Fall in Love Again

Justin Bieber, was hurt after his sorrowful past relationship with the Disney Actress Selena Gomez. That break-up tore his heart in a billion pieces. After this break-up, would he fall in love again? Or will he be locked up in his sorrowful past?


9. Reality Kicked In


Justin knew that leaving his family behind is absolutely gut-wrenching. He'd already done that in the past when he began his journey to stardom. But he never thought he'd experience that same gut-wrenching feeling once again, only this time, he's not only just leaving his family and some of his friends behind, his girlfriend was among them too.

These past few days, he realized that she grew on him a lot. And there's no other heartbreaking thing than not seeing and being in her company for a long time.

Yes, school has occupied her most of the week, but at least he got to steal some time with her after her classes. But next week? No. That just can't be. Because they're not only separated by school, but also by his tour.

Reality has snuck up in between them now.

His tour is going to kick off in the next two days. He wanted to bring her along, but she got some school stuffs to do. It would've been cool to have her there, but he also wouldn't want to risk the public to see her. Not because he was ashamed of her, it's just that he doesn't want her to go through the same fiasco as his past girlfriends had gone through.

She's too precious for him like that. He doesn't her to be devoured by the prying eyes of the public, and most importantly, he wanted her to keep the privacy that she and her family has.

Justin sighed as he realized how he's in too deep in this relationship. Is this right? He asked himself. He had stuck himself in a bad relationship before, and he doesn't want to go through that pain again.

Nah, Sam won't hurt me like that, he tried to reason with himself. Samantha never gave him a reason to doubt her intentions, nor give him the impression that she was only in the relationship because of his fame.

She had been a very compassionate partner, and an understanding one too. And he's grateful for her.

If it wasn't for her then, he would've probably still in his bad state – the same state he was in when she first saw him in that park.

"Hey, you all right?" Samantha asked, her hands touching his wrist.

He looked at her and smiled. They were in her bedroom once again, and Samantha was working on her Physics workbook; papers, pens, eraser, and calculator sprawled on her bed, meanwhile he was just looking at her do the things she needed to get done.

"Of course," he replied and gave her nose a kiss. "Why'd you ask?"

She pouted. "Well you spaced out for a second," she shrugged before resuming to her computation.

"Well, there's nothing much I could do," he whispered and yawned.

"Maybe you'd want to go home?" she questioned staring at him. "Or go back to the studio and resume your rehearsals."

He was quick to shake his head. "No," he mumbled. "I don't want to go home, nor go and torture myself with rehearsals."

"But you're bored."

He shook his head once again. "I'm not. I like watching you."

She rolled her eyes. "Creep."

"No. Just enjoying the view."

She chuckled. "Just you wait. I'm close to finishing this. And then, we can go downstairs and bake something," she beamed.

He smiled at her enthusiasm. "Did you forget I was to leave today?"

She bit her lip, and her eyes saddened. Quickly, his heart pained at the sight.

"I'm sor—"

She shook her head. "Don't be," she interrupted. She forced a smile on her face. "I didn't really forget. I was just... trying to act normal. And, act as if you're not leaving me just yet."

He sighed and pulled her down with him. "You know that I don't want to leave you right? But you've got school, and I can't really steal you away from your family."

She wrapped her arms around him, her school things forgotten at their feet. "I know," she said with a nod. "If I was homeschooled, and my parents would allow me, I'd go and take up your offer without hesitation. Really," she said honestly.

The night before, Justin had suggested on bringing her along on tour. But her Dad stuffed up his nose at the idea, thinking it was absurd.

He might've liked Justin, but that doesn't mean he'd like to have his daughter swooped away from him. Maybe he'd allow her to visit Justin when she could, but definitely not let her join him throughout the whole tour. It's just not happening, Daniel had said.

"Well, at least I tried," he said, running his fingers up and down on Samantha's arm. It actually tickled her, but comforted her all the same. It was an intimate position, and she liked it.

"Yeah..." Silence filled the air.

After a few seconds later, Samantha thought of something. She opened her mouth and words stumbled out. "What's gonna happen now?"

Justin looked at her. "What do you mean?"

Samantha shrugged. "I mean, you're leaving and all."

