Must Be

"Come on Harp!" my big brother said from downstairs.
I ran downstairs with my doll in my hand and jumped into his arms. His eyes was filled with tears.

My name's Harper this is the story of how I've found my true self, with the help of 4 special boys and of course my best friend Paisley.


7. Chapter 6

Harper's POV 

"My baby! Oh my god, it's been so long, I missed you so much sweetie!" my mom said to me tackling me with kisses on my face and hugging the sweet life out of me. Her eyes were glossy.

I felt my eyes and nose stinging, knowing I was going to cry but I tried holding my tears back. I hugged her back with the force of 9 years worth of hugs. I was so happy to see her, my dad cleared his throat. "Ahem".

We stopped our hug, and my mom looked over to him and Paisley. 

"You must be, the wonderful Paisley I've heard so much about from Harper!" she said giving her a tight squeeze also. "It's very nice to meet you Harper's mom!" she said smiling and hugging her back. After small talk.

Me and Paisley walked in the house, man I missed it so much.. We heard music playing downstairs in the garage, we looked at each other confused, we dropped our stuff and followed the trial of music. We ran down the steps that lead to the garage leaving my mom and dad to catch up after so long, even if they weren't together they still cared about one another. Music filled our hears. 

So go ahead rip my heart out

Show me what loves all about

Go ahead rip my heart out

That's what loves all about

I want you to want me this way 

And I need you to need me to stay

If you say that you don't feel a thing 

If you don't know

Let me go (oh oh oh)

If you don't know, then just let me go 

"Oh my god.." I said, I must have said it out loud because everyone turned their head against me, even Paisley. I felt awkward. 

"Harper?" Ashton said, he stood up from his drummer kit and walked over to me. His eyes were swelling up with tears and mine were to. We ran to each other and embraced each other for what felt like forever. 

"I missed you so much" he said into my hair, since he was hovering over me. Jesus he was like a freaking giant looking about 6 foot there. "I missed you too" I said sobbing into his chest till he pulled away and wiped away my tears and I did the same for him. "Oh my is that facial hair I see" I said as I tried to touch his beard but he smacked my hand away and said "No no" he said laughing a bit. I giggled at his comment,

Calum ran over to me and hugged me, "Cal cal!!" I said screaming with joy in my tone.

"Harper oh my god you look so grown now. I could say the same for him, I inspected him, his hair was dyed blonde a little in the fornt, he grown really tall and grew a little bit muscles. "Look at you! Puberty hit you like a truck!" I said laughing, and he did to. "Yeah I see it did you some good too." he said smiling.

Before I knew it, I saw that I was lifted in the air, Michael Clifford. "Michaellll" he hugged me and I did the same. He put me back down, I looked at him and the first thing that jumped out was his hair. "Nice hair mate I see you got it dyed black and a little bit of highlights" I said. He replied with a "Thanks" while flipping his hair, then said" You look really good to, did you dye your hair?" he was joking, we all laughed. 

I stared over at Luke, my heart was beating fast... His eyes were glaring at me to, I knew he was inspecting my as I did the same to him, he walked over to me and embraced me. We held each other for what felt like so long, and to be honest it felt so good. I stared into his eyes with a smile and he looked down at me with a smile too. I heard Michael and Calum whistle. 

"Your finally back.." Luke said softly to me. "Feels good to be back" I said happily not taking my eyes off him. 

In the corner of my eye I saw an angry looking girl coming our way, all she said was "Ahem" and I separate myself from Luke. I went over to Paisley who was standing over in the corner, "Guys this is my best friend Paisley, Paisley meet Calum, Michael, Luke, and my brother Ashton. They all greeted her, but I noticed Calum looking a bit to friendly. They were just staring at each other with puppy love eyes. 

"Okay.." I said trailing off. 

"What are they doing here.." the girl standing next to Luke said with a distasteful look on her face. I looked at her with a disgusted look. Why is she even here? "In case you didn't know, I moved back here from California and I'm gonna be staying here with my family from now on." I said while putting on a fake smile. "And you are?" I said.

"Aleisha, Luke's girlfriend. "Those words there..just made my heart stop and break into a million pieces. Like I was drowning in the ocean because I couldn't move my arms and legs, it was to numb to move. "Oh." is all I could say. 

I looked over at Luke with hurt in my eyes, he noticed and soon started frowning, and looked down. I looked over at the guys and they looked at me with awe, they felt sorry for me. I just ran back up the steps that led us to the garage. I ran up to my old room, it looked brand new but I didn't care, I was to hurt to notice anything. 

All I felt was the pain of someone getting stabbed in the back.

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