Fall in Love Again

Justin Bieber, was hurt after his sorrowful past relationship with the Disney Actress Selena Gomez. That break-up tore his heart in a billion pieces. After this break-up, would he fall in love again? Or will he be locked up in his sorrowful past?


5. Special


Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney

song choice for the chapter





There was banging on the other side of the door.

            Samantha moaned onto her pillow as she tried to tune out the sound. And then, seconds later, she heard the knob click followed by the screeching of her bedroom door.

            Nice, she muttered inside her head, still trying to burn down the feeling of a human being walking into her bedroom.

            “Yo, chica! You need to wake up!” and then the cover was peeled of her body in a snap; the cold air enveloping Samantha’s body.

            “Mm… don’t want to,” she mumbled grabbing her pillow and digging her face further into it.

            “Nah-ah… We have some catching up to do.”

            Samantha peeked from her pillow and pouted as she stared at her red head friend Nikki Samuels. “You’ll never leave until I get up, will you?” Her friend just smiled at her and moved her eyebrows up and down as if to say yes. Samantha pursed her lips as she ran her palms against her face. “Fine, I’ll be downstairs after showering.”

            “You better get your ass moving then,” she stated.

            “I’ll be there,” Samantha rolled her eyes. “Did mom and dad leave yet?”

            Nikki nodded. “They just actually did. Karen left you something to eat for breakfast by the way.”

            “Okay, make yourself feel at home,” Samantha stated before shooing her friend away and heading down to her bathroom.


Nikki, like any other best friend, was feeling very much at home in Samantha’s house as she rummage through the kitchen’s refrigerator. Sighting the Cheerios cereal, she grabbed it and poured it in the lime green bowl she had in her arms.

            She munched on it as she stared at nothingness in the kitchen. It was very much silent inside the Robustelli’s household, especially not having Samantha’s brother around. She remembered last summer when she’s bored out of her mind at her own home; she’d just come down here and spend the whole day playing video games and watching movies with the Robustelli siblings.

            They could always make the house bustling and hustling even without Samantha’s parents. She even remembered that one time, when she and Samantha decided they wanted to bake something; they almost had the house burnt into ashes. They were lucky Jasper was around; or else, the house would’ve been transformed into crisp of wood.

            Ding dong. There was that obnoxious sound of the doorbell. She pursed her lips as she wondered who it must be.

            She brought the bowl of cereal with her as she stuffed her mouth once in a while. She reached the front door and opened it without bothering peeking at the peep hole.

            A loud, obnoxious scream came out of Nikki’s mouth as her eyes met with warm brown eyes. The bowl slipped out of her hand and met the floor in a loud crash, the ceramic turning into bits of pieces. Nikki felt herself losing consciousness as her vision turned black and her body fell into oblivion.


Justin stood with wide eyes as he stared at the screaming redhead in front of him. And like in the movies, her scream slowly tuned out as her eyes closed, her body falling limp, and the bowl landing in a loud crash on the floor.

            His jaw slowly fell from its closed state as he took in the scenario in front of him.

            “Oh my God, what happened?” Justin snapped his head up to see a running Samantha. And from the looks of it, she just came out of the shower. She fell down to her knees and tapped the redhead’s left cheek.

            “I—I—uh… she opened the door… screamed and then… that,” he stammered and thrust his arms to Nikki’s direction as if his flailing arms could explain what had happened.

            Samantha blew out an air before turning her head up to him. She scrunched up her nose, “Can you help me get her to the couch?”

            “Oh yeah, of course,” he scrambled to his feet and helped Samantha in carrying her friend’s unconscious body. After placing the limp body, Justin low-key moved his shoulders as he felt his muscles stiffened after carrying an over a hundred and twenty-one pound lady.

            “Who is she?” he asked staring at the red head and then Samantha. “If you don’t mind me asking,” he followed up quickly.

            Samantha smiled. “She’s quiet heavy, I’m sorry,” she giggled. Her eyes twinkling in delight; the sight making his stomach do so flips. “She’s my, well, best friend. Her name’s Nikki.” Samantha scratched the back of her neck.

            “Oh… does this happen often? The screaming and fainting, I mean,” he inquired.

            There was a ghost of smile pulling at the ends of her lips. She stared at him under her fringe of lashes. “Not really. She’s just shocked.” She chortled. “She’s a huge fan of yours.”

            That explained the scream fit.

            There was a soft sound of gulping of air before Nikki’s voice came booming at the pair’s ears. “Correction, belieber,” she managed to say as she pulled herself into a sitting position. “I’m a belieber.”

