Must Be

"Come on Harp!" my big brother said from downstairs.
I ran downstairs with my doll in my hand and jumped into his arms. His eyes was filled with tears.

My name's Harper this is the story of how I've found my true self, with the help of 4 special boys and of course my best friend Paisley.


22. Chapter 20

Hey guys before I start this chapter I just want to apologize for not updating I've been really busy, and I've been thinking of making a new movella which means this movella is gonna come to a end very soon! After this chapter or maybe a couple I'll be taking Autumn to the present because all of this happened in the past, this is basically her just telling her story so yeah. And btw I'm gonna try to update everyday till break. 

Harper's POV

Me and Luke sat in the living area with the rest of the guys it was pretty much just a time where we could chill and bond all the together ya know? We were just cuddling on the couch, I felt safe being in his arms I could get used to this. We were watching Pokemon till our hyper friend Michael shot up with amusement plastered all of his face. "Guys! How about we go to the fair today!" Michael said cheerfully. "How come your just now thinking of this idea when we could've went before?" Calum said. Michael said shrugged but eventually after Pokemon was over we all decided it was a cool idea. 

"Hey Harper can you help me pick something out?" Paisley asked me and I agreed as I was getting up I felt something stop me in the tracks and caused me to sit back down. It was Luke I forgot his arms were wrapped around me still, he had a sad look on his face "Nooo don't go" he said with the cutest puppy dog face ever. "She'll be back lover boy" Paisley said to him and then he released me. 

We walked into her room and headed straight for her closet, we began looking through it till I spoke "So you and Calum eh?" and I could tell she was slightly blushing. "I don't know..maybe I like him.." she said hesitantly. "Maybe? You mean you do" I said while cocking my eyebrow up. "Okay fine but don't say anything, please? I just want to make sure that his not like the regular old guys I dated before.." I nodded my head because I can relate. "But remember I've known Calum for a while and trust me his not like that, but if he does try to hurt you then he'll have to deal with me" I said while nudging her and she laughed. "Thanks Harper" I gave her a slight smile and we continued looking for outfits. 

After about 30 minutes of trying to figure out what to wear, we both decided to match color schemes so I picked teal jean shorts and a white lace singlet. Paisley wore a teal kimono with white skinny jeans and cuffed them at the bottom. By the time we got downstairs the boys were waiting for us. "About time" Calum and Luke said together then looking back at each other and doing their stupid boy handshake and laughing. Me and Paisley just giggled, "Beauty takes time" I said while grabbing Luke's hand. "Twinning much?" Calum said hinting towards me and Paisley's outfit. "You know it" we both said while smiling. Soon we were on our way to the fair. 

While we were in the car I noticed a song I liked was playing, blink 182 dammit. "Oh my god Ashton turn up the music I love this song" and he did what I said all you heard from blink 182 blasting in the car. I sang along to the song. 

The steps that 

I retrace 

the sad look 

on your face

The timing 

and structure 

did you hear

he fucked her?

A day late

a buck short

I'm writing 

the report

On losing

and failing

when I move

I'm flailing now

Everyone just stared at me like I was crazy except Ashton since he was watching the road but come on you have to admit that this song is pretty good, it's just so catchy. "What? It's catchy" I said to them, the next thing I know we're all singing along to the song. 

A/N: (skipping some of the verses to the song to show that she took a small pause) 

And maybe 
I'll see you 
at a movie 
sneak preview
You'll show up 
and walk by 
on the arm 
of that guy
And I'll smile 
and you'll wave 
we'll pretend 
it's okay
The charade 
it won't last 
when he's gone 
I won't come back

And it'll happen once again
You'll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
And sees through the master plan

But everybody's gone
And you've been there for too long
To face this on your own
Well I guess this is growing up

Well, I guess this is growing up [4x]
Well, I guess this is growing up


And with that the song ended, this was all to funny I wish I recorded it. I can happily say I'm truly blessed to have my friends, my boyfriend and  especially  my brother. 

Once everything turned chill again the car we pulled up into the fair's parking lot where they were selling the tickets Ashton told us to hop out so he could park the car and he'd meet us at the ticket booth. Everyone exited the car and we all circled around the booth. 

"5 seconds of summer right?" we heard a man's voice coming from behind us. 

It's time I thought to myself, I winked at Paisley and told her it was time. We all turned around and saw a man in a business suit walk up towards us. He had a genuine smile on his face and held his hand out for all of his to shake. "My name is Mark Turner could I speak with you gentlemen for a second, you ladies can stay if you want to" he assured us.

Kinda short but what do you think, eh? I don't know but wait for tomorrow's chapter! Take care and happy new years! -Achxne

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