Run // l.r.h.

What happens when the world turns right around, and the whole universe crumbles?


2. 1.1

"Look, do you want to die or move so you can at least live a bit longer?!" The new boy that was on my 'team' said. I still don't know his name.

"Look, you little-" I get cut off by the unknown boy.

"It's Calum. Stop calling me 'little-" I cut him off, giving him the same amount of sass he gave me.

"Look 'Calum' I'll call you whatever I want. Now you better listen to me until I get Ashton to kick you into the woods. Got it?" I yell.

'Calum' raises his hands in the air, gesturing surrender. "Fine."

"We're not going to move or yell for help or anything. Michael is going to shoot the Walker in 3... 2... 1." A gunshot goes off, I've gotten used to the procedure. I raise my eyebrows at 'Calum' as he mumbled, "Whatever."

'Calum' walks away from me, mumbling something to himself so quietly that I couldn't make out. I was labeled as the Eyes and Ears of the group.

I look desperately into the woods, waiting for the special person that we were all waiting for, the person that was our hero.

As I'm eating my food— to be more specific, baked beans— I hear screams of terror, yells for help. I shoot up from my spot, not caring about the rest of my food.

I run as fast as I could to find someone who knows where Ashton is. After sprinting for a while, I finally find Michael talking with some girl in my 'team' (you can call it that) that I don't really speak with. Her name is Macy. I race up to him, cutting off Macy. This matter is probably more important than her's.

"Where's Ashton, Michael?" I demand.

"Why do you care? And he's out right now," he replies casually.

"I see why I'm the Eyes and Ears of the group now," I mumble. "We have woods action!"

"Course we do... Macy, wait here. Jordyn, go get Calum, Jason, and Kenna. I'll go get Braylin and Emma. We need good fighters, if this action is the type of action you're talking about, then we'll need them. Don't forget weapons, my love," he winks at me and I give him the 'Not Gonna Happen' look and go to get Calum, Jason, and Kenna.

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