            “Good to know you’re alive and kicking, my friend,” Samantha said.

            Nikki stood up, flicking her red hair out of her face before turning towards Justin. She cleared her throat before thrusting her hand towards his direction. “Hello, I’m Nikki Samuels. Your number one belieber,” she grinned widely; her smile reaching her eyes.

            The end of Justin’s lips tugged upward and shook the girl’s hand. “Hello. Nice to meet you, Nikki.”

            “Oh my god, your hand is so manly. Definitely not what I envisioned it to be,” she rambled after shaking her idol’s hand. The girl turned to a snickering Samantha. “Sam, I can totally faint back again right now.”

            Samantha opened her mouth while shaking her head. “That’s not necessary, girl. I’m not too fond of carrying your lifeless body.”

            Nikki scowled at her friend, and then smiled again at Justin. “Can I hug you?” she squealed.

            “Yeah, come here,” Justin opened his arms and wrapped the redhead in a tight embrace. He felt her sniffled.

            “Oh my god,” she squealed making Justin winced a bit. “You smell so good,” she sniffed again. “I’ve been waiting for this to happen and now… oh my god,” her voice trembled as her eyes watered.

            Justin rubbed Nikki’s. Her reaction was a complete replica of what he always witnessed at meet and greets.

            Nikki squeezed Justin one last time before pulling away. Her hand finding its way to remove the waters grazing at the brim of her eyes. “Oh, I’m sorry I’m crying,” she said chuckling. And then turned to her friend before letting her gaze dance around the living room.

            “Are you okay, Nikki? I think you should sit down.” It was Samantha.

            As if something snapped in Nikki’s brain, her head whipped at Samantha’s direction. “Oh,” she said as if realizing something. She stepped away from Justin and faced the two. She turned to Samantha. “So it’s him. Oh my god! After all this time!”

            Samantha’s brows furrowed together in a straight line. “What?”

            “This is the reason why I’m here,” Nikki stated forcefully her hand pointing to the ground as she says ‘here’. “I was supposed to ask you what’s keeping you from outside. We haven’t seen each other aside from school so I was supposed to ask what keeps you in here. And then, oh my god!” her eyes went wide. “I’m a belieber, I’m supposed to be born with natural FBI skills. Why didn’t I put the pieces together when I looked at that same car two weeks ago!”

            Yes, two weekends in a row. For the past two weekends, Justin has been visiting Samantha at home which prevents her from going out. Not that she minded. It’s not as if Justin was a bad company anyway.

            And yeah, it’s been that long since they had shared their first kiss. But that didn’t really prevent Justin from visiting his new friend that totally made him feel like he’s the most normal person on earth. And right now, after everything that had happened, the feeling of normal is what he needed.

            He didn’t mind if Samantha had liked to forget like that magical kiss they had. He’d deal with his distorted feelings later; but right now, he needed something that would anchor him back before he could jump down the cliff of oblivion. Because even how painful it was for him to be ditched by his then girlfriend; the thought of all those years they’ve shared together shattered a part of him.

            Samantha scrunched up her nose. “It totally slipped my mind; besides, he wanted some normalcy so… I didn’t think I want to reel in a fanatic friend of mine into the equation.”

            Nikki smiled then after hearing Samantha’s reasoning. It didn’t matter to her if her best friend didn’t want her crazy ass fan-girl-self snooping around; what mattered to her at the moment was that she finally met the guy she’s been looking up to and knowing he’s in good hands with her best friend.

            “That’s so considerate of you, Sam,” she smiled genuinely. Like any other fan-girl, she had that somewhat motherly protective side for Justin. They’re totally not related and they barely knew each other at all, but she couldn’t help but to be overprotective over her idol. “I think I have to go. I’ve already messed up what it is you guys are supposed to be doing. And besides, he wanted to have normalcy right? I think me being a fan-girl wouldn’t help the situation, indeed.”

            “Are you sure? I wouldn’t mind if you tag along really,” Justin interrupted.

            Reverse psychology.

            “Oh, no. It’s fine. I have something to do anyway,” Nikki stated in a rush. “Bye!” she waved goodbye and ran towards the door; closing it behind her.

            “Well, that’s not what I imagined my morning to be…”

            Justin faced Samantha. “That makes the two of us.”


Samantha placed the dishes down to dryer. After Nikki ran off, she cleaned up the mess that was left near the front door and ate breakfast with her visitor. The breakfast didn’t go down the road of awkward too, which was what she was thankful about.

