Fall in Love Again

Justin Bieber, was hurt after his sorrowful past relationship with the Disney Actress Selena Gomez. That break-up tore his heart in a billion pieces. After this break-up, would he fall in love again? Or will he be locked up in his sorrowful past?


1. The Man in the Rain

Author's Note:

Before you proceed in reading, I will have a fun fact for you:

THIS STORY HAS BEEN POSTED IN WATTPAD under the pen name ChinitaRuru, and to encourage myself to edit the whole book with pure heart, I have decided to post it up in my Movella account. 

Please do enjoy! :)

<3 katia


Samantha Robustelli naturally loved the rain; but for that one rainy day, she hated it. She disliked the idea of having to walk out from her classmate’s neighborhood under the pouring rain. And she hated herself more for letting her older brother drive her to school that the morning.

            Samantha sighed to herself after finding her trusted umbrella tucked in her backpack. At least I was lucky enough to have my umbrella, she thought before pulling it out. She bent her knees and began rolling the ends of her pants as far as they could go. And then, she began walking.

            “What an unlucky day, Samantha,” she said to herself, thinking the long distance she’d have to walk.


Justin Bieber hopped in to his car and never looked back. The sound of his pulse rang in his ears with a fast beating. He was furious, embarrassed and mad to the world. He hated for having to feel that way, but at the moment, he wanted to vanish from the world and never come back.

            His eyes couldn’t stop from pouring tears, and as if heavens pitied him, the rain began pouring hard. He turned the windshield wiper on full speed as he turned away from his subdivision. He didn’t know how long he traveled, but the moment he saw the public park, he pulled his car into a stop and parked his car on one of the parking spaces available.

            He grabbed his keys, placed them inside his front pockets before slamming his car door and leaving the car behind. He walked briskly away from his car.

            He wanted space. He wanted to leave, fly out of the country and have a vacation by himself. But as much as he wanted that, he can’t. He has responsibilities and he couldn’t leave them behind.

            For now, being alone in the public park would do.


Samantha finally reached the public park. She inwardly sighed; at least there are only few steps before she would reach the line of taxis nearby.

            Her light blue converse shoes were already a mess. And she could actually feel the water sipping in and making her uncomfortable. She could already imagine herself getting home and having to change clothes. Her feet felt very uncomfortable by the second and she hated it.

            Looking up, Samantha noticed a silhouette not from afar. The silhouette looked more of a man’s build by the second. And for some reasons, she felt the urge to walk up to the man and offer her umbrella.

            Samantha went for her gut and walked up to the man. Her brain sent signals to her, practically saying that she’s asking for trouble for walking near to the man. She knew the dangers in the street, especially at night… a rainy night to make matters worse.

            But Samantha disregarded the signals. She knew that she could fight off this man if he would do something that might endanger her. In her mind, Samantha said, “What if he’s in need? And what’s the use of all the Karate classes I’ve been to in 6th grade if I wouldn’t put it into use?”

            A few steps later, Samantha reached the man’s silhouette form. When she studied the man, she noticed that he was in a formal wear: tuxedo and all. But most of all, she couldn’t help to notice the luxurious golden Rolex adorning his wrist.

            What is this rich man doing under the rain? Why isn’t he sheltering himself?

            Samantha didn’t know what she would do. She scratched the back of her neck out of hobby and cleared her throat.

            “Excuse me,” she said tapping the man’s shoulders. “Sir, the rain is pouring hard, would you want to share my umbrella with me?” she offered.


Justin looked up with his eyes squinted. He saw a beautiful brunette with unique grayish-blue eyes standing in front of him. The first thing on his mind was: Not again.

            He couldn’t help but to inwardly sigh when the girl gasped at the sight of his face looking up. All he could think was: Couldn’t I get some alone time without running into some fan or something?

            Don’t get him wrong. He loved his fans dearly, but for the mean time, he really did want to be alone. He didn’t want some fan getting into his face asking for pictures and an autograph, especially in the state was in. He could only imagine how ugly his bloodshot eyes would be and how many rumors would be up in the next morning.

            The first instinct Justin did when noticing the brunette girl gasping and the realization in her eyes was to attach his forefinger in front of his lips, silently asking her to shut up and never scream. The last thing he would want to do was to grab attention.

