Must Be

"Come on Harp!" my big brother said from downstairs.
I ran downstairs with my doll in my hand and jumped into his arms. His eyes was filled with tears.

My name's Harper this is the story of how I've found my true self, with the help of 4 special boys and of course my best friend Paisley.


18. Chapter 17

Harper's POV

As me and Luke separated our lips, we looked into each other's eyes and just admired one another. Out of the blue his cellphone rang killing the mood, I told him he could go ahead and answer it so he walked off a bit and answered it. He didn't look to happy while talking to the other person, as he ended the call he said he had to go cause Aleisha wanted him. 

"Hey I'll see you later, Aleisha needs me" he said bluntly and walked off. The fuck just happened? I sighed and put my face in my hands pondering and looking back at everything just happened. I heard footsteps coming near me but I didn't care, I was to bummed to even try and look up. "How did it go?" I heard a female voice say, I'm guessing it was Paisley. 

"His phone rang after we kissed, and he had to leave cause Aleisha wanted him" I muffled through my hands. She sat next to me and rubbed my back. "How about tonight you visit him at his house?" Paisley said to me. I mean it was almost night time, so what did I have to lose..right?

-Later that night-

Paisley's POV

Me and Harper were up in her room just chilling till the clock reached 8:30 pm. I told her she should get ready to go over to Luke's place and see what's up with him. I swear she's taking so long trying to change, I run over to her closet and give her some black skinny jeans, black toms, and a green-day t-shirt. I told her to go in her bathroom and change so she could leave on time and be back before it got really dark outside.

"What do you think?" Harper said while getting out of the bathroom. "You look cute now go!" I said rushing her out the door. "Okay, okay I'm going" she said while waving bye to me. 

Harper's POV

I waved bye to the other boys and told them where I was going they said good luck, and to be honest I needed all the luck I could get. I started to walk down the street, Luke's house wasn't too far from mine I'd say it's like 3 blocks away. As I was walking I started to hear thunder in a distant, great and I didn't even bring a jacket or umbrella. Nice move Harper. On the way down the street I saw this red rose that had fully bloomed and was ready to pick, it was the most beautiful thing I'v ever seen. I decided to take it, maybe I should bring it to Luke? I know it's corny but hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. 

Seems like I've been in my thoughts forever because I was close to Luke's house, only a couple houses away. The weather had changed, the air was crisp and slight drizzle was coming down. As I walked up to his house I saw someone's car parked out front and two figures leaning on the car, when I got a better look I saw it was a boy and girl. Luke and Aleisha to be exact.

Luke's body was on Aleisha he was in nothing but boxers and slippers there they stood making out like it was no tomorrow. It feels like my whole heart sunk in a pool of misery and nothing could rescue the ache of it. Luke stopped and turned over to it, with eyes of sympathy. "Harp.." he said softly and quietly. Aleisha looked over to me with a devilishly smile plastered across her face. By now the rain had come down harder, Aleisha gave Luke a kiss goodbye and hopped in her car, and left the driveway.

It was only me and him now. I felt my eyes starting to water and tears slowly rolling down my cheeks. Luke tried coming over to me but I just stepped back each time he got closer. "Harp please just let me explain, don't be this way I love you.." he said softly still trying to come close to me. "No Luke you don't cause if you did, you wouldn't had done this, you don't know how I feel right now" I said in between my cries. 

He came over to me and wrapped his arms around me, I jerked my body away and dropped the rose to his feet. "Here maybe you could give it to Aleisha since you guys go so well together, I'm done" I said before running away back home. The rain came down harder and by now I was soaking wet but I didn't care.

The weather matched the same way I was feeling, sad, gloomy, and dark.

As I was going back home, I didn't even want my brother or anyone else seeing me like this, so I went to this place that I always went to, to clear my mind, or just have some alone time. It's also where me and my family first meet Luke's family at. It was a long white pier with a huge blue crystal lake. I made my way there with no turning back. 

When I reached the place, I sat at the edge of the pier and pondered over what happened. "Harper!" I heard from behind me and I turned around to see the face of Luke. How the hell did he know I was here?


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