Physics And Mysticism

Comparison between modern physics and eastern mysticism with reference to India, China and Japan. The eternal picture of totality and the unifying concept of universe, the cosmic web of ever moving, relating every thing to each other and transforming into an organic whole.


2. Atomic Physics And Eastern Philosophy

The subatomic particles, not isolated entities;

but an integrated part of the whole as physics observes;

the cosmos an inseparable reality as mysticism contemplates.


Modern physics, combination of quantum and relativistic theories;

Eastern mysticism, philosophy of ancient sages and spiritual guides;

both present the unifying concept of ultimate reality.-


Termed `Field` in the subatomic world;

`Brahman` in Hindu philosophy,

`Dharma kaya` for Buddhists,

`Tao` for Taoists.

---All the phenomena including physics spring from the ultimate field.


Our illusion lies in our concepts-

of measuring and categorizing,

of shapes and structures,

of things and events;

----` All our concepts of nature

parts of map but not territory.`


Modern physics perceives the basic oneness of universe that includes ourselves;

very fundamental to Hinduism; essence of Hua-yen and Kegon philosophies.

----that man is a microcosm of universe.


The world: neither made of basic building blocks

nor the world a collection of physical objects;

rather a complicated web of relations

forever alive, dynamic and organic

viewed by both eastern mysticism and atomic physics.


The human observer and his consciousness in mysticism,

the objects' interaction with the observer in atomic physics;

same truth holds in both:

``What we observe is not nature itself; but nature exposed to our method of questioning.``


Force and matter, space and time,

particles as waves, waves as particles,

unification of opposite concepts- of existence and non existence

undivided and undifferentiated field - in atomic physics.


Opposites transcended into an organic whole,

direct and concrete experience on higher dimensions - a reality in mysticism.

No absolute space, no absolute time;

both physics and metaphysics transcended ordinary experience of time.- liberated from time.


Both ancient mythology and modern cosmology

explain periodic expansion and contraction of universe,

space and time of vast proportions.


Material nature of substance denied,

fundamental restlessness of matter proved;

all objects in universal flux

seen as energy, activity and processes both by physics and metaphysics.

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