            The brunette seemed to understand his silent plea and nodded.

            “Okay then,” she said quietly. “Um… again with my question, would you want to share the umbrella with me? Have me call someone you know?” she asked, pulling her phone out of her front pockets.

            Justin’s eyes widened, his ears ringing when he heard she would call someone for him. And on instinct, he grabbed her wrist. “No,” his voice sounded groggy. He cleared his throat before saying it again. “Don’t call anyone, nor notify anyone either.” He noticed the questioning look in her eyes and that was when he pleaded. “Please, don’t.”

            The girl pulled at her lips and nodded. “Okay, whatever you say,” she stated before straightening up and turning away from him.

            Justin surprised the both of them when he saw himself grabbing her wrist.


Samantha had questions in her mind. One of them was: Why would a popular pop star would be out in the rain? Why would he risk his privacy just to hang in Public Park looking like a homeless man?

            Because truthfully, it wouldn’t be wise for a person who made the teenagers in their generation scream and do outlandish things to be out and about in a public place alone. And especially in his state in which he was looking all too vulnerable with his bloodshot eyes and red nose.

            Questions ran in her mind, but all of them were left unanswered. The questions flared up once more though when she turned around and felt his cold hands wrapping around her wrist.

            “Yes?” she asked, turning towards him again. The gesture made her mind spin for a second.

            Samantha was surprised on what she heard next coming from the pop star.

            “Would you mind if I crash at your house just for tonight?”

            That was probably the first long sentence she had heard coming out from him. But of all the things he could ask, she never thought it would be asking about staying at her house.

            The questions in her mind were like Niagara Falls; it was overflowing and she couldn’t keep up. But she surprised herself more when she said: “I guess it would be alright.”


Justin was relieved when the girl answered he could stay at her house tonight. He might have been surprised when he popped the question but he thought it might be for the best. Although, the back of his mind was bugging, thinking this girl might have hidden agendas prepared.

            But who was Justin kidding? What could a skinny girl do to him?

            Empty his wallet? He doesn’t even have any penny on them. All of his money is stacked in the bank.

            Slash his throat? Not likely. She doesn’t even look like a serial killer.

            Leak something to the press about tonight?

            Well, that alarmed him. But then again, who would want to have all the press gathered at their front porch just to have a peak of what Justin Bieber is going on a Friday night. Who would risk their privacy for just a little momentum in the press?

The taxi halted at the front of a medium two-story house. Justin wondered when he noticed that nobody was home. He wanted to ask, but the brunette girl already walked out of the car with her umbrella in hand.

            To be courteous, Justin grabbed the umbrella and held it instead. The brunette led the way, and up to this moment, Justin felt weird not knowing her name.

            When they reached the front porch, the girl reached for her bag searching for the keys. And this is when Justin found the right time to ask. “I’m sorry, but I believe I don’t know your name yet. What’s your name?”

            The girl looked up to him and smiled, her hands occupied by her ring of keys. “The name’s Samantha Robustelli. But you can call me Sam instead.” When they heard the click of the doorknob, Samantha opened the door to her home. “Normally, I would return the question but I see you are a popular guy, so I don’t think it’s necessary.” And then, she pressed on few switches to bring light in the living room.

            Justin inwardly sighed. “Yeah.” He stepped inside.

            “Where’s everyone?” He couldn’t help but to ask.

             Samantha turned to him and sighed. “My brother went back to his condo where he now lives. And my parents are out for their annual honeymoon getaway. I’m sorry, but I’m your only company tonight.”

            “Oh, that’s okay,” Justin answered her. He removed his black coat and then ran his hand through his now semi wet hair.

            Samantha turned on the heater before turning to Justin. “I’ll just go upstairs and grab some clothes you can change into.” When she reached in the middle of the flight of stairs, she turned back to Justin and said. “And don’t worry, I’m not going to bite you or do something that can harm you.”

            With this Justin smiled small. “Thanks.”


When Samantha disappeared from Justin’s line of sight, he began studying the picture frames displayed on the living room’s photo wall. Samantha’s family seemed to be a happy one. They seemed to be the kind of family who bonded well and in good relationship with each other.

