Must Be

"Come on Harp!" my big brother said from downstairs.
I ran downstairs with my doll in my hand and jumped into his arms. His eyes was filled with tears.

My name's Harper this is the story of how I've found my true self, with the help of 4 special boys and of course my best friend Paisley.


20. Chapter 18

Harper's POV

How the hell did he know I was here? I thought to myself, while preparing myself for anything and everything he was about to say to me. "Harper... I'm sorry..." Luke said as he reached me and sat next to me. "What do you want now Luke?" I said in an annoyed tone.

"Harper you know I didn't mean for any of this to happen, I was getting ready for bed and Aleisha just came over out of nowhere..We didn't even do anything I promise" he said softly while looking into my eyes. "Luke... if you don't like me then just tell me instead of leading me on" I said while looking down, to ashamed to even look back up.

"Harper, I don't like you." he said bluntly causing me to look up at him. "I love you Harper Irwin" he said while a smile slowly formed on his face, I couldn't help but smile back at him. He started getting closer to where I was and leaned in, I leaned in to and soon our lips meet. Our lips moved in sync, Luke just pulled away and pulled me into his lap. "This is our 3rd kiss ya know" Luke whispered into my ear. "You mean our 2nd?" I said confused. "Nope.. remember when we were younger..." 


Luke's POV

I was in my room lying down on my bed staring at the ceiling, my mum grounded me cause I had got in trouble while I was at school. It's not my fault my teacher has such a big head, I mean come on she's like a walrus I thought to myself while slightly chuckling. I heard something being hit against my window so I walked over to it and opened the curtains and looked out. There stood little Harper Irwin, the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. 

I opened my window and she spoke to me, "Luke! Can you come out?" she said yelling a bit. I put my finger to my mouth and told her to quiet down "I'm grounded.." I said sadly. "Oh..well I guess I'll see you later then" she said while about to walk off back to her house. When we were younger we used to live in the same neighborhood so we could easily go over to one another's house. 

"Wait! I'll be down in a second" I said while climbing out my window and leaving it cracked open, I jumped down and landed on my feet. "Ready?" I said to her and she smiled and grabbed my hand.


Me and Harper slowly walked down the pier where she always came when she sad, or wanted to meet up with me. We sat at the edge and stared at the big blue open pond, "Hey Luke why did you get grounded?" Harper said while throwing rocks into the pond and not taking her eyes off the pond. "I got in trouble for messing with Mrs. Snide in class today" I said and grabbed some rocks too. "The one that looks like a walrus?" she said and laughed a little bit. "Yupp" I said while popping the "p". I threw a rock into the pond and watched it as it did a ripple. "Hey how'd you do that?" she said while pouting. I laughed at her "Here i'll show you'" I said and grabbed her arm and hand. 

I grabbed a small rock and placed it in her hand, I tilted her arm a bit so it could throw properly and told her to snap her wrist while tossing into the sea. When she threw it, it did the ripple perfectly. "Yay!" she said while jumping up and down, I smiled at how cute she looked. "Thank you Lukey" she said and kissed my cheek. I was a bit stood off for a bit but then I smiled at her. 

"Harper, have you ever wondered how a REAL kiss felt like?" I blurted out to her and putting an emphasis on real. She shot her head up at me and said "Yeah.. sometimes I guess?" she said confused a little. "Well.. I was thinking" the words couldn't come out no matter how hard I tried. I scratched the back of my neck. "You be my first kiss and I'll be yours?" she said finishing my sentence for me, it was like she read my mind that's one of the things I loved about her. I nodded my head yes, and smiled nervously. 

I grabbed her hand and slowly moved closer to her, I felt my heart racing when I got closer to her. She leaned in to and I could tell she was nervous as much as I was. But in no time our lips connected, we just stayed like that until she pulled away. She looked away and blushed I can tell I did the same. I wrapped my arm around her and we just stared at the upcoming sunset that was forming at the peek of the lake. 


Soon after it was getting dark I had to rush back home, but I dropped Harper off first of course, when I finally reached my house again I climbed back up my window. I struggled to shut it back up but did it just in time cause my mom called me to come down for dinner. What a day.. I thought to my self. 


Harper's POV

"Wow I can't believe you remembered that after all this time" I said while staring into his eyes. "Anything for you"


Omg I haven't updated in years! But I'm trying to manage school and movellas at the same time sorry guys! I'm gonna update more especially on the weekends I promise.


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