Fall in Love Again

Justin Bieber, was hurt after his sorrowful past relationship with the Disney Actress Selena Gomez. That break-up tore his heart in a billion pieces. After this break-up, would he fall in love again? Or will he be locked up in his sorrowful past?


3. Public

Saturdays are the typical lazy days in the Robustelli household; and Samantha was slowly drowning in boredom as she stared into space in their living room. It’s been an hour since she arrived home from dropping Justin off at the park that morning; and now that she’s purely alone, she couldn’t help but to think she’s about to die with utter nothingness.

            The young lady tried watching TV, but nothing on it grasped her attention and neither did Netflix.

            At that moment, Samantha finally realized how much boring her life now since her older brother Jasper Robustelli moved out of their home. And having her parents’ away from the household didn’t make it any better.

            The house was awfully quiet. There’s no silent swishing of newspapers whenever her Dad’s over reading the material, there’s no aroma of brewed coffee and freshly baked cookies when her Mother’s present, and most of all, there’s no guitar strings singing beautifully from her brother’s bedroom.

            Ding! The sound of Samantha’s phone resounded throughout the silent living room. For the first time in her life, Samantha felt relieved when her phone notified her for a new tweet.

            She grabbed her phone off the wooden coffee table and swiped her screen. Twitter automatically opened, and was directed at the said tweet. It was a re-tweet from Nikki, and it was actually Justin Bieber’s tweet. It says:

            Thankfully I’m fine. Glad to know there’s still some goodness in some people.

            Samantha scanned the replies of the said tweet; numerous of fans instantly grabbed the opportunity to be nosey and asked what has happened, if he was fine; and of course the typical tweets of their undying love and support for him and if he could follow them back didn’t go unnoticed.

            Surely, this would bring a lot of rumors thrown at him, Samantha thought.

            It was no secret that when celebrities tweets such things—it might be shady or not—media would always bite onto the unexpected bait and create stupendous rumors about it. Either their rumors hit the right track or not, it doesn’t matter. All they want is to bring a new face into the business, put them on the tabloids, make them popular, spread uncalled for rumors and tear the poor human being apart under the microscope of the world—only to bring money into their flat out wallets.

            But either way, Samantha couldn’t help but to feel a little weight being shifted off from her shoulders. At least, the simple tweet—whether it brings out good or bad news doesn’t matter—it seemed to create the illusion of Justin Bieber being okay. She thought he might have been able to reconnect with his family, forget about what happen, and go on with his life with a smile on his face with his families and friends behind his back.

            There’s nothing better in this world than knowing your family and friends got your back. It’s peaceful to know that in the 7.2 billion individuals breathing and living in this world, there are countable people behind your back; ready to give you the support that you crave for to survive in this cruel world.


After a good half an hour in the shower, Justin finally had the courage to escape the safe haven brought by his four-glass-walled shower cubicle. Normally, he just step in the cubicle and have the quickest shower ever known to man (he doesn’t really exceed ten minutes inside).

            But not today.

            Today, Justin Bieber took his time being in the shower. After rinsing himself off the bubbly substances of soap and shampoo, he stayed standing under the droplets of the showerhead. He did not move; he just let the water drop onto his head, travel down to his body and into the drain, his hand supporting his weight leaning on one wall.

            Every drop of water was a realization in his mind. It might not be simple, but he realized he needs to get a grip and continue living his life, even if it seemed to be impossible at the moment.

            He needed to drill into his head that Selena Marie Gomez, the leading lady of his movie-like life, isn’t the only one who’s capable of fulfilling that role. He needed to drill into his head that she’s not the only woman living, breathing, and blinking in this world. He needed to put it into his head that there are other 6,895,889,017 females (it might be not all of them anyway) existing in this f-ck-up world.

            Even if how impossible it may seem at that moment, Justin needed to pep-talk himself into being okay without the woman that he loves dearly. That even if she left him for some other guy, it’s okay for him to continue living and find his right track in to greatness.

            When Justin left his bedroom fully clothed, he promised to himself that he will and would continue living, even if he doesn’t have that one specific woman he wanted to live with for the rest of his life by his side, even if the world is cruel to a precious human being like him.


