I'm so scared

MIko Youri is an orphan that she had decide to put her life in danger to people who care about her and she had a very dark secret that only she and her master knows about it.


5. His abandonment

When headmaster stopped him from helping me, I said "Headmaster?" I was so confused then he said "you will never be my daughter," I was adopted by the headmaster but when I heard him say that, I was shocked and pissed off so I got up and said "Goodbye, Headmaster Ling," I took off my jacket and threw it in his face. I was left the academy, he started searching for me but I was nowhere to be found, it was like I never existed or I just disappeared without a trace, a scent, and no number to be reached. Ling gotten worried, 2 years were going by so quickly and no news about me.

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