"Stay, don't die on me."


2. Chapter 1


          I start to regain my vision, It's all very blurry for a few minutes but then I start to focus. I look around the room, my mom and dad are next to each other holding hands, then there he is, Jacob. He's lying on the dirty carpet next to my bed, his brown hair is all messed up and I know I can't see his brown eyes but I know they would be smiling, because I'm still alive. I look around a little bit more and I see there on my night table next to my bed, sat a single red carnation.




            It was the second semester in grade seven, and a boy joined our class, his name was Jacob.


          *Flashback over*


         I nudge Jacob, because I can't speak yet, and he wakes up. He groans, and then he realizes that I'm awake and starts yelling to doctors and my parents to wake up.


          I eventually got out of the hospital and went home. I didn't go to school for a couple of weeks, but Jacob brought me my homework and we hung out a lot. I hadn't talked about the incident with anyone yet but I decide It's time to tell him after a week.


          Jacob just finished school for the week and he was going to stay over for the night, after he helped me with my homework I decided to tell him once we we're done.


          "Hey, so um, I owe you an explanation for the incident." I say firmly.


           "No, if you don't want to it's okay, honestly." He replies.


           "It's okay, I'm ready to tell you, I trust you. It all started around a week before the incident..." I said




          I just got to school I was going to meet Jacob and as I was walking inside somebody tripped me, I didn't think much of it, it's not uncommon for me to be tripped or bullied, so I got up and started to walk away.


          "Hey, where'd you think you're going? He yelled.


          "To meet me." Another voice said, it was Jacob.


           *Flashback over*


           Jacob was, and still is popular, and he's also athletic and well built so that bully stopped that one time. He continued bullying me until it got to me.




          I ran home as fast as I could, the school day wasn't over but that didn't matter. He wont stop bullying me, he wont leave me alone, he's tried to touch and kiss me, but I got away. 


          I opened the front door of the house, I ran up stairs into the bathroom and slammed the door shut while locking the door. I sat on the toilet and cried, I was balling and I couldn't stop. I saw a bottle of headache pills, I went to grab them but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Instead I saw little toe clippers, and grabbed them.


         Then one day I went to far, and I was bleeding so much that I passed out.


           *Flashback over*


          "So, why didn't you tell me?" Jacob said calmly.


          "He said if I told you or anyone he would do something, but he didn't tell me what." I said in tears.


          "Let's go to sleep." Jacob says as he kisses me on the forehead goodnight.




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