Amnesia c.h & l.h


1. ONE


I was laying in my bed watching American Horror Story: Murder House reruns on TV when I got a phone call from an unknown number.

"Hi, is this Y/N Y/L/N?" They asked

"Um..yea who is this?" I asked the random person.

"Oh god how rude of me, this is 5 Seconds of Summer's manager, calling to let you know that you will now be working as their assistant." They said.

"Oh god really? Well when do I start?" I asked

"You will start tomorrow please be at Hi or Hey record studio at 10 am tomorrow, thanks have a goodnight."

"You too, thanks again,"

I just sat there fangirling.

I'm so excited but I can't wait to meet Calum he's my favorite.

Well guess I should get some sleep I have a big day tomorrow.

*Tomorrow 10 am*

I woke up and took a shower.

I picked out and outfit.


Top: Gray Nirvana t-shirt

Bottoms: Black High Wasted Shorts

Extras: Black and White Flannel around my waist. Black on black thick bottomed Vans.

I headed to the studio and when I got there, there was an army of fangirls surrounding the building trying to get in but it was locked.

Luckily I had a key card to get in which the manager dropped off last night.

I headed towards the door and girls were trying to get looked at me waiting for me to open the door.

They were blocking the doorway so I yelled, "OMG LOOK ITS MICHAEL CLIFFORD!!!"

They immediately screamed and ran the other direction.

I unlocked the door and ran inside and tried to close the door but 10 girls were pushing against it.

I was struggling to keep them out when I heard a thick Australian accent.....

"Need some help there," the stranger asked.

I looked up to see the one and only Calum Hood.

"Um yea could ya help a little?" I asked.

Calum and I shoved the door closed.

"So who are you?" He asked in a deep voice.

"Um.. I'm your new assistant Y/N," I replied.

"Oh really, we'll follow me I'll show you to my manger" he said politely.

"Ok thanks again," I replied back.

"No problemo," he said.

We went through a set of doubled doors into what looked like an office.

I was told to sit down by the manager.

He explained all of the rules to me and my working schedule and all of that stuff.

"One more thing, the most important of them all..... Don't fall in love."

Sorry if this is kinda short but it's my first story so hoped you guys liked it. I will be updating every Saturday and Wednesday of each week. Um this story is made in the a.m here in Australia. (Ha see what I did there "made in the a.m? No okay never mind I stop talking.)

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