Physics And Mysticism

Comparison between modern physics and eastern mysticism with reference to India, China and Japan. The eternal picture of totality and the unifying concept of universe, the cosmic web of ever moving, relating every thing to each other and transforming into an organic whole.


3. Physicist And Mystic

Physicist's laws, creations of mind;

map of reality than reality itself;

mystic's knowledge absolute,

life comprehended in its totality.


Observation, a chain process in subatomic world,

ends in the consciousness of the observer, the participator;

consciousness experienced in relation to the universe,

- the starting in the mystical world.


The physicist explores the deeper realm of matter,

the mystic penetrates the inner depths of consciousness,

one starts from the inner realm, the other from the outer.- both non sensory experiences.

And both arrive to the same truth:

`Brahman` the ultimate reality without is identical to `Atman` the reality within.


Science attitude too rational, male and aggressive,

the philosophical aspect being ignored;

mystical knowledge inseparable from a certain way of life; transformation from in depths;

 the need not for synthesis but for the dynamic interplay between the two.


Mysticism represents force as harmony of movement within things;

quantum field theory points forces between particles

as reflections of dynamic patterns inherent in particles.


The very basis of Bootstrap theory

- mutual self consistency in all phenomena-

coincides with the mystic's world view:

unity and interrelations of all phenomena;

- two different aspects of same idea.


``Form is emptiness and emptiness is form.``

Void the ultimate reality,

the quantum field infinite and potential,

creates, sustains and absorbs an infinite variety of forms.

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