Run // l.r.h.

What happens when the world turns right around, and the whole universe crumbles?


1. Prologue

It all started when I was a child.

It appeared right in front of me when I turned around.

I ran inside, not really caring what happened to all my toys or anyone else, I locked the door, too.

I was a little selfish brat, I know. But now that I've grown through this for, Lord knows how many years, I, I just can't go through watching anyone else die! I don't want any death to be my fault, because I know how many innocent people I've used as bait to get away!

It wasn't fair to them! I have no idea what I was thinking! Why couldn't I just be a team player! Why couldn't I work in a team and protect others and not just myself!

After some monster released all of these 'Walkers' into the world, we couldn't do anything about it except just fight alongside each other and keep a promise not to turn on anybody!

Why couldn't I just be courageous?!

Why couldn't I just be willing to help others?!

Why couldn't I just not be me?!

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