i love them

a girl that knows nothing about magcon until one day she watches their youtube and vine


3. the flight

flight 12 to california is boarding we all ran to the plane and put our stuff on it. When we were sitting down i was sittin with Jackg and Jackj and i was kinda tired so i put my earbuds in and listened to tides by the jacks and fell asleep. When i woke up i was on jack js shoulder and apologized and he said it was fine and told me i was cute when i sleep.he asked me if i had snapchat and of course was my answer and he said give me your phone he took it i forgot he was my backround picture and when he unlocked it he saw it and gave me a kiss on the cheek. so he opened snapchat and scanned my name thing and gave my phone back. and 2 minutes later he snapped me and it was a picture of me sleeping and said instagram im coming for u. and i snapped him back and said fine jack g is my new bff with a picture of me and him. and he opened it and snaped me back with a sad face and a im sorry i wont put it on there and i looked over and hugged him and he hugged me back. then 5 minutes later the lady came over the speaker please put on your seatbelts we aree landing in 5. so we put on our seatbelts but mine wasnt working so i got on jjs lap and he buckled us togheather and held on to me like i was leavin him forever.

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