Fall in Love Again

Justin Bieber, was hurt after his sorrowful past relationship with the Disney Actress Selena Gomez. That break-up tore his heart in a billion pieces. After this break-up, would he fall in love again? Or will he be locked up in his sorrowful past?


6. The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Hi! Sorry for the long wait, but your cup of Bieber-Robustelli Tea is here!!! :)



Justin bounced his knees unconsciously, his hands gripping the steering wheel tight as he stared at the familiar house to his right. It’s been a month now since he met Samantha, and each time he visited her in this house; his feelings for her had gotten stronger. And now, he decided it’s time to finally take a leap.

You’d think, for a person who’d been performing for thousands of people for a few years now, he’d be confident and sure for himself. But no, Samantha Robustelli has a different effect on Justin Bieber. She made him unsure of himself, unconfident and nervous. Heck, dead nervous.

Reminiscing, Justin had a hard time thinking when’s the last time he had this kind of nervousness.

He sighed. This is it, he pepped talked himself as he unbuckled the seatbelt and attached his black snapback atop his head before opening the door. He studied the neighborhood and was relieved when he was sure that no one had followed him.

The jitters came back when Justin finally stepped foot at the front door. Samantha was expecting him, of course. Her parents were gone for the weekend to attend something from her dad’s work and she was alone; so they thought it was good idea to accompany each other than leaving the other bored at their respective homes.

He heaved a sigh and pressed the doorbell which resounded throughout the house. And a few seconds later, the girl who sheltered him in his darkest times appeared in front him. His warm brown eyes studied her; from her brunette wavy locks dancing across her chest, to her Mini Mouse printed pink sweatshirt, to her black sweatpants, and her infamous Blue’s Clues house slippers.

His lips tugged upwards.

“Hey,” they both said.

Samantha chuckled and waved at him. “Come on in, pop star.”

“Uh… I have something to tell you,” he began. He felt his hand shaking; he placed it inside his front pocket, forming a fist, trying to keep the shaking at bay.

Her eyebrows rose as she examined him. He was looking handsome today; with his all black outfit—snapback, V-neck shirt, skinny jeans, and Converse. “You surely don’t want to talk about it out front right?” she chuckled.

He scratched the back of his neck and chuckled at himself. “Right.”


They entered the living room, but didn’t stop there. They continued to walk until they reached a door next to the kitchen. It was a door that led to the backyard.

They headed straight to the Robustelli’s tree house and climbed in.

They stared out at the blue skies in silence. It was as if they had a silent agreement to not speak at the moment. So they treasured the silence and got lost in their own thoughts.


“Sam…” Justin began, bringing Samantha’s attention to him.


He cleared his throat. “I know we’ve met under very unusual circumstances; and we had a very different world to function in. But…” he stared at her beautiful face. His hand has a mind of its own and started at her chin, grabbed it and made her look at him gently. He felt her take a soft gasp. “As twisted as it sounds, I find myself falling for you,” he whispered getting lost in her unusual shade of orbs.




“Justin! You’re on in five minutes!” a bald man with headphones attached on his shiny head hollered at Justin.

He nodded. “Okay!” he called back before gesturing at his make-up artist that he was good to go.

He was currently at the Ellen DeGeneres Show and about to give an interview. He was nervous, because somehow, he knew that he’s going to be questioned about the fall out of his relationship with Selena Gomez.

And what’s a bummer about that? Ellen DeGeneres has a history of asking him the right questions and getting an answer out of it. He doesn’t know whether Ellen has a power for that; but for whatever reason, truth—or at least, semi-truth—comes out of his mouth.


The crowd cheered the moment Justin’s name came out of Ellen’s mouth. The screams of young girls were the loudest among the crowd. And as if he was back performing again, adrenaline rushed through his veins, spreading the good vibes the cheers had brought inside him.

He came out of hiding from backstage and waved to the crowd with a big smile he could muster. His pearly white teeth greeting the expecting crowd which brought far louder cheers from them.

He reached Ellen and gave her a hug.

“It’s good to see you again,” she greeted with her own set of even white teeth.

“Nice to see you, too,” he said back.

“How have you been doing?”

They took a sit across from each other and smiled.

Justin pulled off his black hat, ran his hand through his hair, before replacing the cap back on. He smiled at the camera and nodded. He licked his lips, “I’m good. I’m good,” he answered before drawing a slow breath.

