Fall in Love Again

Justin Bieber, was hurt after his sorrowful past relationship with the Disney Actress Selena Gomez. That break-up tore his heart in a billion pieces. After this break-up, would he fall in love again? Or will he be locked up in his sorrowful past?


2. Memories of Last Night

Justin has now gained consciousness but decided against opening his eyes. He felt like, if he opened his eyes, it would worsen the heavy feeling he had on his head. His head already felt like a drum was constantly banging near on it, he wouldn’t want to get it worse by opening his eyes.

            And then, everything sipped in on Justin’s mind. The painful memories of the previous night came flooding in his brain, and the mournful feeling he had come rushing back like a tidal wave. And again, he felt awful and hateful to the world.

            Flashes came: the faces of the people important to him and his girlfriend—or should he say ex-girlfriend; the decorations displayed on his backyard; the cake he thoughtfully picked for her; the projector screen that welcomed her back. It all just came back. The flashes came fast as a cheetah running.

            It was too much…the mixed emotions he was feeling dumping on his chest making it hard for him to think and breathe. It was just all too much.


Samantha woke up the next morning, her hair a messy mane on top of her head. She yawned and stretched her arms like a kitten before sitting up and sliding off her bed. She fixed her bed first before heading to her en suite bathroom.

            She took a quick shower. The moment the water woke her mind up, she was reminded about the previous night: the uncalled for heavy rains; the walk heading out of her friend’s neighborhood; and going home with a guy. In her eighteen years of existence, she never thought she would ever bring a boyfriend home—let alone a popular guy.

            Samantha was one of those few girls in this generation that never thought of having a rush in getting a boyfriend. She was currently satisfied living her life independently without guys constantly choking her with love or any bull-crap. And she definitely doesn’t want to grow up too fast.

            Exiting the shower cubicle, Samantha wrapped herself in her fluffy blue robe and caged her brunette hair in the safety of her towel. She headed out and faced her mini walk-in closet. She grabbed her usual pair of grey sweatpants and white V-neck shirt and put them above her black pair of underwear and bra.

            Finishing her lazy day look, she slipped on her ridiculous Blue’s clues fluffy slippers and headed out of her room. She walked down the hall and stared at the guest room which was currently occupied by someone who made their generation scream, cry and be crazy.

            Since this person’s fame flew up to the heavens after releasing Baby, she had never understood the hype. Well, Samantha tried to go with the flow and listened to his songs as her friend Nikki ‘fan-girl’ over him. But it just doesn’t work with her.

            In 2010, Samantha established that she could just never fan-girl. It’s just that the name Samantha and the word fan-girl can never be in the same sentence in any sense.

            Turning her back away from the door, Samantha navigated herself towards the stairs and down to the kitchen. Since she had an unexpected guest that day, she decided it was safe if she would cook for breakfast. They had enough food to make breakfast anyway.

            So for the next few moments, Samantha enjoyed herself in the kitchen making bacons and pancakes for herself and her guest.


Justin couldn’t sulk any more. He thought if he kept on sulking in this bedroom he was in, he could never get out of here any time soon. So, Justin forced himself out of bed and fixed it. He just couldn’t leave the bed unattended after spending the night.

            He tried searching for his phone, but eventually, he realized he left his phone in the safety of his car. So, he ended up leaving the bedroom and headed down the stairs, where he could definitely detect some good food being cooked.

            The smell of bacons, pancakes and hot chocolate greeted Justin’s nostrils. And as predictable as it sounded, his stomach growled in hunger.

            Justin emerged in the kitchen, finding the slim brunette laying the food down on the table.

            “Oh, you’re awake,” Samantha greeted at Justin after finding him standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

            “Um, yeah. Morning, by the way,” he greeted back.

            Samantha smiled and nodded. “Yeah! Good morning.” She grabbed the utensils needed and placed them on the table. “Come and sit down. I’ve cooked breakfast. I hope you don’t mind the cliché breakfast menu.”

            Justin walked up to the table and sat down across from Samantha. “Thank you, Samantha.”

            Samantha looked at him. “My full name sounds too formal. So please, just settle with Sam.”

            Justin nodded. “If that’s what you want, Sam.”

            Samantha nodded and sat down. She grabbed for spoon and fork off the table and dug in.

