I'm so scared

MIko Youri is an orphan that she had decide to put her life in danger to people who care about her and she had a very dark secret that only she and her master knows about it.


6. My return

Two years had passed, Charlie had quit being a bodyguard, Headmaster Ling was still looking for me but no luck so far, he hasn't been eating very much and he hasn't been sleeping good at all, I was nowhere to be found, so headmaster thought it would be best if he stopped and let me go, so he did. I was walking by a police car, when the officers saw me, they both gotten out of the car, I thought they were going to arrest me so I started running. They both ran after me, I jumped into a tree, I lost them until a dart went into the back of my neck, I fell out of the tree, one of yhe officers took me somewhere quiet, warm, and safe. 

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