i love them

a girl that knows nothing about magcon until one day she watches their youtube and vine


2. the airport

so we made it to the airport and went through security and when we went through nobody was inside the airport so i was kinda scared of why but hen holland saw the boys she screamed and made them turn to look at us and i saw a kid ]with brown hair and blue eyes look at Holland when she screamed and bit his lip.so ofcourse holland being who she is she ran to them and hugged all them crying. So i just sat on the floor and went on twitter an checked it and all 9 of the guys followed me and i tweeted them thanks for following me with a hearth emoji. But it didnt take very long for them to see me and walk over to me and talk to me but i was a little shy when they came and said hi to me.so when i stood up i saw the jacks and smiled at t hem and they looked at me and asked if i would sing the song me and Holland sang in the video and i agreed but i had to ask Holland first. so i walked with 8 of the 9 boys (hayes stayed with holland) so when i got to holland i asked if she wanted to sing the song we sang in the video and she said of course so i aske if anyone had a guitar and shawn mendes gave me his guitar and let me use it. We sang the song and the guys all smiled and hugged us when we finished singing the song.

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