            Both of them were silent as they ate. Both stuck deep into their thoughts as they downed the two strips of bacon and two slices of pancake in their plate.

            Time came when Samantha snapped out of her thoughts and found that the silence was dragging so much it became uncomfortable. She cleared her throat and risked at opening a topic.

            “I don’t mean to pry, but I was just wondering how you arrived at the park last night. You didn’t even have an entourage or body guards with you.”

            Justin placed the utensils he had in his hands on the table. He cleared his throat before answering. “I drove there on my own. I wanted an escape for a moment.”

            She nodded her head, slowly taking in the information. Her head tilted to the side as she contemplated whether she would ask more or to drop the question. But then, she was surprised as she found herself opening her mouth and saying, “But why did you want an escape? Tough night?”

            Justin nodded and simply said, “Yeah. Tough night.”

            With those three words, Samantha took it to herself that she would not ask anymore further. She wouldn’t want to pry. She might have sheltered this guy last night, but it doesn’t erase the fact that she doesn’t know him. She doesn’t know how his mind works.


Justin bit his lip, taking a peak at the brunette in front of him. She was looking down at her plate, her fingers continuously fidgeting on her spoon and fork. And he felt bad almost immediately. He felt like he was a total ass for only answering two words to the person who done nothing but helped him.

            Justin cleared his throat. “Um,” he started. “I actually had a party last night. It didn’t go well,” he found himself spurting words that described his previous night.

            “Oh,” was Samantha’s smart response. “I am so sorry to hear that.”

            Staring at her unique grayish-blue eyes, Justin’s words were pulled from his brain, and out to his mouth. He found himself vomiting words. “The party was for my girlfriend—or, I should say ex. It was a congratulatory party for her successful tour…and I also planned to give her the ring,” he chuckled spitefully at himself. “Silly, I know,” he nodded. “I asked her to marry me and she just ran off back to her ex-boyfriend, who by the way, dumped her ass before we started dating.”

            Justin stared ahead, meeting Samantha’s shocked gaze. “It was a dumb decision. I should’ve listened to the small voices—the fans and friends. Some of them said she’d just walk away in the end. That it was just puppy love. But it seemed real, and I was fooled by it.” Justin was shaking his head, his eyes held pure agony and anger and hurt. “I should’ve listened.” His grip was unmistakably a death one; he was fuming in his seat.

            He never felt this feeling before, but now, he has. It was horrible. He felt the anger in his chest, the embarrassment and other feelings mixed all together.

            Samantha felt pity for the guy. She might have not felt the kind of feeling he was in, but she couldn’t blame him for feeling that way. It’s not easy to be left hanging. She might have not felt the betrayal and hurt he was feeling, but she had fair share of struggles that made her doubt in people.

            “We all make mistakes you know. And I could not blame you for feeling that way. I haven’t experienced what you’ve gone through, but I can imagine how it must have felt.” She didn’t know what to say. She had wanted to know the truth behind what had happened last night, but she didn’t know it was this awful.

            The atmosphere in the kitchen was definitely not a good starter for a good day like Saturday—the beginning of a stress free weekend.

            Justin shook his head, finally realizing what he’d done. “I’m so sorry; it was not good to dump these things to you at the start of the day.” It was too late for him to realize that he had dumped his stress to a girl who barely knew him. But he couldn’t help it; one look at this girl’s eyes and your words are summoned out of your mouth. Just like he did, you couldn’t keep your mouth shut.

            There’s something in this girl Samantha. She got that warmth in her eyes (despite her unique blue eyes) that make you want to talk to her.

            Samantha smiled small. “That’s all right. The things you said only ranked second to the many depressing stories people told me.”

            “People tell you things?” He asked.

            “Of course. I had a troubled friend once and she told me her depressing story. But they never come close to the depressing story that my mom told me,” she smiled. “Mom told me that there’s something within me that makes people spill. I was even told once that I might have a shot at being a shrink.”

            Justin nodded his head. “Maybe, you do have. But I’m still sorry though. It was definitely not a good story to tell first thing in the morning.”

            Samantha smiled. “And I’m sorry too. If it wasn’t for me asking, you wouldn’t have spilled those things on me.”

             He nodded. “I think it was okay. Maybe my head would burst if I didn’t let those things out.”

