Must Be

"Come on Harp!" my big brother said from downstairs.
I ran downstairs with my doll in my hand and jumped into his arms. His eyes was filled with tears.

My name's Harper this is the story of how I've found my true self, with the help of 4 special boys and of course my best friend Paisley.


8. Chapter 7

Ashton's POV 

"What the hell Aleisha? Why do you have to be so rude to my sister, she just got back and your already starting shit!" I said as the words gritted through my teeth. She didn't say anything, she just glared at me for a bit then turning away and going to take a seat in the corner. Luke just sat down by himself, pondering over what happened, I knew he was sad about hurting Harper like that, but I know he didn't mean it. 

I went over to him, and told him it'll be okay. I patted his shoulder lightly. Michael came over to comfort him. 

I saw Paisley about to go after Harper, but I stopped her before she could. "Hey I'll handle this, you enjoy yourself down here for a bit" I said smiling to her. She replied with a "Alright, good luck" before walking over to Calum. 

I left the garage and went up the stairs, walking towards Harper's room. We fixed it up before she came, to make it look like an actual teenage girl room. I entered and saw her sitting in the corner with her knees against her chest and her face was buried in her knees. It hurt seeing her like that, she was crying.. I ran over to her and threw my arms around her. 

"Hey, what's wrong?" I said softly to her while rubbing her back in circles. She looked up, I saw teas rolling down her cheeks. "Luke.. I thought we had something special, what happened.... to us? Did he not care.. about me when.. I left?" she said while pausing in between her sniffles. 

"No actually, Luke was heart broken when you left, he took a while for him to get over you, it's just his parents wanted him to move on, they didn't like seeing their kid depressed because his best-friend/ childhood crush left him. His a sweet guy you knew he'd never want to hurt you." I said reassuring her. 

"Really?" she said and slowly stopped crying, "Yeah, really" I said to her. She just softly smiled, I went to grab a couple tissues off her dresser and wiped her tears. We sat their holding each other.

Luke's POV

I hate myself for making Harper so hurt, I didn't know she would come back when I was with Aleisha still. I sat there with my head in my hands crying my eyes out. Aleisha had left a couple minutes ago, it was best that she did.

Michael sat next to me patting my back and trying to comfort me, but I just felt my heart ache.

"Mate, it's okay.. Harper knows you didn't mean for any of this to happen.. It will be alright. She loves you, and that's all that matters." Michael said. I looked at him, and wiped my face. 

"I hope your right" was all I said. "Don't worry, I know Harper still cares about you, you guys seem like you have a lot of chemistry, she wouldn't give that up." Paisley said from across the garage. "Yeah mate listen to her" Calum said. I just smiled softly and sat back on the chair. 

Harper's POV

I knew Ashton was right, he wouldn't let anyone hurt me. We got back up and I looked around the room, it had teal walls and a white carpet for the floor. I had a queen-sized white bed in the middle of my room. I looked over and saw a desk over in the corner with a Mac-book and materials on it. I saw little posters over in this little area of my room where I could sit and watch tv on this big flat screen. The decorations around the room was amazing! 

"How do you like it?" Ashton said to me while smirking. I probably had the dumbest look on my face as I was looking around. "I loved it!" I said jumping up and down. "I knew you would" he said laughing at me.

"Wanna go back down to the other?" he said after a short moment. "Sure" I was ready to go back down. 

We walked out the room and down the steps, soon we entered the garage, I walked over to Luke and smiled softly at him, and he did too. 

What do you guys think so far? Don't forget to leave comments,  and I don't know about you, but I ship Luke and Harper. ;) 


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