Must Be

"Come on Harp!" my big brother said from downstairs.
I ran downstairs with my doll in my hand and jumped into his arms. His eyes was filled with tears.

My name's Harper this is the story of how I've found my true self, with the help of 4 special boys and of course my best friend Paisley.


12. Chapter 11


Luke's POV

We all sat down at a table for 8 but there was only 7 of us. We had a surprise for them, and it was gonna happen in less than a few minutes. I hope everything goes well. 

We all ordered some muffins and cupcakes with some coffee, I looked down at my watch and nodded at Ashton to proceed. "Okay guys, so what we wanted to tell you we got a call from this well known record label saying that they heard us sing on YouTube and would probably want to sign us. We're gonna meet them here in a couple of minutes that's why there's an extra seat." Ashton said to the girls. 

"Oh my god I'm so proud of you guys! I think they'll sign you guys." Harper said. "Yeah you guys are really great, why wouldn't they?" Paisley joined in. 

"I'm so proud of you Lucas!" Aleisha said to me while giving me kisses and nudging me. I don't really like when she calls me Lucas, it just sounds weird when she says it but it's okay I guess. "Thanks babe" I said giving her a slight smile. 

"Gentlemen! How are you?" the record producer said while walking up to our table, we all shook his hand as he took a seat. "Alright so let's get down to business. I really do think you boys are talented and have a bright future ahead of you for your band" he said and we all smiled and nodded our head. This is it! 

"But.. I just don't think your ready for our label yet." everyone's smile faded away, including mine.

Harper's POV

What?! "What do you mean I just don't think your ready for our label yet" I said mimicking him. "Ma'am-" I cut him off, "No your wrong, no disrespect but you don't know a damn thing if your gonna miss this opportunity on these 4 boys" I said while pointing at them and getting even more angry.  The boys looked appalled. 

"Harp it's okay just simmer down" Ashton said to me while trying to grab my hand so I could calm down but I moved it away. The man was getting up to leave, he didn't even drink his coffee or eat his muffin yet after we paid for all this food. "Wait you forgot your food sir" I walked over to him and picked up his coffee and muffin. I smashed his muffin on his head and smeared it everywhere, and took the lid off the coffee cup to pour all the coffee over him and ruin his expensive looking suit. I heard gasping from behind me, and the man just looked at me with disbelief. "Not only did you just miss a great opportunity, you just ruined your good suit" I said smiling and grabbing my stuff to leave back to the car. 

Paisley's POV

The man was shocked just as we were, he left the coffee shop and we all sat there pondering over what just happened. Oh. My. God. Harper is such a savage! I can't believe that just happened.. "Guys let's go" I said to them while grabbing my things. I walked outside to see Harper on top of the man that she dooped. She was beating him up, oh my.. "Someone get her off of him before she murders him!" I screamed at the boys. Luke ran over to Harper and pulled her off of him quickly but not in any way to hurt her. 

( A/N: Dooped- Made fun of, handled. I made my own definition of the word just in case some of you didn't know what it meant xD )

The man got up and grabbed his bag, "I'm suing you for my damages!" he screamed before running away. "Kiss my ass!" Harper screamed back. Me and Michael laughed, it was so funny when Harper was mad. Luke was still holding her, due to her almost slipping away and chasing the man. Aleisha wasn't happy about him being around her like that but she'd just have to deal with it, she's not gonna ruin this moment. He swayed with her and held her, she looked really safe in his hands. I'm glad we came back to Australia, I've never seen Harper so happy. 


Michael's POV

Seeing Luke and Harper like that made me have a plan, it might be very risky but it's gonna be worth it. See Luke seems happier with Harper than he does Aleisha. No one really likes Aleisha she's to much of a bitch for us to like her. Anyway, back to my plan I'm gonna need Calum, Paisley, and Ashton on this plan. Commending plan time to get Luke together with Harper. Mwahaha -evil laugh-. No? Okay.


Plan, eh? Find out in the next chapter. 


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