He took her chin and tilted her head to look at him. "We don't really have to change," he whispered. "Distance may get in between us, but it doesn't take away what I feel for you," he rubbed her jaw, looked her in the eye and pecked her lips. "You're special to me, and I won't ever let my fame or anything for that matter to take you away from me."

She looked couldn't help but to giggle. She hid her face on his chest and mumbled, "That was the cheesiest you've ever said to me."

They both laughed until Justin got serious again.

"But seriously though. I mean it." He pulled her face into his and kissed her sweetly. Their mouth connected, and everything was magical. In Samantha's closed lids, she just witnessed fireworks exploding in the sky.

✰ ✰ ✰

Weeks? Has it been that long?

Samantha bit her lips, as she stared at the ceiling. She just arrived home from school, and the undeniable hole in her gut has been bugging her.

She couldn't imagine to feel this way for the next few months, having not seen Justin for so long.

She grabbed her phone and unlocked it. She dialed his familiar number and hovered over the Call button.

She sighed loudly and cringe inwardly as the realization kicked in. She'd gone crazy clingy.

Samantha dropped her phone and began distracting herself with her textbook. But her mind wasn't having it.

This week has been hard for their relationship. She felt like it was sinking along with that sickening feeling in her stomach. They haven't really talked that much.

She actually understood he's probably busy and tired, but really? What was it they said? 'When someone truly cares about you, they make an effort, not an excuse.'

With her lips in pout, she pushed her face into her pillow and groaned loudly. This is so not good. She's really gone crazy clingy.

Her groaning halted when her phone rang loudly, and the familiar tune for specific someone blasted from its speakers.

She quickly picked her phone again and swiped at her screen, not bothering to see who the caller when she already knew who it was.

She cleared her throat and composed herself. She doesn't really want to seem all too eager and clingy. Isn't that what guys cringe at? "Hello?"

"Baby, hi!" Justin's voice resounded into her ears, and her heart ached. She really did miss him.

She bit her lips and questioned, "How have you been?"

She imagined him licking his lips while thinking what to say next. "I've been great. I'm tired and busy, but I've been great. I really miss—"

Justin was cut off mid-sentence by a voice of who suspiciously sound like Scooter from the background. She couldn't hear the rest of their conversation. She thought Justin must've covered the speaker or something.

And then in a few moments, Justin's voice came. It was apologetic, and it couldn't hide the fact that their conversation would be cut short. "Baby, I'm sorry," he said, "but I really need to go. I've got radio interv—"

"It's okay," she interrupted him. She doesn't want to hear his explanation any longer. It would only hurt her more. She bit her lip, and fought not to wail like a baby. "I understand."

His sigh was audible. "I promise I'll get back to you. I'll call you when I finish."

Don't make promises you can't keep, she wanted to say. But she caught herself. She knew from the start what she was getting into. But she never thought it would hurt her like this.

"Okay. I've got school stuffs to do anyway," she lied. "Bye," and then she hung up. She threw her phone next to her and sighed.

Maybe this was a mistake?

She fell asleep pretty quickly with that in her mind.

✰ ✰ ✰

Samantha's breathing was heavy as she woke up from her dream. She combed her hand through her hair as she gathered her thoughts.

Why would my dead brother visit me in my dreams? Why would he suggest we go home?

She licked her lips. It was a very unusual dream. It was creepy and it brought chills in her spine. What was worse in the dream was Justin. He was unresponsive and then disappeared into thin air.

It was just a dream, she kept telling herself. Trying to assure herself that it was just nothing.

Samantha then went down the stairs to get some water. Her dream was still playing tricks in her mind. The dream replayed in her mind like a broken record. The white sand. The wind blowing roughly against her and her hair whacking her in the face.

She breathed and tried to collect her thoughts. "It was just a dream. Don't think about it too much," she said with finality. She closed her eyes, breathe through her nose and then exhaled. She did the process a few more times, and then halted when she heard some tire screeching against the pavement.

With her curiosity picking at her brain, she walked towards the front door with her bottle in hand. She heard doors slamming, and she took a breath. She fast walked towards the window next to the door and peaked.

What's that SUV coming here for? She thought to herself. The last time she remembered, her brother owned a black Jeep, and her parents owned a gray SUV, not black.

She jumped, her heart seeming to do the same and threatened to come out through her esophagus when she heard a knock in her front door. She gulped, her hands clasping the knob.

She turned the knob and let her head out.

"What are you doing here?"


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