." He got up, kicking me a little. "Mrs. Burke will kill us."

I grabbed his out stretched hand and pulled myself up. "Okay, let's go."

"Damn...she nearly gave you detention for asking a question." I grinned at Ian's still shocked expression, "Though to be honest, it was a stupid one." I pushed him out of the way, the idiot was walking at the pace of a snail.

"Mr. Hunt, I suggest you leave and not hold everyone one up." Burke's nasally voice snapped. I stifled a laugh as Ian gulped and nearly ran out of the class, headed for his next class. He looked so strange running. Maybe it was the angle I was staring at, but he really looked cartoonish, like Shaggy from Scooby doo, legit that was the best show ever.

Scooby doobie doo, I see you,

We've got some work to do now,

Come on Scooby doo.

Yes, I have childish songs memorized, sue me.

I would have missed her ghost like presence, caught up in my solo, if it hadn't been for the fact that her arm slightly brushed mine, causing my head to wipe. (Ouch) She was so close, I merely had to lean a few inches forward to touch her lips with my own. I wonder whats she tasted like. Pocky? Can a person taste like Pocky? She looked like she ate Pocky... then again not all Asians even know what Pocky is, so I should not be so stereotypical... I'm sorry.

I noticed her, she didn't notice me. She slipped away, like a wisp of smoke.

"She's is something, ain't she?" A voice behind me said, clearly referring to Amiliana. Cavin Bicker.

"She's hot. I asked if she wanted to spend the weekend with me but she said no." A different, deeper, gruffer voice spoke. I didn't know who that was though, probably one of his stupid friends.

"Anyone would reject you."

"Shut up!"

"Pathetic fools." I muttered under my breath if either of them heard me I would be done for. And I didn't want to be done, so I briskly walked away to my next class, hoping they wouldn't see it was me. Another rhyme... I'm good.

I didn't have either of them, Ian or Amiliana in my next class, so that hour was spent day dreaming the same daydream as always:

"Are you okay?" I reach my arm out, and reach for her bare shoulder, she is wearing a pick tank top, with strawberries one it. She flinches back, scared of my touch.

"Please," She asks, her voice raw with angst, "Help me."

"How?" I sit beside her, and while she sobs I pull her forward until her head is on my shoulder. "I will." This time though, she doesn't push away.

"Teach me." She turns her head and looks me in the eye. Her dark eyes are clouded with tears. She looks so helpless, like a puppy kicked out by its owner, in the middle of a raging storm.

I lean forwards forward as well, until our foreheads are nearly touching, her black her feels soft on my forehead "Teach you what?"

"Teach me..." She repeats her voice low, her eyes nearly lidded over as she looks at me through her eyelashes, they are long I notice. Now our foreheads are touching. "To love."

Then I heard the bell ring signalling lunch, destroying my dream. My face red, I hurriedly shot out of my seat and made my way to the hallway, Ian and I ate at.

He was already there, bent over his sketch book while munching on a chicken leg. Ian was a damn good artist, he could draw comic, marvel style to Japanese manga to realism. Why he didn't want to pursue art confused me at first. "My parents were owned a restaurant, they left it in there will for me, I want to live there memory." He would tell me, "Drawing is a hobby, though if you want me to draw you something, pay me at least thirty buck, and I'll do my best to make it look decent." He laughed, and then drew a stick person that was supposed to be me, "Isn't he hot?"

"What are you drawing?" Bending over, I stole a chicken leg from his little Rubbermaid container. I took a bite, and smiled. "Emali makes the best barbeque, doesn't she?"

"Some girl from one of my classes wants me to draw an image of some guy for her." He showed me the picture, and I stifled a laugh.

"Dude, he looks like a girl. It's amazing but..."

"Trust me, he's prettier then she is... but she said she'd give me ten bucks so" He shrugged, took another bite and continued shading in the contours.

I sighed watching him, how long did I have to wait until some talent hit me? Ian was a killer cook, and a fantastic drawer. Though he could be strange at times, I knew just by watching him purse his lips and concentrate that he would make it in life.

What about me?

I sighed again, shaking these thoughts. It's okay, one day I'll become something. "You're clearly busy, I'm gonna go for a walk." The lie slipped from my mouth as it had done for the past four years.

"I could draw her you know." Ian spoke, not looking up. "The girl you dream of in class, and watch when you think no body's watching. If you want a picture, I'll do it." Then he did look up, "I was joking about the money, you're my best friend—

"Only friend." I cut him off, earning a deathly glare.

"You don't have to pay." He continued, pointedly. I smiled sweetly.

"No... thanks, but if she doesn't give me her picture willingly there's no meaning to it"

Ian smiled, "I was hoping you say that." He went back to his picture, "Talk to her this time, and don't just watch... you're not some sparkly vampire."

"Shh Edward is amazing." I grinned walking away. I heard his laughter get dimmer and dimmer. "Just kidding."

I stood near her corner doing exactly what Ian told me not to do.

It was scary okay. What if I went up and she started crying harder, or she told me to get lost. Then why do I do? But then again I can't, shouldn't be a wimp... I need to man up!

I took a deep breath and took a steps forwards, only to move back because manning up is hard. I sound like a whiny baby! I'm seventeen, pretty much a man, it would great if I started acting like one!

Once again I took a deep breath and this time I managed to step forward, I was going to move another when:

"Your feet are loud, I can here you."


Hello again you, 

Thanks for reading, you are awesome for doing just that. :) 

This is an experiment story I'm trying based around a field of science that intrigues me but I do not know much about it, so I'm sorry if my facts are a bit strange, I will try my very hardest! 

I am looking for actors/models for Vinc, Amiliana, and Ian. 

Amiliana is Asian, please remember that. 

Thanks for reading, please favourite/comment on this

I will try to update at least 2-3 times a week 

Once again thank you, please keep reading.


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