I'm so scared

MIko Youri is an orphan that she had decide to put her life in danger to people who care about her and she had a very dark secret that only she and her master knows about it.


1. This is the beginning

My name is Miko Youri, I'm only 15 yrs-old, and I'm an orphan. Today, the student body president planned to make a family visitation, where all of the students will be visited by their families. I was only doing a perimeter check since I don't have any family, the student body president asked "How come you're not enjoying the party?" I looked at him so coldly, then I sighed and said " 'cause I'm an orphan." Headmaster Ling looked forward to meeting everyone's families, I looked at the party then saw a dart passed by me and hit the tree. I looked from where it came from, it was a young man, I said "You should know that weapons are prohibited on school ground only I can carry one," he said "I'm only a bodyguard of my mistress," I said in a questionable voice "Your mistress?" He nodded, Erica came and said "Oh Charlie, it's okay Miko," I nodded then left them alone.

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