Over and out


2. chapter one

Emilys Pov

I was just getting my makeup on and i got a message from Luke saying 'what time will you be ready by.'

I didnt know why he was asking so i just replied saying 'about ten minutes , why?'

He replied instantly 'calums picking us u up we are all in the car right now'

Fuck ! I had to hurry up or he would be annoyed , why would they even want to pick me up.

I was getting a call after about 5 minutes after texting luke .

'Yo em we're outside!' Calum started

'Okay i just need to grab my coat and ill be out.'

'Ok i will come to your door and escort you from there.'

'Ooh fancy'

We took a second to laugh , calum ended the call and then i answered the door. I left wearing my black skinny ripped jeans an all time low tee and black converse. The usual.

'Hey em' Calum said

'Hi cal' i replied

'Lets go to da car.'


We had an awkward silence for about 5 minutes while we walked to his car.

When we got to calums car i saw that the back was all full up , that meant that i had to sit in the front with calum ... Oh gosh ..

'Hiiii!!!' Mikey said aiming it towards me

'Hey guyss' i said

'Whats your first lesson?' Ash asked

'Travel and tourism what bout you guys?'

'Same' they all said

We finally got to the school car park and there was Ben phillips and jake thomas , sixth formers at our school . For some odd reason they hate me . Well i think they hate me anyway because they always make fun of me and they call me a slag , bitch , sket , fatty , ugly ect... They even physically hurt me sometimes..

I hated even just walking past them its torture. I dont even know why they want to do that kind of stuff to me anyway

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