Today and tomorrow

Basically just homestuck crap, my own sort of story, I will probably add canon characters.


1. I decide to move in

Your Jamey, a small town girl, and please don't sing that song. You have come a long way, now 18, you can begin your journey. You have moved out from your dads old ass house (you swear its from the Victorian times) and your just glad you get something more modern, more your taste. You get your laptop out, of course the first thing, and it goes off. 

JS: Yes?

Just so you make it clear, JS is you and it stands for Jamey sternall, your name. DS is your friend, but you won't get into that right now, he likes his name more mysterious.

DS: I heard you moved out?!
JS: Yeah just recently too :)
DS: oooh, I like, I like, i still live at my moms
JS: Kind of sad, at least your not 25
DS: true
DS: Whats it like?
JS: Lonely

You laugh, because it was too true. And don't worry, useless dialogue is good. 

DS: I can come over
JS: Okay
JS: 9768 NE ramone st.
DS: cool cool
DS has left

You decide to get everything moved in, your father was kind enough to get your bed in there. You frown, how did the hell did he move that in there by himself, until your realize there is just a mattress laying in one of your rooms and has a not saying "Couldn't get the bed frame in, just call me when you can-dad", You sigh, best dad in the world.


You check the time and realize it had been awhile since DS has even showed, you call him DS because again he likes to be mysterious, even though you actually know his name, but it is polite I guess. But on time, the doorbell rings. You look around the room, seeing anything missing, out of place, or just down right ugly, good, nothing hideous. You open the door. "Hi." I smile

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