Justin emerged in the living room, and as if the imaginary spotlight was on him, every head in the living room turned to his direction, every step he took echoed in the silent living room.

            When he reached the 2 meter radius from his mother, Pattie Mallette jumped out of her seat and approached him. It took a lot of courage in Pattie to not pull her own son into her embrace.

            “Justin, I know you want space, honey—“she was caught off guard when her precious son wrapped his arms around her petite frame. “Oh, honey,” she whimpered, her hands wrapping instantly her son’s body, pulling him closer to her.

            It was everything Justin needed—the sweet embrace and comfort of his mother. Because, even if the world seemed to be f-cked all over, just one sweet embrace of a mother takes away the emotional, physical, and intellectual pain a child could have.

            He didn’t need false comforting words; all he needed was the silent words of comfort and the unyielding support of the people who loves him dearly.


Samantha found herself waking up after falling off the couch she was in. She groaned, rubbing her sore behind and sat back down. Her eyes travelled to the wall clock displayed, it was white and round, the hands ticking by the second. She squinted her eyes to read the time.

            Well, fudge! It’s past twelve, she thought. She’s been asleep for what seemed like an hour and a half. She actually forgot to eat and her duties to go and buy groceries.

            She went upstairs and changed into a pair of denim shorts and a three-fourth sleeved striped blouse. She grabbed a hair tie and pulled her hair in a nice and neat pony tail before heading off with her blue purse.


Parking her white 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid, she grabbed her purse and headed out to enter McDonalds. She was not that hungry, but doesn’t want to risk getting ulcer or something serious medical problems for not eating, so she just got a hamburger, McFlurry with M&M’s, and bottle of water.

            Samantha was once a girl who liked to skip meals, especially breakfast. But one day, her mom confronted her about her not eating three times a day and made a huge fuss about it. She even remembered her mom ranting that not all people get to eat three times a day like she does; and that she should take care of herself, because what if she get sick all of a sudden just because of not eating right.

            She thought her mom was being ridiculous for almost having a mental breakdown of knowing her daughter would like to skip meals, but then one of her friends, Cassandra Lee, was sent to the hospital for skipping meals. And Samantha hated hospitals, so she decided to not skip meals anymore.

            Samantha took a seat, a table on one corner, next to the big glass window. She liked observing outside and loves seeing people buzz around with their daily lives as she munched on her food.


Samantha busied herself with her McFlurry for a while before she noticed screaming voices outside, and flashes that replicate lightning.

            The young lady couldn’t refrain herself from rolling her eyes. She wasn’t new to hearing some screaming girls—for living in L.A. and being exposed to some celebrities strutting around the place now and then; it’s like a second nature to her by now. But sometimes, she couldn’t help but to think it’s absurd.

            She may not get how fan-girling functions, but she sure does know that there’s no reason to scream so much in a public place. She even thought that being born in this generation is a big gone-wrong moment in her life. For this generation of teenagers are so focused into screaming and crying over popular teen boys and girls, they forgot other things that they should focus on.

            These teenagers couldn’t get the simple word “silence” when they see their idols. Maybe with all the screaming that they do, their idols’ ears had gone bad. Who knows, their eardrums had already bled out by now.


The moment Justin and few of his friends and entourage emerged next to McDonalds, people and teenagers began recognizing them. Even with their expensive Ray Bans, snapbacks and hoodies, people could still recognize them behind their façade.

            Before they could enter the safety of McDonalds, teenagers emerged screaming Justin Bieber’s name and I love you’s at him. Even his friends’ names got called out from the crowd. Before they could continue rampaging at them, Justin’s bodyguards were quick to forming a circle to keep the crowd from stomping the pop star and his friends alive.

            Cameras followed, flashes emerged like lightning. This was what the Ray Bans came handy for.

            With all the pushing and screaming and flashing cameras, Justin was able to finally step-in in McDonalds after a few minutes. He never wanted to just go and continue without saying hi to his devoted fans, but it was out of the question for the moment. He promised to himself that he’s going to give himself today.


Justin’s friends Ryan, Christian, and Chaz headed in and went to the counter; meanwhile, Justin wandered down to the rest room. His head was glued downwards, his mind was wandering somewhere out.

            “Oof!” a small grunt came out from someone who Justin just bumped into.

            “I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking,” they both said in unison.

