Physics And Mysticism

Comparison between modern physics and eastern mysticism with reference to India, China and Japan. The eternal picture of totality and the unifying concept of universe, the cosmic web of ever moving, relating every thing to each other and transforming into an organic whole.


1. Physics And Mysticism

(Sources: ` The Tao Of Physics` by Fritzof Capra and `The Caves And Jungles Of Hindustan` by H.P. Blavatsky.

Shiva: Hindu God. Shakti: Shiva's Consort. Upanishads: Hindu Scriptures. Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism are compared here.)



Between physics and mysticism

many a striking parallels;

modern physics and age old mysticism

atoms and philosophy complementary to each other.


Mystical ideas , the aura of scientific culture,

scientific discoveries in harmony with mystical spirit;

paradoxical aspects and logical contradictions

arrive in both to the same truth:

the inseparable cosmic web and unity in all phenomena.


But man's fragmented world view

of objects and events,

of groups and society,

of race and religion;

conflicts created, confusion generated and faith frustrated.


Tao- a cosmic process, the flowing and ever changing reality,

a path with a heart,

harmony between eastern mysticism and western science;.

`And many a mystical traditions and customs have their origin in scientific principles that constitute frame work for



Mysticism has rational element

science has intuition;

knowledge attained in mystical experience,

success accomplished in scientific experiments.


States of consciousness ascended in mysticism

concentration on empirical approach within;

chains of experiments conducted in scientific research,

emphasis laid on observation outward.


Scientific models and conceptions

match the mystical visions and perceptions;

physicist's team and technology

match mystic's meditation and introspection.


Science for all at any time;

mysticism for few by divine grace;

both require special training;

still, success a struggle for the scientist

goal a trial for the mystic.


Both are records of enquiry;

the intrinsic dynamic universe explored;

scientist investigates : mind full of theories and thought patterns;

mystic meditates : mind emptied of all thoughts and concepts.


Mythical God Shiva the cosmic dancer,

physics' quantum theory:

represent the energy dance of matter;

both are creations of mind; fine models to the intuition of reality.



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