Ellen smiled. “That’s good news. I’m happy that you are good,” she said.

“Yeah I am too.” His knees bounced in a nervous manner.

“Okay, so let’s jump to what you have been doing these past couple of weeks. You’ve been pretty low-key. What’s up with Justin Bieber now a days?” Ellen had a little smile on her face.

Oh… it’s that time again, Justin thought.

“Oh… you know. I’ve been here and there lately.” Despite the nervousness overwhelming Justin’s stomach, he had found the courage to play it cool and smile at the audience making them scream louder in their seats. “Um… I’ve been trying to keep a normal life while having a little break is all.”

“Yeah? No girls at all?” Ellen tested the waters. This is what she’s here for, and everyone knows it. She needs to get answers from him—it doesn’t really matter if they’re one hundred per cent true.

Justin chuckled and just smile. “Come on, give me a breather,” he said jokingly with a cheeky smile.

Ellen side-lined a bit for quite some time, giving what Justin wanted—a breather. Besides, Justin did have a point. So they joked around, slightly throwing some truths here and there.

They had a little break and Justin sang to the crowd, made jokes, and busted off some of his moves to keep the audience entertained, and when they were back to filming the show, Justin could feel the tension in the air. It was time.

“Okay,” Ellen began. “So, it’s been a red flag to everyone. We haven’t seen you much in the spotlight lately. And to you, that’s a very good thing,” Ellen emphasized in which Justin answered with a nod. “But, it is a speculation to everyone that you and Selena Gomez had, maybe broken off.”

A picture of Justin and Selena came into view in the background.

Justin bit his lip. “Yeah, yeah. We have,” he answered truthfully. “It’s—it’s a personal thing and we’ve both made mistakes. Maybe, we weren’t just meant to be together. Right now or ever, I wouldn’t know. But yeah. Some things just happens for a reason, you know,” he answered with a shrug. It was a complete answer. He just wanted to get all that out so there would be no follow up questions, whatsoever.

Ellen nodded. “Was it the media involved in the equation of you two breaking things off?”

Justin scrunched up his nose. “In a way, yeah… I think so. But… really, I just don’t want to talk about it right now,” he smiled small.

“Okay, I respect that,” Ellen said nodding. “Hmm… lately, you’ve been on the down side right? And we’ve seen pictures of you sneaking in and out of your neighborhood. Sometimes you don’t even have bodyguards with you, which is quiet surprising you know,” Ellen mentioned. And the thick tension grew thicker before she dropped the bomb. “Are you seeing someone?”




“Sam!!! Come here, fast,” Samantha heard Nikki scream near her opened bedroom window.

Samantha rolled her eyes before climbing off her bed. She walked towards her window and leaned out to see Nikki on the other side of the fence. “What is it?” She hollered down.

Nikki smiled excitedly. “We need to watch this thing together. ASAP!”

Samantha rolled her eyes. “I just woke up!” She gestured widely at her unruly hair.

Red head chuckled and nodded. “Yes, yes. I can see that. But showering can be done later. This thing can’t wait. Come down, now,” her eyes widened at the last word.

Samantha suppressed another roll and just headed down the stairs. She ran towards her neighbor’s house and entered the living room like she owned the place. In some sort, she actually did. For living in this same neighborhood all her life and being friends with the owner right next door, she somewhat lived in the place.

“Okay, so what in the bacon is this ‘thing’ that couldn’t wait?” she rambled the moment she stepped foot at the living room, right in front of Nikki who was comfortably position on the L shaped couch.

Nikki pushed her aside. “Out of the way. This is juicy.” She grabbed the remote beside her and turned the volume up.

“Well… sort of.”

Samantha knew that voice by heart. She knew that voice even if it just came out from the speakers of the television. She knew that voice well enough to know the person behind that.

Samantha turned around and wasn’t surprised to see that it was indeed Justin Bieber. He was sitting on a couch, adjacent to Ellen DeGeneres, having a one on one interview. “What’s this interview about?”

Nikki widened her eyes at her in annoyance. “I’m too tired to summarize whatever you missed. But I’m just gonna say he was asked if there’s a woman in his life as of the moment and his answer was what you’ve heard.” She winked.

Samantha slowly seated herself down and grabbed some chips off of the pack of Lays from the hands of Nikki. She munched on it as she listened carefully to the interview.