            “So,” she faced Justin who was standing a merely three feet away. “What do you have in mind?”

            “I was hoping you’d go to a road trip with me,” Justin answered with a soft smile. “It’s just two towns over, and we’ll not be long if that’s what you’re worried about.”

            Samantha pursed her lips as she thought it through. Aside from the fact that she had already finished her school works; she also don’t have anything to do at all on a Saturday morning. There’s nothing that would hold her back.

            Samantha nodded. “Okay. But I need to be home before dinner.”

            They walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. Samantha abruptly turned to Justin as something clicked in her brain. “What about the paparazzi? We haven’t really gotten out of the house alone.”

            Justin smiled. “I have two bodyguards that would tail us. And, the paparazzi, well… they think I’m somewhere else.”

            Her left brow raised in question. “What do you mean?”

            “I mean that I’ve planned this trip all along and I had a double to lose the paparazzi on the way.”


After letting Samantha get dressed properly for a day out, Justin led them into his rented black SUV and drove to the direction of the place he had in mind. For a few moments, they sat in silence before Samantha fidgeted and turned the radio on. And almost immediately, the voice of Jesse McCartney singing his hit song Beautiful Soul boomed through the entire car.

            Justin caught glimpse of the upward tug of Samantha’s smile as she turned the volume up, her hands tapping away on her lap along with the beat.

            “I don’t want another pretty face, I don’t want just anyone to hold…” Justin began to sing, his hand tapping on the steering wheel. He stared at Samantha and caught her gaze. Instantly, her cheeks were tinted in pink. Something warm swelled up in his chest.

            Now’s not the time to be all giddied up, Samantha couldn’t help to say to herself as she felt her cheeks warming up.

            The hazel brown-eyed guy tilted his head, a smirk making its way to his pink lips. “Come on, Sam. You know you want to sing,” he teased.

            “Ahah… You wouldn’t want me to sing. I promise,” she said.

            “Try me,” he winked as he sang along to the second verse of the song. “Sing the chorus with me,” he pressed.

            And that she did. They sang along to the song, making swift eye contact before looking ahead, at the direction of the road.

            The car ride lasted for an hour and a half, and soon enough they reached their destination. Justin pulled the car into a stop, parking it at the side of the road.

            “What is this place?” Samantha asked as she gazed outside. It was an open field with a garden massive it could actually accommodate more than a hundred of people.

            “You’ll see,” Justin smiled as he hopped out of the car. He gazed to the men in dirt bikes who followed them throughout the ride. They were one of his trusted bodyguards. He could’ve brought Kenny Hamilton with him; but he had the trusted man follow his double to make the act far more believable.

            He nodded at both bulky men before meeting Samantha at the other side of the car. He led the in-awe lady into the white picket-fenced place, opened the gate and entered the garden he’d known for a year.

            “Wow,” was the only word that escaped from Samantha’s eyes. The place was breathtaking, to put it simply.

            Samantha’s eyes danced at the place. Her eyes were greeted with green, blue, yellow, pink and white. The place was decorated with flowers and few outdoor furniture. There was a long stone path that led to a white gazebo. And the aroma—oh, don’t let her begin with the aroma. To make it simple, it’s pure nature.

            “This is so beautiful,” she said, still awestruck at the place.

            Just like you, he wanted to say. But he didn’t.

            “I know,” he said instead. “Come on.” He led her into the heart of the place, the white gazebo.

            Upon reaching the gazebo, Justin made a beeline towards the back where a big apple tree was planted. He sat down on the ground and gestured for Samantha to sit beside him.

            “So… is this place yours are did we just break in into a private property that’s not even yours?” she asked, breaking the silence between them.

            Justin touched his chin and then rubbed his jaw. “This isn’t mine.” Samantha’s jaw dropped in shock. He chuckled. “But the owner and I have been negotiating, and just this morning, I asked her if I could visit the place again.”


            There was a question in her eyes and he decided to lay down the cards about this place before she drown herself in mystery. “I’ve been here before once. I was with my Mom and spent Mothers’ Day here,” he gestured to the gazebo, “and that’s where we had our mother and son dinner,” he smiled.


            “She fell in love with the place. And I want to give it to her so I met with the owner. Hopefully, the end of the month, the place is under her name.”

            “So why did you brought me here?”

            “Well, I wanted to share something that’s special for me.” Because just like this place, you’re special to me.

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