Must Be

"Come on Harp!" my big brother said from downstairs.
I ran downstairs with my doll in my hand and jumped into his arms. His eyes was filled with tears.

My name's Harper this is the story of how I've found my true self, with the help of 4 special boys and of course my best friend Paisley.


23. Chapter 21


It's time I thought to myself, I winked at Paisley and told her it was time. We all turned around and saw a man in a business suit walk up towards us. He had a genuine smile on his face and held his hand out for all of his to shake. "My name is Mark Turner could I speak with you gentlemen for a second, you ladies can stay if you want to" he assured us.


You guys are probably thinking what did me and Paisley do, right? Well see remember when that man was gonna sign them into their label then insulted us so I had to beat the crap out of him. Well let's just say we made some arrangements that night and planned this day out. We are such good people I swear. But anyway, we knew the fair would be coming up soon and knowing them, one of them was bound to speak up and insist that we go, and if they didn't we could've easily lured them into going. 

"My name is Mark Turner could I speak with you gentlemen for a second, you ladies can stay if you want to" he assured us. "Your two friends here gave me a copy of songs that you sing and well I think it would be great if I could sign you into my record label, I have a lot to offer. Everyone needs a hot new boy band every now and then right? Just give me a call" he said while handing his card to the boys. "Thank you very much sir!" Calum said while taking the card. I swear this boy is happy about this."See you later, hopefully I'll get a call" he said then walked away. Just then Ashton came and meet us at the booth and asked what happened, Luke and Michael explained to them what happened and his reaction was so funny, he literally hugged like I was a teddy bear and lifted me up. "GROUP HUG!!" Calum and Michael chorused and with that we all took the moment and hug each other. 


Luke's POV 

Me and the boys were all down in the basement waiting for a call back from the record label guy, we sent him some songs we sung and he said he'd look over them then call back. We're all pretty nervous what if he says no like the others did? What if we're not good enough for his standards? With all of those questions running through my head I heard foot steps coming toward me, then sitting down next to me and rubbing my back, it was Autumn trying to comfort me. I love this girl, "Don't worry to much babe simmer down a little" she whispered with a slight smile assuring me it'll be okay.  

I looked up to see the other boys expressions, they were all pretty nervous I saw Paisley trying to comfort Calum it must be working a little cause he seems less tense, Ashton and Michael were talking probably trying to vent to each other. We were all talking until we heard the sound of a phone ringing, we all jumped up not wanting to answer it, "Go Answer the phone Ashton!" Autumn said to him. He got up and went towards the phone then turning around at us, he picked it up, their conversation wasn't very long which worried me. It kinda went like this:

Ashton: Yes, hello?

The record label man: ...........

Ashton: Oh you did?

The record label man: ..............

Ashton: Okay..thank you sir!

The record label man: Alright, have a nice day.

Ashton hung up the phone then turned to us. "Well?!" we all said to him.. "Well...WE'RE IN!" he said with as much happiness he could, everyone jumped up and huddles together for another group hug and for a cheering moment. This could probably be the best day ever, besides me meeting Autumn of course. 

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