Physics And Mysticism

Comparison between modern physics and eastern mysticism with reference to India, China and Japan. The eternal picture of totality and the unifying concept of universe, the cosmic web of ever moving, relating every thing to each other and transforming into an organic whole.


5. Principle Of Life.

States of consciousness explored,

particular levels experienced;.

the hands that rocked the cradle of `Modern Science` -

none other than great Hindu sages and Vedas.


Ether, the creative power of divine spirit,

the celestial mother of all existence;-

``Matter And Life``, ``Organic And Inorganic``, ``Force And Action`` ---

each particle retains within divine essence;--

``Principle Of Life``.


Some beautiful quotations ; ---

H.P. Blavatsky says :

``The plan of structure to be erected is in the brain of Architect, and reflects His will; abstract as yet, from the instant of the conception, it becomes concrete through these atoms which follow faithfully every line, point and figure traced in the imagination of the Divine Geometer.``


``He wills,`` says Du Potet, the French Esotericist, `` and organized matter obeys. It has no poles.``


The Upanishads say;

``It moves. It moves not.

It is far and It is near.

It is within all this.

And It is outside of all this.

And It has made Itself from Itself by Itself.``


Science does not need mysticism

Mysticism does not need science;

but man needs both.


``Mystics understand the roots of Tao

but not its branches;

Scientists understand its branches

but not its roots.``


``Neither is comprehended in the other

nor can be reduced to the other;

both supplement one another

for a fuller understanding of the world.``


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