I'm so scared

MIko Youri is an orphan that she had decide to put her life in danger to people who care about her and she had a very dark secret that only she and her master knows about it.


7. My love for him

When I woke up, the officer said "oh you're awake," I said "I have to go," he blocked the door then I saw the balcony, so I went to the balcony and jumped off the balcony. I landed on the ground safely, I went back to the academy, Headmaster Ling saw me, I looked at the moon again, letting the moonlight touching my hair and body. The officer ran towards me until I transformed into a werewolf, then he said "when I saw you for the first time, I have fallen in love with you." I started to howl then I transformed back into my human form, I started crying then asked "who are you?" He answered "Angel Hanabusa," I went kiss him but for Charlie, he fell in love with Cherry, so they were going out, and for Angel and I, I was still hiding in darkness and Angel is now a private investigator, we became lovers and started a family. 

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