Must Be

"Come on Harp!" my big brother said from downstairs.
I ran downstairs with my doll in my hand and jumped into his arms. His eyes was filled with tears.

My name's Harper this is the story of how I've found my true self, with the help of 4 special boys and of course my best friend Paisley.


24. Epilogue

A few months later...

Harper's POV

I watched as Luke, Calum, and Michael jumped around the stage swiftly as they sang one of their new songs that they've recently came up with it's called "Wrapped Around Your Finger" and I might I just say I'm so proud of the boys no matter what struggles held them back they just kept fighting their way back to the top. 

Looking back I never would've thought I'd be backstage with Paisley at my brother's concert, ha I'm still not used to this but it's very fun being on tour with them we didn't want to miss a thing! As I looked over to Ashton who was banging the drums along to the beat of the song he had a focused yet cute expression spread across his face, making eye contact with him he gives me a smirk then goes back to focusing on his drums. 

Your probably curious about what happened after the phone conversation with the record label guy, right? Well he loved their music, look, and attitude he said it was good to have a "new face" out there in the music world which made it even better. I wouldn't say the fame changed the boys but it certainly did improve their confidence. The boys needed as much motivation and support form everyone not only the fans of course, but from family and friends they would come every here and there to pop in on the boy's concert which made them even better during performances. I loved watching Luke perform, and I love him. 

"Thank you Sydney you guys rocked tonight!" Michael screamed out to the fans out in the crowd. Calum and Luke screamed and cheered along with him, all four boys huddled up together and bowed before exiting the stage. When they met us backstage Luke ran up to me lifting me by the waist and bringing me into a hug, I couldn't help but smile widely I'm pretty sure my smile spread from ear to ear. I cupped his face and placed a gently yet passionate kiss to his lips. "I think this was my favorite part of our past history, don't you think?" Luke said while pulling away. I nodded and simple looked back on our past, now look at us.


Extra details: 

Ashton and Sophie made it official and became boyfriend and girlfriend over the past few months, she couldn't really visit him all the time while he was on tour but that was okay with them because Ashton promised he would spend alot of time with her after they were on break. 

Calum and Paisley are doing just great, yes they are still together and Calum even thinks he's startign to fall in love with her.

Michael still hasn't found anyone yet but he's alright with it because he has his food and pizza -

"Don't forget about the video games, I love my video games thank you very much!" Michael screamed interrupting my thoughts as I was typing.

"Um, don't interrupt my it's my book thank you very much, you know what I don't need this I can be working on my next book I'm out." 



Hey guys! I finally decided to do an epilogue sorry it's not as exciting and interesting but I've been focused on my next book I plan on doing. It's gonna be called "Apartment 5S" it's based on a Cake (Calum and Luke) romance fan-fiction. I may even add in some other characters, of course Michael and Ashton will be in there, don't be silly. I'll probably publish it tomorrow or later today, anyways thanks for supporting me throughout this book and for all the comments and favorites! I'll be editing over this book and fix any spelling errors and all after I publish "Apartment 5S" don't forget to leave comments below, favorite and follow me. Bye guys.


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