            There was this big portrait of the whole family. Samantha was sat next to an older guy who he thought was her brother. And their parents were standing behind them, with their hands placed on each of their children’s shoulder. Judging by the picture, Samantha looked like a splitting image of her mother.

            Both women were brunettes; the difference though was that Samantha had long wavy hair while her mother has hers in straight and short form. Samantha also has the same small frame like her mother, same form of lips. Their eyes differ though. While her mother has this pair of green eyes, Samantha seemed to have her dad’s grayish-blue eyes.

            Justin pulled his eyes away from the portrait and studied the other photos. There’s a picture of two children sitting on the floor, smiling with their teeth showing off by the Christmas tree. The kids seemed to be having loads of fun with their Christmas presents displayed in front of them. He guessed it was Samantha and her brother whose name he didn’t know.

            Another landscape picture was a photo of Samantha with a girl and a boy. She looked like she was sixteen in the picture. It was a candid shot with Sam laughing, her head thrown back. The guy pointed at the other girl with his other hand about to slap his knee. And the blonde girl was laughing her head off too, a dark green stuff stuck in front of her teeth. Justin guessed it was intended to be there for a laugh.

            Before he could study the pictures further, he heard light steps coming from the flight of stairs.

            “I hoped to see you making yourself comfortable and sitting on one of the couches. But I guess you had more fun studying at my family’s pictures,” Samantha stated coming down the stairs with clothes and white towel in hand.

            “Oh, sorry, I was just curious,” Justin apologized.

            Samantha snickered. “It’s alright. Here,” she handed him the clothes she got for him from her brother’s closet. “These are my brother’s. I hope you don’t mind. I know they’re not as fancy as your PJs. But I hope it would do.”

            Justin smiled. “It’s alright, really. Thanks for this.”

            Samantha nodded. “It’s okay. The bathroom is that way—“she pointed to the hallway to her left, “—I’ll be up in my room doing my thing for a while. Let’s just meet here when we’re done.”

            “Okay, thanks again.”


Samantha went to her room and quickly showered. The night turned really outlandish. She never really thought of bringing someone home. Especially a guy, and when she’s alone. But then again, her conscience would eat her up if she wouldn’t do a thing after knowing someone might’ve needed her help.

            When she was a kid, Samantha imagined meeting someone who’s popular and known to the whole world. Well, in Los Angeles, it’s not really that hard to find some. But, she never thought in her whole life that she would have someone popular over her house and lend a room for them.


Samantha finished showering and changed into her Superman set PJs. She still had a blue towel wrapped around her head, trapping her bush of brunette hair. She walked down the stairs and found Justin was still not around. So she went to the kitchen and prepared two cups of hot chocolate for the both of them.

            Soon enough, Justin appeared in the living room. Samantha took the hot chocolate with her and hand him one.

            “I’ve prepared hot chocolate for you. I would’ve gave you coffee but I didn’t know which one’s better for your preference,” was what she said sitting on one of the couches.

            “Thank you.”

            They stayed in the living room for a little while in silence as they were sipping on their hot chocolates. They both felt the weird wall of silence between them, but they felt it was alright. They really don’t know how to speak with each other. Hell, they don’t even know each other in the first place. So they settled with the silence and finished their drinks.

            Soon, Samantha noticed Justin was becoming so tired. She took this as a signal to show him to the room he could stay in. She was all the more surprised when Justin helped her putting the covers and mattress on the bed. For all she knew, Justin could be relying on some housekeeper to do these things for him.

            When he finally got settled in, Samantha decided to leave the room. But she was stopped when Justin said his appreciation of keeping him under her shelter.

            “It’s okay; as long as you wouldn’t do anything that can harm me in my own home.” She cracked a smile.

            “I’m not really in a good shape to do something that can harm you. But thanks again, for everything.”

            Samantha nodded. “It’s alright. I’ll go now so you can have your rest. I’ll see you in the morning.”


Samantha has these questions unanswered in her mind, but she thought they would be answered soon enough. Taking in Justin’s face, she knew then that he was in a bad place. Clearly, speaking and explaining things to her are not the things in his mind as of the moment.

            For now, Samantha is pleased she was able to help somebody in need. True, she didn’t know the man personally, but she had a feeling she’ll know him soon enough. It might not be a pleasing thought, but it would do. For now.

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