            Justin’s head snapped at the girl’s direction. “Oh… Sam! Hi!” he greeted with a new smile on his face.

            Samantha’s eyes widened as her mouth formed an o. “Oh, hi! It’s you again,” she said, mockingly rolling her eyes at the pop star. “I should’ve known it was you.” A smirk appeared on her pink lips.

            Justin made a face. “Am I the only pop star they should be screaming for?” he shook his head before saying, “No, I don’t think so, Sam.”

            Samantha chuckled. “You might not be the only one but you’re one of those few Hollywood stars that made this generation act like apes on drugs. They just couldn’t stop themselves from screaming, next step would be banging their hands on something.”

            That made Justin laugh. He shook his head with laughter leaving its trail on his lips. “You’re so funny,” he said with a bit of sarcasm, his smile still displayed on his face. “Well, what are you doing here?”

            She rolled her eyes, flicking her hair off her shoulders. “Well obviously, I’m in a fast food restaurant so that gives away that I was eating here. But… I’m going to go in a bit. I have lots of things to do today.” She shrugged. “How about you, Mister Bieber?”

            His eyebrows shot up. “Don’t you ever call me that,” he said, mockingly scolding her. “But, I’m here with friends,” he added with a nod.

            “Oh, have fun then!” her hands inside her front pockets, ready to leave.

            Justin nodded. “Yeah… hey, do you mind to wait for a second? I want you to meet them.” He smiled.

            Samantha gave it a thought. Her mouth made a tsk sound. “I would love to, but I don’t think I want to risk having my face on tabloids for being spotted with you. Maybe next time.”

            Justin pouted. “Aw c’mon. Just this once. They wanted to meet you so badly after what I told them.” The last sentence came out a whisper, Justin not taking risk of being heard. “I’m not taking a ‘no’ for this one, please?” he widened his eyes. “Let me just wash my hands first,” he grinned.


Samantha waited for Justin to finish washing his hands. All the while, her mind’s telling her that meeting his friends in such a public place is a big mistake. Taking him under her roof for a night was a big risk; being spotted with him in such a public place is another thing. She already risked her privacy the previous night, she couldn’t risk this again.

            When she was ready to leave, Justin emerged again, his head gesturing her to follow him. She heaved a sigh, thinking she no longer have a chance to back out.


Soon, they reached Justin’s table. It was in the far back, away from the window. Samantha noticed there were three guys sitting in a table for four. And then, the table next to them was occupied by a big guy, who looked just like one of his bodyguards.

            “Hey, what took you so long?” a shaggy haired guy said. He had that Justin Bieber hairstyle a long time ago, but a little longer.

            “Oh, I bumped into someone I know.” Justin turned around to face Samantha. “Guys, I want you to meet Samantha. Samantha, these monkeys are my friends,” Justin laughed as she chuckled.

            “Hi!” she said shyly. Meeting a pop star is one thing, meeting his male friends is another.

            “Hey!” Ryan was first to speak. “Ryan Butler here.” He said waving at her.

            “Christian.” He nodded his head.

            “And I’m Chaz.” The shaggy haired guy said.

            Justin turned to the bodyguard. “And that’s Kenny. He’s my trusted bodyguard,” he smiled. “There are others but it’d be mouthful to introduce you to them.” He grinned cheekily.

            “Yeah, and… the longer that I stay here, the higher the risk I’m taking.”

            He stared at her and nodded. “Yeah, right,” he snatched his phone out of his pockets. “Would you mind entering your phone number? I would like to make it up to you for last night.”

            Samantha raised a brow. “A simple thank you had done it already.”

            Justin shook his head. “Just put your contact in.”

            Samantha took his phone from his hand and dialed her phone number. “Are you this bossy all the time?” she questioned and then saw his contorted face. “Forget that I ever asked. There,” she said placing the phone back into his hand.

            She turned to his friends. “Hi! I’m sorry but I have to go if you don’t mind.”

            “Oh, take care!” Ryan Butler said with a small smile on his lips.

            “Yeah, take care,” Justin mocked before seeing her walk-away.


All eyebrows rose at Ryan after his take care remark.

            “What? She’s pretty. Is it a crime to have a crush?” he said defensively, munching on his fries.

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