            Samantha chuckled. “Well… I always loved being a listener. I like listening people talk to me, rather than the other way around. It never works for me.”

            “Thanks for listening then.” By now, Justin felt that the weight on his shoulders was slightly lifted.

            Samantha nodded before finishing off her hot chocolate. “Anytime,” she blurted. Then she remembered this might be the first and last breakfast she would share with Justin Bieber.

            She pushed her chair backwards and stood up. “Anyway, I’ll just get these dishes done,” she said grabbing their clean-slate plates.

            “Oh, no,” Justin said, stealing the plate away from Samantha’s hands. “Let me do these. You’ve done enough for me from the past ten hours. The least I could do is doing the dishes.”

            Her eyebrows flew off to her forehead. “But I could do this on my own. It’s not that I haven’t done this before.”

            “No, please. Just let me help out.”

            “If you’re that persistent, I guess… okay then,” Samantha answered. She then showed Justin where he could place the dishes after.

            “Okay, I got this.”


Samantha let him be and went into the living room. She sat on the couch, and flipped through the channels after channels in her television. She stumbled upon E! News and let it be. She listened to the latest news in Hollywood and waited for something to interest her in.

            Then, she found herself reading the headline that says Justin Bieber was seen speeding out of his neighborhood last night.

            “Hey, Justin!” she called out at the same time hearing a profanity that left the pop star’s mouth.

            Samantha turned her head and saw Justin at the entrance of the living room.

            “I need to go. Do you have a car?”

            She nodded. “Yeah, sure. I’ll just get my car keys.” And that she did.


Samantha sat on the driver seat as she waited for Justin to get inside her car. And when he did, she couldn’t help but to snicker at his ridiculous attire. He was still dressed in her brother’s clothes: Superman pajama pants and white wife beater.

            Yeah, he’s definitely eye-catching; she couldn’t help herself but to say that in her mind. And the thought alone made her snicker again, this time, catching the attention of the pop star.

            “What?” Justin asked innocently, still unaware of what he was wearing.

            Samantha gave him a tight-lipped smile. “Nice outfit,” she commented.

            Justin looked down at himself, observing what’s funny in his attire. And then the realization came in and he huffed at himself. “Aw, c’mon!”

            Samantha laughed louder as she took the turn out of her neighborhood. Not a while later, Justin followed suit in her laughter, shaking his head.


The park emerged in their sight and Justin instructed Samantha which way to go, heading where he parked his car. When they reached his car, Justin turned to Samantha and thanked her.

            “No problem,” Samantha answered.

            Justin turned back to her, his hand clutching the car’s door handle. “Just… don’t make it a habit taking an anonymous guy you’ve seen in the park back home.”

            Samantha laughed her head thrown back. “I promise not to do it again.”

            Justin chuckled. “Okay. I have to go. Thank you very much,” he said stepping out of the car and waving at her.

            “Sure.” She waved in goodbye before he closed the door and headed back to his car. She pressed her car’s honk before pulling away and heading back home.


Justin sighed inwardly as he entered his neighborhood. He could only imagine what’s waiting for him in his house. Disappointment from his friends and family would be the one on top. Or maybe pity, but he doesn’t want to think of that… he just doesn’t want that. Or maybe, his mother spilling her thoughts about him not going back home on a vulnerable state—there’s definitely that.

            When Justin parked his car, he blew out another breath before heading out to his front porch. He opened the door and slowly walked in. In the living room, he looked at his family and friends gathering around his living room.

            From where he was standing, he could see his manager Scooter Braun talking on the phone while walking back and forth; his mom was sitting on one of the elegant white couches, her hands clutched together as she prayed; his friends and other family members sat in silence, their eyes looking down at the carpeted floor.

            Soon, one of Justin’s closest friends emerged from the kitchen with a water bottle in his hands. It was Ryan Butler. “Justin,” was his first word after meeting his friend’s eyes.

            In a snap, all eyes went to Justin. He could see them scrutinizing him. Worried and pity looks embedded on their faces and that’s what woke Justin up.

            “Don’t,” he calmly said after looking at his mom walking towards him. It was hard to say no to the warm embrace of his mother, but he knew he needed to be alone. “Just give me space. That’s all I need.”

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