Must Be

"Come on Harp!" my big brother said from downstairs.
I ran downstairs with my doll in my hand and jumped into his arms. His eyes was filled with tears.

My name's Harper this is the story of how I've found my true self, with the help of 4 special boys and of course my best friend Paisley.


16. Chapter 15

The Garden-

Harper's POV

As I slowly woke up I felt like there was eyes on me, or at least someone hovering over me. My eyes were still closed as I was lying in bed, I felt around to see what was near me. When I finally felt something I wondered what it was, so I kept feeling it. I heard laughing so I opened my eyes to see Luke over me next to my bed, and my hand was on his dick, Little Lucas.. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry" I said while jumping out of bed. 

Luke just kept laughing and fell on my bed, I crossed my arms sighing waiting for him to stop, after a moment he got himself together. "It's cool I know you enjoyed it" he said while smirking at me. "More like you did, you didn't even stop me!" I said while rolling my eyes. "Why are you even in here?" I asked curiously while raising an eyebrow. He shrugged his shoulders, and said "I just got bored and decided to wake you up" while walking over to me and giving me a bear hug.

I gave him a slight smile and hugged him back, "Well hold on I'm gonna go freshen up" he nodded his head and went back downstairs. I walked to the bathroom in my room and was about to start my daily morning routine.

Luke's POV

That was hilarious, for me and for Little Lucas I thought to myself while walking into the kitchen. Harper's mom was cooking pancakes for everyone "Hey mum" I said to her (we all called her mum cause she cared for all of us and was pretty much another mother figure in our lives) , "Hey sweetie!" she said while kissing my cheek and going back over to the stove. I walked over to the dining room and saw Calum, Michael and Paisley but no Ashton. "Where's Ashton?" I asked them. "Sleep" they all chorused.  I groaned to myself. 

I went back upstairs and headed for Ashton's room. When I reached his door I opened it and found him sound asleep on his bed. Aww he looks so peaceful, to bad. I went over and shook him furiously. "Ughhh leave me alone.." he said while turning over. I face-palmed this is why no one likes waking him up. Hmm, I came up with an idea. "Your mom is making pancakess" I said closely to his ear. He sprung back up and went into the bathroom. "I'LL BE DOWN SOON" he said while in the bathroom. I smiled to myself, nice job Luke.  


*After Breakfast*

Harper's POV 

I was laying on the couch scrolling through Netflix trying to find something to watch. Michael and Ashton was playing outside and Calum were hanging out on the other side of the room.. Luke left when breakfast was over cause he went over to see Aleisha. Michael walked back in the house with Ashton and into the living area. "I think we should start the plan tonight" Michael said. Everyone else agreed. I stopped scrolling and looked over to them "What do you guys have in mind?" I said.

"We should all go to the beach and have a little campfire fun" Paisley suggested. I kinda like that idea. Everyone thought about it for a bit and decided that's what we should do. "We can do the Garden plan right before it's time to go to the beach" Calum said.

"What Garden plan?" I said confused.

"You'll see soon" Ashton said while giving me a slight smile. I nodded my head slowly. 

Me and Paisley were up in my room talking about what we were gonna wear to the beach, since it was kinda hot but breezy out maybe I should wear a skirt, or dress. I'm not completely sure what to wear ugh. "Here let me help you pick something out since you look like your stressing about what to wear" Paisley said while giggling. 

We walked over to my walk-in closet and looked through clothes. Paisley picked out this baby blue skirt that stopped right above my knee and was split on the side a bit, with lacey white mid-driff tank top. "This is so cute, thanks Pay!" I said while hugging her. She smiled at me "Get changed I'll meet you in a couple of minutes!" she said while running out the room and closing the door behind her. 

I changed into the clothes and put on some white flip flops that had a flower where the two parts connected. I decided to put a little concealer and eyeshadow not wanting to go overboard with the makeup. I added some pink lipstick and mixed it with some chap-stick. After I was done I grabbed my bag and headed to Paisley's room. I walked in and saw her doing her makeup she was wearing a white low back tank top with this long, flowy hot pink skirt that stopped at her ankles with some brown sandals on. She looked so cute, my baby is all grown up. 

"Hey you look pretty!" she said to me while looking at me. "So do you! I need to steal that tank top" I said while laughing. She laughed to, knowing that I really would steal it. She finished up her makeup and grabbed her bag. "Ready?" she asked me. "Ready" I said.

We met the guys downstairs, I saw them waiting by the door with their bags in their hands. When we reached the bottom of the stairs I saw Luke staring at me and smiling wide. I smiled at him too, I loved this quiff boy's smile. Calum was watching Paisley the whole time, and finally complimented her while the two of them were engaging into a conversation.

"Hey can you guys go out to the garden and see if my hat is there?" Michael said to me while winking at me. I nodded and smiled at his antics. 

"Mate can you do me a favor and see if there's any water guns in the garden?" Ashton said to Luke, and he said "Sure".  We both went out to the garden walking next to each other.

Here goes nothing. 

Omg I almost forgot to update today I was so caught up with homework sorry the chapter is so crappy! Hopefully these teachers can fuck off with all this work. See you in the next chapter, don't forget to like and favorite also tell me some girl names and facial appearance as long as their personality for a upcoming character in this movella! Check my page and look at my mumble.  xx


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