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  • Published: 19 Oct 2015
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2016
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"Come on Harp!" my big brother said from downstairs.
I ran downstairs with my doll in my hand and jumped into his arms. His eyes was filled with tears.

My name's Harper this is the story of how I've found my true self, with the help of 4 special boys and of course my best friend Paisley.


6. Chapter 5

Luke's POV

I still couldn't believe it, Harper, the girl I secretly loved when we were younger is coming back to Australia? Not only that, but she could be coming at any time today, I'm extremely nervous.. I haven't spoken to her in a few years. What will she think of me now? I thought to myself.

"Babe..Babe!" Aleisha, my girlfriend said in an angry manner. I snapped out of my thoughts and turned over to her.

"Why do you keep zoning out? And what are you thinking about?" she said calming down and trying to reason with me. 

I sighed, I wasn't gonna tell her I was thinking about another girl that I loved for the past few years, but forgot about because she moved to America. Do you know how that will end? Somebody's gonna get killed and I prefer myself still being alive and settling down soon that's not gonna happen.

"Nothing I'm fine" I said calmly without making eye contact with her. She snuggled back into my chest and went back to being on her phone. 

"Okay guys, ready for practice?" my black haired friend said while putting down his Gatorade bottle on the table next to him. Ashton walked in with Michael they brought some snacks in for us to munch on if we ever get hungry. My favorite chips and dip, yum. I smiled to myself.

"Yeah let's do this" I said getting up from my current position in my spot.

Harper's POV

Me, Paisley and my dad were in a taxi on our way to my mum's house. My dad was in the passenger's seat, while me and Paisley were in the back seat. I was looking out the window watching the scenery. Embracing it all, it feels good to be back. I look over to Paisley and she's doing the same, it was her first time being in Australia so she was so excited. I laughed at her. 

"Having fun there?" I said giggling a bit. She looked over to me and was smiling like a little kid that was hyperactive from eating lots of candy. 

"Oh my gosh, I love it here! Just look at the neighborhoods and the people and the community!" she said so eagerly. I just shook my head laughing at her, I'm glad she's enjoying it. Me on the other hand, I was freaking out inside but I wanted to keep my cool. I think Paisley noticed because she looked over at me with a slight smile and grabbed my hand.

"Don't worry to much" is all she said to me. And that was all it took for me to know, she has my back. I smiled back at her and we just sat there, comforting each other.


Mom's POV

I can't believe my baby girl is finally coming back! You don't know how good it feels to have some more female attention around here, not that I don't love my boys, but it does get kinda hectic around here. I was putting out the big lunch that I had put together for Harper, her friend, and her dad. They should be here in a couple of hours, so I had time to clean and cook.

I heard the boys in the garage playing some music, I swear these boys are gonna be famous one day, I was used to hearing their music. They practice every other day. I just know one day, someone will realize their talent and they'll get big. I thought to myself, I went back to setting the dining room for Harper's return. 

Harper's POV

We pulled into the driveway, we get out of the taxi and grabbed our luggage from the trunk. 

"Your total is $17.38" the taxi driver said to my dad, and my dad gave him a 20 dollar bill, "Keep the tip" my dad said to him. "Thank you very much sir!" the taxi driver said happily and drove off. 

"This is it guys.." I said to them with my guitar on my back and my luggage in both of my hands. I saw my dad come over to me, and he said "Hey honey, don't turn back now it's time to reunite the family again" with a slight smile. Paisley and my dad walked up to the front door, while I stood there embracing all the memories that rushed into my mind.


"Harper stop!!" Michael my old friend said whining because I kept spraying him with the water holes. I kept laughing, I didn't know any better I was only 7! All of a sudden I felt Luke come behind me and grab the holes, he sprayed me back and I ran across the lawn laughing because he chased me with it. The cold water on my hot skin felt relieving, the sun was shining so bright, it you looked at it you could get blind. 

Ashton and Calum came bombarding me, Luke and Michael with water balloons. We gulped and looked at each other, we all jetted. 


I smiled and walked over to my dad and Paisley, he knocked on the door and within a few minutes my mum answered the door with an surprised look on her face. 


Get it? 1738 aye, haha I'm so lame. But did you guys enjoy the chapter? I hope you did! -Achxne 

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