It has been a week since Justin came to her house to say how he feels about her, and still, she couldn’t wrap her mind around it. Sure, he was always around and maybe… maybe she’s starting to feel something for the guy, but she couldn’t erase the fact that his and her worlds are very different from each other. There’s no going way around it than smashing the thought of them ever getting together.

They couldn’t be together. She won’t allow it.

Or so, she made herself believe that.




 Her phone rang loud and clear from the kitchen island. Samantha heaved a sigh and laid her newly made sandwich on a small plate before walking towards her phone, the plate on one hand. She pursed her lips in thinking as she read the caller ID.

“Hello? What’s up?” she greeted the person on the other line. She bit off a part from her sandwich and chewed thoughtfully as she read the time on the wall clock to her right.

“How’s my princess?” the familiar voice questioned. It’s been quite a while, and she’d be damned not to miss this voice.

A big grin was slapped on Samantha’s lips. “Well, I’m fine as a horse, brother. How about you?”

“Can’t say I’m not the same,” Jasper’s sweet chuckle rang throughout Samantha’s ears. “So… I heard you have a… what’s this… a popular guy… feeling all too cozy at home. What’s happening that you’re not telling me, Samantha?”

Through the years, Samantha has been open to her family. Including to her brother. Even though they’re like cat and mouse at home when they were kids. They grew on that and later on, they had this openness. Something that draws them to not keep secrets from each other.

Samantha bit her lip. “So you’ve heard about that. From whom?” But in the back of Samantha’s mind. She knew… she knew already from whom he heard that news. From the way how things got exaggerated. She knew.

Jasper laughed heartily. “Do you really have to ask that?”

Samantha rolled her eyes inwardly before grabbing the plate and sauntered towards the living room. She flopped herself on the comfy couch and crossed her legs. “Never mind. I know it was from Nikki. So okay, let me ask. What do you know about it?”

So Jasper dived in and tattled about what he had heard from Nikki. And the whole time, Samantha was refraining herself from rolling her eyes too much or else she’d strained her eyeballs. Every bit of news he’d heard was exaggerated to the heights of Mt. Everest. She thought that she’d hear her brother say he heard from Nikki she was off to marrying Justin Bieber into the depths of Vegas.

“Some of it were true. But most of it were exaggerated, Jas. Nikki’s fan-girl mind was on over drive when she tattled about what’s happening in my life when you were gone.”

“I thought so too. But really, that’s not what I called you for.”

Samantha sighed. She had a hunch her mother told her brother about how Justin feels about her.

“So… have you made up your mind yet?”

She pursed her lips, and in one blink, she knew already what her answer was. It was plain and simple. Just like adding one plus one, or singing the alphabet. “Nope,” was her curt answer.

“How so?” Jasper inquired from the other line. “From the sound of how you speak of him, I believe you’re quite fond of this guy.”

“It’s not that simple, Jas. There are a lot of things for me to think about,” she answered with exasperated voice.

“Like what?” her brother prodded.

“I…” she stopped. She shrugged her shoulders before saying, “like, his fame. His fans, the media… his baggage. In fact, the world he’s in,” she stammered. “You know what. This is going to be cliché but, we’re like the moon and the land. I’m always gonna be down here, and he’s always gonna be up there. He doesn’t belong to my world, just like I don’t belong to his.”

“So, how about the pros?”

“Huh?” Samantha questioned, taken aback by her brother’s question.

Jasper sighed audibly. “You were ranting the cons. The things that are drawing you back. Now, how about the pros.”

Still, Samantha was left clueless. “I’m sorry? I’m afraid I’m not following, Jasper.”

“Just answer this. What do you feel about him? Imagine, he’s just an ordinary guy with a little baggage, without the media, fans, and fame. What would you feel about him?”

Samantha bit her lip. “He’s a cool guy, Jas. He’s a great person with good sense of humor although he’s a little bit of a weirdo. But he’s great still. It’s not actually hard to love him.”

By the sound of Jasper’s voice, Samantha could already imagine her brother smiling. “My dear sister,” he sighed audibly, “I think you’re answer to my question was obviously you’d really like this guy, with his background and all.  You’re just a little scared because you know it’s going to be hard getting to your destination.

“But guess what? There’s no easy journey. This is real life and it’s full of obstacles. There’s no easy way out. You just need to have someone beside you to enjoy the ride.”      





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