Must Be

"Come on Harp!" my big brother said from downstairs.
I ran downstairs with my doll in my hand and jumped into his arms. His eyes was filled with tears.

My name's Harper this is the story of how I've found my true self, with the help of 4 special boys and of course my best friend Paisley.


4. Chapter 3

Harper's POV

It's been a couple of days since me and Paisley came up with the idea of going to Australia together, she asked her parents about it earlier and they approved! But now, I'm going to have to tell my dad about this whole thing.. That was my biggest problem. I decided to get out of my thoughts due to me hearing the front door close downstairs, it was most likely my dad coming home from work. Today was the last day we were going to be staying in California. Everything was almost packed up in the house already.Quick right? Let's just say my dad was very eager to go to Australia. 

I went downstairs and greeted my father, "Hey dad how was work?" I said trying to butter him up a bit, you get my drift? Yeah I know you do haha. "It was great, my last day there. Have you finished packing up your things already?" he said to me. 

"Yeah I did, and about the trip.." I said trailing off a little. He looked at me in the corner of his eye with his eyebrows furrowed and cleared his throat. "Well what is it?" 

"CanPaisleyPleaseComeWithUsSinceIt'sSummerAndWeHaveNoSchool" I said really fast. I think he understood what I said because he was about to say something. "Please dad! Her parents are on a long term trip and she's gonna be all alone I'm her only best friend". 

He sighed, and merely said "Fine". 

"But dad! I don't want her to be alone while I'm leaving back to Syd- Wait did you just say yes?" I said while a smile slowly creeped upon my face. "I said yes" my dad said laughing a bit. "Thanks dad, I really appreciate it". pulling him into a big hug and running up the stairs to go call my friend and tell her the news.

-Later that night- 

I heard a knock my door, and I told them to come in. It was my dad, he came in and sat in the chair that was located near my desk and laptop. He went over the rules with me about tomorrow, like how we were gonna have to leave the house by 7 am in the morning, and Paisley had to meet us at the airport by 8 am. Our flight was gonna be at 9:45 am so we needed time to organize our time properly. I know he called my mom and told her about the whole thing already because he told me about it earlier, she was excited. I missed my sweet mum, it's been kinda hard not having a mother figure around to guide me, but at least I had my dad. I looked up at him and smiled.

He told me to get some rest while I could and I agreed I probably should get some rest in, it was 10 pm.

While he was heading out of my room we exchanged our goodnight's and he closed the door. I closed my lamp and got comfy in my bed, I looked up at the ceiling and thought about all the events that were going to come. Anxious is the only feeling coming to mind.

Ashton's POV

I was up in my room playing on my Xbox with the boys till I heard my mother knock on my door so I paused the game, and told her she could enter my doom. She laughed a little bit and told me she wanted to talk about something. I was curious and gave her all my attention. The boys were doing their own things since I paused the game for a bit. 

"Honey, I'm not quite sure how to tell you this but..Your father's boss is moving him back here for business purposes, and his bringing Harper. She's going to be staying here with us again." she said with a slight smile on her face. But me on the other hand, I was speechless, I couldn't believe my sister was coming back after all these years.. I turned back to look at the boys. They were all surprised as much as I was, but Luke on the other hand he looked quite excited.


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